What a lot of great comments we had in response to the 'own your own donkey draw' we have all had a great time reading all of them.

The only way to pick a winner was to use one of those random selection things wot you can find on the internet and so that is what @kolo_martin did, he told me this.....

"I wish everyone could have won the prize because all the entries were fantastic.  I am glad I did not have to choose one I could never have done that."

and I would have to agree with him!

So without further ado I am very happy to announce that the winner of the draw is


Well done to mai pal Fergus and we all can't wait to hear which donkey he picks from the donkey sanctuary. We also want to get regular updates about how his little donkey is doing over the coming months, now he has his own blog we expect to be hearing a lot more from @fergusthedog.

Once again thanks to everyone who entered, we will be having more competitions like this throughout the month so that pals who cannot make it to the #PawPawty can have a chance to win some pwizes as well. Oh and a big high paw to Kolo for thinking of this as a pwize in the first place.

Finally thank you all so much for your support of the pawpawty events this month we raised a massive $1355 for The Pet Samaritan Fund in Salt Lake City.

Helping Anipals one Paw at a Time.

More Soon
Frugal Dougal

Well mai pals I hope you are all set for the Anipal Winter Olympics #pawpawty this weekend? We have almost got everything ready, but I just had to tell you about a special prize which is open to everyfun, even if you cannot attend the #pawpawty.

Mai lovely furry pal @kolo_martin came up with a brilliant prize of a year's donkey adoption from the Isle of Wight donkey sanctuary.  The winner will be able to choose their own donkey from the website and they will get an adoption certificate with thier name, a picture of their donkey and newsletters about the donkey throughout the year.

This is a pwize that everyone can enter, and all you have to do to enter is to post a comment on this blog telling us why you want to win the pwize. Then on Monday @kolo_martin will do a random draw to select the winner from all of the entries received.

This type of prize is a really good example of how you can do two things to help anipals, cause if you donate a pwize from another shelter like Kolo and some of mai other pals do then  we get to help even more anipals.

Thank you Kolo for donating this pwize, you are a true anipal lover mai pal.

So come on what are you waiting fur?

Lets help a little donkey on the Isle of Wight.

More Soon
Frugal Dougal

Well mai pals this is possibly the hardest blog thingy that I will ever do.

Some of you will already know that I have has some recurrent problems over the past few months with some blood when I go for a wee/pee. Well the news we had from the vet a few weeks ago was not good news mai pals, the staff have been very very upset and they did ask me to wait a while before I told you all that I am not very well.

I have a big(ish) growth in my bladder, it is not in a bad place that stops me having a wee but it might be the thing that begins with C. Now I know that some doggies and kittehs can have treatments that helps them get better, but the thing is that my little kidneys and even my liver are a little poorly as well so they would probably not be able to stand the treatments.

Then again maybe I could have an operation that would take the growth in my bladder away, but the problem with that is cause i am nearly 14.5 years old everyone is worried that I might not make it through such a big  operation, and if it is the C words then it would not make any difference. I don't want the last thing I see to be a vets operating table ( no offence lovely Catriona vet lady but I when I go I want to go in my own house in my own bed) .

So for the past few weeks I have been trying out some pain medication and some tablets for infection that I will probably gets every now and again cause of the growth in my bladder. I have to say that I have had more than a little spring in my step since I have had the pain medication. ( the vet says that it is a bit like the pain a lady gets when she has something called cystitis so it is not real bad pain but it is not a nice thing to have).

With the medication and the check up's I am still enjoying my life, having lots of treats and still eating for England ( which is a good sign). I am looking forward to mai staff going to New York to maybe win an award for me and more importantly for all of da anipals. The week after they get back we are all going on a lovely beach holiday in England. The beach is my most favourite place mai pals and I know we will have lots of fun, I will be digging and stealing fish and chips the whole time.

While the staff are away in New York I am going to stay with my most favourite dog sitter Hilary who has bought me some doggie socks just in case  I get that paw pawblem again, and she does carry me on her back when we do walking with the big doggies and I get a bit tired.  Hilary also knows how to look after me with all my medications. So I am looking forward to all of the special New York treats and gifts that the staff will has to bring back for me!

The staff and the vet do not know how much longer I have but we are all determined to have the best time possible in whatever time we have left together. I hopes it will be for a long time but the truth is we just don't know.

I not want anyone to be sad sad about this I have been the most luckiest doggie in the world, I have been loved, spoiled, kept warm and fed well ( a little too well at times, but dat only because I have the most adorable begging little face!) . I have been on lots of holidays and hope to fit a few more in before it is my time to go.

