Mai pals I cannot believe it is almost the end of the year again! I have been dusting down my crimbo decorations and getting ready to trim the tree!  So for the final #pawpawty event of 2010 what else could we have but a festive theme!

So get your favourite santa, angel, or elf costume ready and join us this weekend for some festive fun and games! You can even come dressed as your favourite christmas decoration!

Instead of helping just one shelter this month we will be helping 6 shelters who are all part of the wonderful @santapawsdrive project created by @yourdailycute and her helpers @babypatches @thekittencrew and yours truly little old FrugalDougal!

We have already raised an amazing $1825 for the six shelters but we need some more help to meet our goal of sending each of the shelters $800 as well as a big bunch of toys and treats for all of the anipals who will be spending christmas  in a shelter.

You can read all about the shelters we are helping at the SantaPawsDrive site, there are three in the USA ,one in Canada ,one in the UK and one in Tenerife! All of these shelters were nominated by the anipal community on twitter or facebook and we would love to spread a little christmas cheer to all of the anipals in their care.

You can expect the usual great selection of prizes at the PawPawty and you can also be in with a chance of winning one of the great raffle prizes on offer from Santapawsdrive.

Hope to see you all at the weekend, I will make sure we have a huge supply of the Catnog and Dognog we have been serving at the SantaPawsDrive events so go on drag yourself away from the christmas shopping and help us help some shelter anipals one more time in 2010!

More Soon

Please note : All of the shelters nominated for a PawPawty in December will be included in the selection process for the January PawPawty so you won't miss out on a chance to be the recipient of  PawPawty funds in 2011!
Well mai pals all of the nominations have been received for the November Pawpawty and we have put all of them in a hat and picked the recipient of this month's funds.....Drum Roll.....

The Harry Pawter event will benefit The Last Resort Rescue, who are a great organisation in West Milford New Jersey. This is a little bit about them you can see more on their site

The Last Resort is a Non Profit 501c3 Animal Rescue dedicated to saving the lives of homeless, neglected, abandoned, and abused animals.
Our mission is to provide a safe refuge, rehabilitation, and permanent re-homing for all the animals that we rescue. 
Thousands of beautiful creatures each year are abandoned, neglected, abused and left to die by the people they trusted.
Our team of rescuers, vet techs, trainers, foster homes and volunteers  work diligently to bring these animals to safety where they can learn to love and trust humans again.
Through fund raising, education and community support, we can all make a difference in the lives of these beautiful creatures.
They need our help!!! 
We are animal rescuers, this is our burden and our blessing!   

They were nominated by @snowywestie, thanks so much for nominating them Snowy mai pal!

Remember you can nominate your shelter more than once and every nomination goes into the draw. We do a random draw as there really is no other way to select the recipient, each of the shelters, charities or organisations listed below are all very deserving and I wish that we could help them all.

Have a Heart Inc Palm Beach Florida nominated by @haveaheartfl

Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO) New Orleans nominated by @DoggieDog

Hope for Paws Los Angeles nominated by @cokiethecat

Those Left Behind Foundation Las Vegas nominated by @golden_books

Camp Cocker Los Angeles nominated by @campcocker

Duncan's Place Loveland Colorado nominated by @pumpkinpuddy

Casa De Los Gatos Tucson Arizona nominated by @puppyaguineapig

Spay Neuter SOS nominated by Spay Neuter  

Southside Animal Shelter  Indianapolis Indiania nominated by @doggiesandstuff

Healing Heart Sanctuary  Kanab Utah nominated by @hemmingwayscat

St Charles Humane Society  St Charles Missouri nominated by @heartprintspets

Please also remember that if you shelter or charity is in the USA and helps cats or cats and dogs then you should also nominate them every month on @romeothecat 's website as he has a furpower challenge every month so it is another chance for your shelter to be in with a chance of receiving much needed funds.

Hope to see you all at the PawPawty this weekend.

We have a Harry Pawter theme so get your best costumes ready for a spell binding Pawty.

More Soon
Well we never ever had a happy halloween card before so I was very pleased to get this lovely card from mai pal @hemmingwayscat, it is so cute.