The staff have been having a hard time thinking about all this recently, that probably why they keep getting sick and things, so I have been trying to make them see that is it ok and that although maybe they has to say goodbye to me, I will always be with them in their hearts and that someday we will be together again.

I fink that I has taught the staff a lawt, like how exactly I like my carrot and peppers chopping up, and how I will only chase the chicken that mai pal @cosmohavanese got for me when I am ready to chase it. They also know which stick I will fetch ( cause i can chew a bit off it ) and which I will turn my nose up at! They know how I like to sleep in the mama bed with my bottom in their face, or horizontal between them in the bed ( are there any other positions??)

I have also taught them that love is a strange thing that can change the world, if enough people share the same love and hope, and that they should never underestimate what a little dog can do.

Please mai pals not be sad, be happy dat we all got to meet each other and that we can still have some fun. As the saying goes....

There is life in the old dog yet!

More Soon
Frugal Dougal

Well mai pals hot on the heels of the very successful #rudypawty yesterday where we raised almost $600 for Maine Coon rescue in memorial of our great pal and barktending master @rudyCKat, its time to get ready for the official Feb #PawPawty.

You all voted the Anipal Winter Olympics as the theme and I am glad to see that lots of you have been already getting into the spirit of true olympians by taking part in the #teddyolympics. What a talented bunch all those teddy's are mai pals. 

So the Anipal Winter Olympics starts at the usual times on Saturday 20th February and goes on for a full 24 hours.

Why not come along and join in the fun and games, and help another great shelter The Pet Samaritan team in Salt Lake City Utah, are recipients of this month's PawPawty event and they also have the support of @romeothecat 's Furpower network so we should be able to help them with some much needed funds.

If you want to donate a prize, help out at the #PawPawty then please get in touch with @frugaldougal.

More Soon
Frugal Dougal

Mai pals there is a special mini pawpawty this weekend for mai pal @maggietkat who wanted to have a special memorial pawty for our great pal @rudyckat who passed over the rainbow bridge.

Many of you will remember Rudy as a fantastic Barktender at many of the pawpawty events just in case you missed him here he in one of his great outfits, what a guy he was.

Please join the celebration of @RudyCKat’s life on February 13 from 2-8 pm CST. The theme in honor of Valentine’s Day is “Shakespeare in Love”.

@MaggieTKat hopes to see all you Lords and Ladies Saturday, February 13!

More Soon 
Frugal Dougal

Anipals, I am  Zack, (also known as Zack the Hack). I normally don't get to address you pawsonally, but I have decided that I need to rally the  troops to help mai pal Dougal get some more votes in this Shorty Award thing that he has been nominated for.

Now our Dougal is a very hard working doggie as any of you who have been to a #PawPawty will know, he keeps us awake on a regular basis tapping away on the computer thing. So we decided to ask him why he does all of this stuff and what it is all about. Here's what he said...Oh and he had to answer in 140 characters or less just to make it a bit more fun!

Zack: What is all this  #Pawpawty nonsense?
Dougal: Its a monthly 24hr virtual party to have fun, win pwizes, meet new people and to raise funds for animal charities all over the world

Zack: Sounds a bit crazy to me who comes along to such things?
Dougal: Well we have lots of animals, kittys, woofers, furries, as well as ppl who care about animals, we even had @GodzillaofJapan turn up at  one

Zack: Sounds interesting so how much moula you raised then?
Dougal So far in less than a year we have raised over $23000, for over 20 different shelters all over the world , thats a lot of bowls of cat food

Zack: So how does it all work?
Dougal  Anipals nominate charities, donate prizes , donate funds, win prizes and generally have fun at the same time, we love to pawty on down

Zack: So what's a DJ, CJ, or FJ?
Dougal Every pawty needs music so we have Dog Jockeys, Cat Jockeys, Furry or Feathered Jockeys, we have Bunnies as well but don't call them BJ's!

Zack: How do they play music?
Dougal Simple when you know how they use Blip.fm to create a playlist and then tweet the tunes, sorry am I getting to teckinal fur ya mai pal?