We are almost all set for halloween, staff got a CD from the vets which has firework noises on it so we have all been listening to that to make sure that we do not get too scared when it comes to big bangs and spooky things later this week!

Staff have been so busy with work that they have been neglecting MY blog so I have given them a strict talking to and I expect to see some improvements over the next month!

Thanks for waiting for the 2nd Sponsor Sunday update, I am blaming that new puppy Ozzy for taking up so much of the staff's time this weekend he is a big handful for such a little pup! Anyhow more of that little baby terrier soon, he has been taking up so much time already so lets get on with telling you all about Montreal Critters or @mtlcritters as they are known to many of you on twitter.

Montreal Critters are the on line store for all things small and fluffy based in Montreal Canada they are caring pet owners and have years of experience with small exotic pets.

How long have you been supporting the PawPawty Events as a Sponsor For?

Montreal Critters has been sponsoring PawPawty events for over a year. We initially discovered St Patricks' Day PawPawty and we were moved when looking at the Green Wall entitled "Bark if you're Irish!". It was such an amazing idea, with such a great potential (or should I say paw-tential :-). We participated in the following event and from then on we became a happy regular sponsor.

Why do you like to support the PawPawty Events? 

In times where every company is jumping into the social-media wagon, we are trying to be authentic. We created from the ground up with the intention of supporting animal shelters and rescue organizations — that's one of our core values, not an afterthought. PawPawty events are a perfect match for companies and individuals looking to have a direct impact in the lives of many animals in need, both around the corner and all over the world. Plus, you get to have fun and meet the most diverse and interesting anipals in the Twitterverse. It's great!

What is your favourite PawPawty Memory?

There are so many good memories... I tend to get emotional when I look at the PawPawty walls and when a PawPawty finishes with @FrugalDougal's Champagne Chicken © . That's when you know that, as a group, we've made a significant difference. I also remember getting super excited when a local animal shelter that we nominated was accepted as a recipient for one of the events. It felt great!

Anipals are so creative — there are many inspiring moments at every event. I often catch myself laughing out loud while looking at the avatars or at the event menus. And a few days after the events, when we receive our PawPawty mugs, memories come back and we laugh some more.

What animals do you have?

We currently have 3 cats, 5 guinea pigs and a fish — all of them adopted. On top of that, we regularly foster small animals while we find a permanent home for them. We usually end up keeping the ones that have been seriously neglected or need time to be re-adapted, so our home is constantly being modified to host new fluffy critters.

Note from Dougal - Check these beauties out !!


Dumbo & Jaguar


Sweet Pea 
Mr Poof


Tell us a bit about what your store? 
Montreal Critters is an online store specialized in products for small pets, serving pet guardians all over Canada. We started with the intention of helping animal rescues while offering a nice selection of healthy, specialized products for small pets. We help rescues in many ways: we regularly donate food, toys and treats to many shelters in Canada. We also to increase public awareness and subtlety promote animal adoption through our monthly newsletter, Twitter and Facebook. And of course, we participate in every PawPawty event!

What do you love most about twitter?
Twitter's best feature is without a doubt its 140 characters limitation. Such a constraint forces us to be very creative. PawPawty events would not have the same rhythm and interactivity on other social networks, I believe. Another great example of what can be done within such a constrained framework is @ZackRabbit's cooking show – isn't it inspiring?

What do you hate most about twitter?
Having to rely on many different tools to participate in an event is sometimes annoying. But the new Twitter seems to provide a much better experience. We'll give it a try at the coming PawPawty event.

What is your favourite animal charity and why?
We don't have a single favorite animal charity. We've worked closely with a few local no-kill shelters such as Montreal's Jiggley Piggley Farm  and Ottawa's Ferret Rescue . We've also collaborated with Quebec's Rabbit Rescue. Montreal's Eleven Eleven Rescue is also worth mentioning — we admire their energy and dedication.
We keep on discovering new great groups at every animal adoption event we participate in. Our hope is to be able to help them, so we'll be nominating groups for upcoming PawPawty events!

What is your ideal PawPawty theme?
There have been so many incredible themes already.  Our favorites were the Halloween, Sci-Fi, and 80's PawPawtys. Future themes? Maybe there should be a Back to the Caves PawPawty! Whatever theme ends up being selected, you can count on us being there. :-)

A big thank you from me and the staff goes out to Montreal Critters for all of their continued support of the PawPawty events and for taking the time to share their story with us, and for showing us all of their lovely furries!

Woof Woof

Well I cannot believe it is this time of year already! The leaves are falling from the trees and the shops are full of pumpkins! Yep that's right it is almost time for the Howl-o-ween PawPawty all the details about the charity will be on the website soon as well as the links to the donation site. We are supporting Romeothecat 's charity this month so we will let you know the details as soon as he announces the recipient!

I know how you all love to dress up and so do mai pals at Petsmart and when the staff met up with them at Blogpaws they had some great costumes with them because they are having a special competition for the 6th Annual Halloween Photo Contest. You can enter the competition via their facebook page so be sure to check it out they have some great pwizes.

As a special treat they donated two costumes to the staff and you can see me below modelling both of them, honestly do I really look like a fairy tail princess cheerleader? Oh the shame...the only saving grace is that the outfits are both pink which as you all know is one of my favourite colours.

The things I do for charity !! I think I need to get myself a new agent, a dog of my standing should not be asked to do such things BOL!

Anyhow to be in with a chance of wining the cute pink hat or the pink cheerleaders outfit which is an extra large ( it will fit a less rotund, larger  pup  than me!) in size all you have to do is post a comment on my blog telling me what your favourite scary film is! We will then pick a winner at random and get the fancy dress costumes send out in time for the #PawPawty on the 16th + 17th October.

You have until Friday 8th to get your comments in !

Right I am off to look for a manly Howl-o-ween costume!

Woof Woof Arooo!

Welcome to the very 1st Sponsor Sunday update, We decided to start these regular updates so that you could meet and find out a bit more about the fabulous people and companies who sponsor prizes for the Pawpawty Events. We have had such great support for a long long time from our generous sponsors so it is great to find out a bit more about them and their life away from the PawPawty!

So here goes with our very 1st guest Lucky Dog Treat Company who make delicious narural treats for doggies (drool) and kittehs ( double drool). They are based in Willow Grove Pennsylvania and are you can find them at the Glenside Farmers Market most weekends. And just look at all the lovely anipals they have can you believe they have five!!

So on with the questions!!!

How long have you been supporting the PawPawty events as a sponsor?
Well, I believe it has been about a year now.  It's hard to keep track with so many of them!

Why do you like to support the PawPawty events?
That is easy! Animal rescue work is really at the heart of why I opened my business. It allows me to reward others for the wonderful work they do to make a difference in the lives of so many needy animals. I also really enjoy how much fun the events are to participate in and meeting all of the fun anipals in the process is just icing on the dog treat!

What is your favorite PawPawty memory?
Well, there are so many! I think I will just say (*to protect the guilty, and I'm talking about YOU niptini drinkers!) I really enjoy looking back at the sekurity report. It's a great snapshot of a fun time and sometimes too much fun had by all!

What animals do you have?
Right now I am the proud slave, er, owner of 5 wonderful pets. First there is Dixie, aka "Biggie Fats" our oldest cat. She is very selective with her affection. And no, you wouldn't want to meet her in a dark alley! Second, is my sweet kitty Sadie. She is my little love bug! Soft as a bunny and so very kind to me. Third came our youngest cat, Mimi, a real trouble maker! She has single pawedly chewed every pull cord from every window treatment we have in the house! Next is our Pitbull/German Shorthair mix Maggie. That girl is always tuned up and ready to go! So much energy, she is always keeping us on our toes. Lastly is our Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Krozby. Such a gentle soul. At the least sign of confrontation from another dog, he will turn around and waddle away as quickly as he can. He is a lover not a fighter! We are so proud that all of our pets are rescues and couldn't love them more.

A bit about what we sell
Lucky Dog Treat Company make and sells all natural, mostly organic dog and cat treats. Something for everyone! We also make select natural grooming products. Rubba dub dub! We started our business because of the growing concern over tainted pet foods and ingredient safety. Plus we wanted to be sure that whenever we can, we include ingredients that not only taste good, but are good the pet.

What do you love the most about twitter?
It's fast! and easy, to get your point across! And obviously it is a wonderful platform for pawpawty's!

What do you hate most about twitter?
Sometime I run short a few words in a tweet and with that tweets could be just a little bit longer.

What is your favorite animal charity and why?
I adore Pinups For Pitbulls! They are a fabulous group of ladies in the Philadelphia area that raise money for pitbulls/bully breeds for medicine, transport and other necessities as well as for pitbull breed awareness and education. Their main fundraiser is an yearly calendar, each picture featuring a tastefully dressed "pin up girl" and a pitbull! They have done much to change the face of the Pitbull as a breed and to teach people not to be afraid of them or discriminate against them simply because of their breed.

My ideal pawpawty theme?
Hmmm, we have already done so many good ones! Maybe a Beatles theme!

What a great 1st Sponsor Sunday, thanks so much to Lucky Dog Treat Company for taking part and a special big thanks for donating your pwizes each and every month. It is because of people and companies like yours that we are able to carry on with the PawPawty events and keep on helping more anipals all over the world.

Woof Woof
I am not sure if you guys remember when mum 1st met the Save This Pup guys, it was way back at the 1st Blogpaws. The guys have come up with a great idea to let people (who can't actually give a home to a shelter pet) sponsor a pet who is in a shelter until they find their forever home.

We think it is a great idea for people who cannot give a home to a shelter animal because of where they live, or maybe just because they already have lots of pets. When they met last time the staff did a very funny video to try to help the guys get on the Ellen Show, I think maybe they had one or two barkeritas before the video was shot.

This time they had a fun tweetup and met some great new pals! Oh and they promised to show up somewhere special wearing the Save this Pup T shirt.

Any idea where the are yet? Looks like they are looking for something?

 what is that thing behind her, is it smoke? is it steam? have to say that is one Hot T-Shirt

Now then that is one Hot Geyser - Old Faithful at YellowStone National Park 

Lots of people at Yellowstone saw the staff wearing the shirt so we hope that they have done another little bit to spread the news about Save this Pup and their mission. By the way they have a great competition at the moment, you can be in with a chance of winning a full years exposure for your blog just by making a $10 donation all the details are on their site so check it out!

More T-Shirt Wearing soon!
When the staff were at Blogpaws they met so many great people who care about animals, it really was an inspirational event in so many many ways. Pals old and new got to meet in the flesh or fur.

The staff made a promise that if they got a T-Shirt from anyone at the event that mum would wear it on part of the extended visit to the USA. The first guys to give her a T-shirt with possibly the brightest shirt where the guys behind the new and exciting Help Joey initiative. These guys presented a bright orange shirt and explained that their mission is to quite bluntly stop anipals having sex! This is a new take on the please spay and neuter your pet message that we have all been hearing about for years and years so it is kinda cool to see some guys saying it like it really is and we wish them great success with this fun and slightly tongue in cheek approach to the age old problem of reducing the unwanted pet population.

So without further ado here is mum as promised wearing the great bright orange shirt!! whilst fly fishing at Big Sky Montana!

They all had great fun wading through the Gallatin River in Montana and even caught a few small rainbow trout!

Great news is that if you want a chance of winning a Help Joey T Shirt the guys gave the staff a whole bunch that we will be giving away at the next PawPawty events. Who knows the guys may even show up at the next event.

Watch out for more T-Shirt wearing antics soon.
Mai pals thank you all so much for the special Happy Birthday wishes you have all sent me today, it is actually my birthday in June but I think mum mixed up the dates on the facebook thing!! You know how rubbish she is on facebook but I will let her off because she is generally very good on technical things!

Then again maybe I am a bit like the Queen of England who has two birthdays. One is her official birthday and the other one is a special holiday celebration day, typically in summer when the weather is better so the whole country can celebrate.

What ever the reason I am very lucky to have more than one birthday and would you believe that today was even more special because mum came home with a package which was at the post office waiting for us.

When she opened it she had to go and get a tissue for her leaky eyes, at first I thought it was something bad, but she read me the words that some of mai pals had written and I understood why she went all leaky in the eye department.

Inside the package was the most beautiful painting of me by the talented @zaziart as you can see I am wearing my favourite red bandanna!

So I say a huge big thank you to mai pals @pepismartdog @jazzydacat @zaziart @smokey8 @holliecatrocks @mouseholecat @mattiedog @mariodacat @maggietkat @danapixie and @henryandfriends for this beautiful portrait and your lovely words.

Mai pals called me the Pawty King so I think it is kind of fitting that we had my 'extra birthday' today when this lovely gift arrived. You guys are the best pals in the world and your continued love and support is an inspiration to me. I am richer than any king could ever be just for knowing you all.

We will treasure it forever, and it is a pleasure to know all of you and to call you Mai Pals!

More Soon
Well mai pals all of the nominations have been received for the September PawPawty and we have put all of them in a hat and picked the recipient of this month's funds.....Drum Roll.....

The Cruise PawPawty event will benefit the Oldies Club, who are a great organisation in the UK who aim to help older dogs, aged 7 or more find a forever home. Often these dogs get overlooked so it is great to know that with the help of the guys at the Oldies Club more of them will find a forever home.

They were nominated an amazing 7 times by friends on twitter including @louie_hound and @minniemoothelab as well as some pals who are not on twitter.

Remember you can nominate your shelter more than once and every nomination goes into the draw. We do a random draw as there really is no other way to select the recipient, each of the shelters, charities or organisations listed below are all very deserving and I wish that we could help them all.

Orphans of the Storm  Pennsylvania 

North County Humane Society (2 nominations) California

Peacable Kingddom Pennsylvania 

Oldies Club UK (7 nominations)

Stray Rescue of St Louis  (3 nominations) Missouri

Cinnamon Trust UK

Rocket Dog Rescue California (6 nominations)

Home For Life Minnesota

Manchester Animal Shelter  New Hampshire USA

DogsTrust Glasgow UK

Paws and Purrs Illinois

EasterLeigh Animal Sanctuary UK

Please also remember that if you shelter or charity is in the USA and helps cats or cats and dogs then you should also nominate them every month on @romeothecat 's website as he has a furpower challenge every month so it is another chance for your shelter to be in with a chance of receiving much needed funds.

Hope to see you all at the PawPawty this weekend.

Frugal Dougal 

Well mai pals it seems like no time at all since we were having the last PawPawty, but here it is again the September Cruise Ship PawPawty! Some people are calling it the Fail Whale Cruise which we think is very funny. I sure hope we do not run into the fail whale too many times this weekend!

I hope we will be cruising around some lovely beaches like the one above!

There is still time to nominate your charity or shelter as we will be drawing the lucky recipient tomorrrow (31st August) so if you want to nominate please either comment on this post or go to the pawpawty site and fill in the form.

We will be listing all of the shelters nominated in tomorrow's blog post so look out your's might be the lucky one!

See you all soon

Frugal Dougal
Well mai pals we have been very busy getting ready for the PawPawty this weekend and as if that was not enough I got stung this morning on the mouth by a naughty wasp this morning on my walk. Don't worry I am feeling a lot better now, I had to go to the VET because I was crying and panting and my mouth was swelling, but I got some pills to make me feel better so I am taking it easy supervising the staff as they get all the PawPawty pwizes sorted out.

Naughty Wasp

I had to remind them that we have a lot of Pwizes from Greenies who are letting us have 5 Pwizes of 1 weeks supply of Canine Greenies and an extra special 10 Pwizes for their brand new 6oz bag of Feline Greenies which are just arriving in the shops this month so it is your chance to get your paws on some of these great treats.

All New 6oz Bags of Feline Greenies

I told the staff that the only way I am taking my pills to help me get over the wasp sting is if they put them in a Greenies Pill Pocket so they got me some and like a good boy I have taken my pills.

So I am off to have a little nap to recover from the wasp sting and the staff will be making sure that the Greenies and all of the other great prizes are on the PawPawty Pwize Schedule.

Thanks very much for all your get well wishes and of course to Greenies for donating these great pwizes.

More Soon
Frugal Dougal 

Well mai pals I am sure that a lot of you remember that the staff went to Blogpaws in Columbus earlier this year. After a major travel mishap they got there and met some great people and they were part of the Be The Change session which was a great success.

Along with Jessica from Pawcurious, Dorian from YourDailyCute and Jane from Petfinder they shared stories of how they had each done some crazy things to help anipals all over the world. They also laid down a challenge to everyone who attended the session to do their own bit to help Be the Change, the result was a mini PawPawty, lots of bloggers, facebook fans and tweeters who all did just that and helped to raise over $2000 for Pets Without Parents a great shelter in Columbus.

But it was not just about raising money, there were lots of ideas of how to help keep this great thing going that they had all kind of invented together. Not everyone can donate to the monthly PawPawty events on twitter, or donate lots of prizes, or make videos, or write brilliant blogs. So they have been busy thinking up ideas and you will hear lots more about what they will be getting up to if you are going to Blogpaws West in September.

Share your story
One of the first things you can do to help is to visit the Be the Change for Pets on Facebook where you can interact and share your stories of what you are doing, or want to do to play your part in helping less fortunate animals all over the world. There is also a toolkit section so that you can all start to share things that work and get help and support from like minded people. One thing is for sure when you start sharing ideas and telling others about what you are doing or want to do well things just seem to start to happen.

So why not pop along to facebook and tell us what you have done, or are planning to do to help Be the Change in your part of the world. It does not have to be something new it could be something that you have been doing for a while and it does not have to involve pots of cash. Lots of little things add up to a huge difference.

Dog Days of Summer
As you would expect from this gang they have a new challenge that you can get involved in if it fits with how you want to help local anipals. Basically all you have to do is persuade your staff to  purchase a little extra food when they next go shopping and then pop it along to your local shelter. It would be great if you can get a photo or a video of your staff handing over the nom nom noms to the shelter so that we can see all the different shelters and charities that we are helping. There is even a cute flyer that you can print off to include with your donation to the shelter.

I feel so inspired myself that I may even give up my usual treats for a week, then again I may just get the staff to give up wine for a week! Oh and just to be clear obviously this new challenge applies to Noms for cats and other critters it is not just for doggies!

And if you ever thought that one little act of kindness would not make a difference, well remember how the whole PawPawty thing started, it was just a few friends having some fun, a few drinks and laughs.

More Soon
Frugal Dougal
Well mai pals I think I already told you what a great week this has been for me because I had lots of pwesents delivered! Well I finally got the staff to take a picture of me in my beautiful silk bandanna which mai pal @pasikas made for me. Kathleen is a lovely lady who is very talented and she makes these fantastic hand painted silk scarves. As you can see this one even has my name on it.

It is also ideal for this hot weather cause it is light and silky and does not make me hot around the collar!  I know that lots of you have beautiful scarves from @pasikas because for a long long time she has supported the PawPawty events every month ( sometimes twice a month!) by providing two of her beautiful scarves as pwizes. You should check out Kathleen's  website because there sure are some beautiful examples of her work. 

The staff are very happy as well because as well as the lovely gift for me , mum got this scarf as well! We have all been very lucky this week!

Kathleen does commissions so if you have a favourite colour then why not get in touch and see if you can have your very own personalised design just like me. So a big thanks to Kathleen for being so thoughtful, talented and generous in all that she does.

More Soon

Frugal Dougal

Well mai pals I have been very lucky this week because I have had lots of pwesents arrive just for me!

Take a look at these great magnets that mai pal @no_crybaby_dogs staffs made I think they are lovely and I was so happy to have some to display in our kitchen. Lets face it there should be at least one picture of me in every room in the house!!

I am trying to decide which one is my favourite!!

Hmm I think this one !!

You should take a look at mai pals store and check out all of the great prints, magnets and cards on offer. You are sure to find one that you like ( even if it is not the ones of me...hee hee).

More Soon
Frugal Dougal
Well mai pals as some of you may know the staff have had some eye pawblems over the past few days so I guess I have to let them off for furgetting to announce the winner of the lovely print from mai pal @bordercollies it was impossible to pick a winner so we just had to put all of the names into a hat!

The lucky winner  is .......drum roll.....

KindredSpiritBC  with the answer...

Catagorically speaking, it would truly be the cat's meow to walk the catwalk, despite any potential caterwauling, as "Meowmi Campbell" because even though she's not purrfect she pawsibly possesses the most admirable stealth of any celebrity in admitting to her near-cataclysmic fauxpaws!!!

Well done mai pal can you please get in touch with me so we can arrange to have your pwize sent out to you.

Thanks to everyone else for entering the competition we had lots of fun reading the entries!

More Soon

Frugal Dougal
Mai pals I really am such a lucky pup!! This week three parcels arrived for me from mai pals so I just had to share the pictures with all of you!

This package arrived from mai pals @RettetKaninchen and I could not wait for da staff to open it. Inside there was a lovely gift for mai staff ( a little model town which dey have not managed to put together yet!) We will make then take a picture when they get their paws around it.

For me this lovely pink wabbit which I love very much, as you all know pink is my favourite colour and I am always trying to catch wabbits in the smelly field but never catching one, so now I have one of my very own!

I also got some delicious treats which are made from pineapple and chicken I think I am gonna try one!

They are very chewy but I love chewy things and the staff say at least I have to chew them and not just swallow them whole, which is what I do with most of my treats. And the verdict is


Thanks so much to mai pals RettetKaninchen for sending me such lovely gifts! I will be watching the football this afternoon with my pink wabbit all da way from Germany!!

More Soon
Frugal Dougal
Well mai pals what a great time we all had at the Model #PawPawty this weekend, it was another great event thanks to all of you for the part each and everyone plays in making these events fun for everyone.

We raised an amazing $1068 for Good Mews shelter in Atlanta thank you all so so much for your generous donations which I know will be put to good use by the guys at Good Mews! (you can still donate here if you did not get a chance at the PawPawty)

We had lots of great pwizes on offer and competition was as usual fierce, well done to everyone who won. But do not fear, if you were not able to attend you are still in with a chance of winning a great pwize. This wonderful print painted by the talented staff of  @bordercollies and entitled Kat Moss which we love is up for grabs!

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is to post a comment on this blog post telling us which famous pawson you would be on the catwalk and why!! You can be as creative as you like so get your thinking caps on! The competition closes on Wednesday 23rd June at midnight UK time and we will announce the winner on Thursday 24th.

If you want to check out some of the other great art created by @bordercollies, and find out more about Monty and Rosie who keep an eye on the artist Susan then check out their blog.

Once again thank you all so much for your suppawt of the PawPawty events without you none of this would be possible.

One Paw at a Time mai pals

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Frugal Dougal

Well mai pals it is almost time for the Model #PawPawty which will benefit Good Mews shelter in Atlanta, so I hope you can come along and join in the fun. Remember you do not have to be able to donate funds to our PawPawty shelter to be able to join in the fun, but every dollar does go to a very worthy cause.

I have already spotted lots and lots of great outfits, you are all looking so cool, so I cannot wait to see the rest of your costumes and of course your model posing!!

Speaking of Models have you heard there is a very important competition running in New Zealand at the moment  called NZ's Next Top Cat Model. Mai pal @mishakidd took part in this  competition last year and was lucky enough to be one of the finalists, you can read all about it on the NZ Next Top Cat Model site.

It really is a great competition ( only open to NZ residents drat!!) and everyone who enters also helps to raise funds for one of three great charities in New Zealand which are  Lonely Miaow @LonelyMiaow, Cats Protection League @WgtnCPL and the SPCA @RNZSPCA. So as well as being a great competition with fantastic prizes it really is a great way to help less fortunate anipals.

It gives me great pleasure to know that some of mai very special pals from twitter have entered this competition and here is the list of those I know have entered and who are also on twitter! ( If I missed anyone let me know and I will update mai list! )

d'Artagnan Rumplepurr - @Rumblepurr 
fund raising page

Sooty Meowvins - @MrSootyMeowvins
fund raising page

Milo - @Milospage
fund raising page

Lily - @LilyCatQueen
fund raising page

Soxy Cat - @SoxyCat1
fund raising page

Tora Fuzzbucket - @Tora_Fuzzbucket -
fund raising page

Darwin - @DarwinJCat 
fund raising page

Biscuit - @BickieMonster 
fund raising page

William - @Woobabe
fund raising page

Ewok - @EwokMackenzie 
fund raising page

Coco - @ladybugnut
fund raising page

Cruz - @CruzTopCatModel 
fund raising page

Plus, @PollyPuss11 's sister Madeline has entered
fund raising page

I sure am going to follow all of these guys to see how they get on in the competition, they have to do all sorts of things like on location pictures and videos as well as fund raising so I can't wait to see how they all get on.

It really is a great example of how anipals can have fun, be creative, get involved in their local community and help others. Good luck to everyone who enters the competition and congratulations to all on the NZ Next Top Cat Model team!

You never know some of them might strike a pose at the Model #PawPawty later today!!

See you all soon

Frugal Dougal

Mai pals I am not sure if you know this but the staff are off to Atlanta later this year in August because they have become a little bit famous in the social media world due to all of the work that they help me with on the #PawPawty.

Pawsonally I think it is a bit unfair because I am the brains behind this operation but I guess that I cannot really travel that far, getting on in years I do not travel well and I really hate aeroplane food yuk!! So I have had to agree to let the mum go to see all mai pals staff in America.

They are going to be there for four days to be a part of BarkWorldExpo which ia a social media event for pet owners and businesses who use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube..... well I use all of dem so maybe da staff will pick up some tips !! It’s also for pet owners who are either on the fence about social media or just interested in networking with other pet lovers.

Believe me it is gonna be a great event, I am busy preparing da speech for da staff as believe it or not da mum is a keynote speaker along with lots of other great people. The staff have something extra special planned for dis event but they won't tell me what it is!

The best news is that if you register now and are amongst the lucky first 250 people to register  you will get a $30.00 Petco giftcard..... and if that was not enough, you will also get a copy of Dog on It - A Chet and Bernie Mystery written by the NY Times best selling author Spencer Quinn ( we know dat dis is a great read cause mai pal @yourdailycute did send us one for a pwesent )  the staff read it to me and I was on the edge of my dog basket with suspense!!

You can find out much much more info at the great BarkworldExpo site and have a look at all da great people who will be there.

Keynote Speakers
Friday 20th August
Saturday 21st August

Pssst Pssst ......guess what I have 5 special discount codes to give to mai pals who want to attend which means that you can save 15% on the registration fee for a 3 day pass which means you get full access for three days for just $109. If you want to get this discount please post a message on this blog post or contact me on twitter! You gotta a get in quick cause when it is gone it is gone!!

It will be a pawsome event with lots of new anipal products for your staff to check out as well as being at a great location with lots of shopping opportunities for da staff, and there is even an anipal fashion show on Sunday which will benefit local anipal charities.

The staff are very excited and honoured to be a part of this event and they are looking forward to meeting lots of pals old and new, personally I am looking forward to all of the special treats that I will be getting as a result of their trips to USA!

So go on what are you waiting fur?  get your best cute looks on your face cause you don't your staff to miss dis great event!

PS for those of you who travel better than me there are great deals available at local hotels who love to have anipals stay with them!!

Hope to see mai pals there!

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Frugal Dougal
Hello mai pals we have been away for the weekend so been missing all of our twitter pals. We had a bit of an unexpected trip to the seaside in Norfolk as it was my birthday and the staff decided that they would take me too my favourite place the beach!!

We set off on friday evening and got to the lovely hotel called Titchwell Manor  where they had a lovely doggie bed, bowl and some treats waiting for me! We settled in and then went to have some dinner and we were all very pleased that doggies were allowed in one of the restaurants so I was able to stay with the staff all of the time!!

On Saturday we went for a long walk to the beach and when we got there the tide was in and the sea was very very rough and it was so windy that it almost blew the staff over!

We also went to a village called Burnham Market and I stayed with dad in the pub while mum had a look around the shops! Then we went for a little walk around the village and we saw lots of houses like this made from Norfolk flint, they look very cute don't you think?

We had a lovely meal again on saturday night and then on sunday one final run and dig on the beach for me before we headed home!

We had a lovely time filled with more great memories and a lovely birthday treat for all of us! Thank you all so much for all of the lovely birthday barkouts mai pals we can't wait to see you all at the June High Fashion Model Pawty, this weekend.....I am gonna have to try to slim down this week to make sure I look my best when I strike a pose!

More Soon

Frugal Dougal
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