Zack: I heard that you have drinkies and noms as well?
Dougal: Of Course we have a great team who create tasty morsels to tempt our taste buds, as well as gallons of drinkies to make the pawty rock

Zack: Why do you you all dress up? I have seen some weird outfits
Dougal: We love having fun and dressing up is part of that, we have some great pals who know how to use pawtoshop who help us pick our outfits

Zack: Does it not get a bit mad at times?
Dougal: It is hard to keep up but we use apps like tweetdeck and tweetgrid to make sure that everyone can join in and see who is at the #PawPawty

Zack: Ever get any gatecrashers?
Dougal: Well we have a great sekutiry team who report all those nougty ppl who turn up half dressed or worse and pretend to be B R I T N E Y

Zack: So why do you want to win this Shorty Awards thing?
Dougal: Simple mai pal if more people join in it means more creative ideas, more amazing connections , more donations, and more animals saved

Zack: What will you do if you do not win?
Dougal: I will carry on my mission of saving and helping more animals one paw at a time, after I have dunked my head in a bucket of bacon beer BOL

Zack: is it true that being a finalist means you got an invite to New York
Yep , but I will be sending the staff to New York, as I really hate airplane food and I've heard it's kinda hard to go wee wee mid atlantic

Zack: Ok so what do we need to ask everyone to do?
Dougal: We need new votes from pals who have not voted before so pls ask everyone you know to vote, if they care about animals we need their vote

Ok Dougal thanks so much for that Shorty Guide to the #Pawpawty, just so everyone knows the timeline for the final vote here are the details from the Shorty Awards Site

Congratulations to all the Second Annual Shorty Awards Finalists!
From Monday, February 1 at noon EST until Friday, February 5 at noon EST, you'll be able to vote among finalists. You can also keep voting in any of the community categories.
All nominations will count as votes for the final round. If you've already voted for a finalist, there's no need to vote again unless you want to update your reason.
The Real-Time Academy of Short Form Arts & Sciences will use a combination of criteria to select the winners, including the number of votes, the reasons given in nominations, answers to the Shorty Interview (which you can still take here) and the content of the finalists' tweets.
If you are a finalist, please fill out this form so we can get in touch with you.
Get your tickets now for the ceremony on March 3 in NYC.

So mai pals thanks for reading this little interview I did with the CDO of #PawPawty Mr Frugal Dougal himself. Round here he is just a little dog, but now we know he has a big heart. So why not take a few minutes to vote for him, Oh and we hear he has a few pals who are also in the running so go on while you are there please show BZTAT , ZackRabbit and VAstateparks some support as well.

More Soon
Zack The Hack

Well mai pals we have held the draw for the recipient of the February #PawPawty and I am pleased to announce it is Pet Samaritan Fund  which was nominated by @indykitty

"The Pet Samaritan Fund, a nonprofit organization established in 1991, aids needy animals mainly on the Wasatch Front and Uintah Basin. We are not operated or fundedby any national humane groups or government agencies and must rely on our adoptions fees and contributions.

Every penny we raise goes to caring for our animals, and we never euthanize a healthy, adoptable animal.

We provide:
•Shelter and medical care for animals taken into our foster program until permanent homes can be found. Most of our animals are from municipal shelters.
•Assistance to spay and neuter animals for low income families in our areas "

As you know we usually so a televised draw however we have had a technical problem this month ( Camera is Broken and Phone does not record Video!) So the staff used an on line service called Random to pick out the winner.  We do hope that the camera is fixed soon so we can take more photos and show you the next draw televised, you all know how much Dougal likes to be in the picture

Nominations Received 
All of the following shelters/charities/organisations were nominated so a big thanks to all of you who nominated them. Please remember to nominate them again for the March #PawPawty because you have to be in it to win in! Why not take a look at all of these great shelters and organisations, you never know one of them might be close to you and you could go help out or maybe donate some unwanted pet items to help them.

Pinups For Pitbulls nominated by @luckydogtreatco

Kaninchenrettung e.V nominated by @RettetKaninchen

Adriannesangels  nominated by @pierrethepoodle

Schwartz Family Foundation  nominated by @MattieDog

National Canine Cancer Foundation  nominated by @Midgethemutt

Friends of Linden Animals Shelter  nominated by @tildatoo

Stray Rescue of St Louis  nominated by @MaggieTKat

Lanie's Animals in Crisis nominated by  @kittehboi

North County Humane Society nominated by  @flicka47

Delta Rescue nominated by @henrycat2002

Hounslow Animal Welfare nominated by @emmythecat

Nevada SPCA nominated by @smokeythepoodle & @odythemaltese

Castle Cat Rescue nominated by @ellabellakitty, @jassiekitty & @kealoha_kitty

Rabbit Match nominated by @thiswildride

Search Dog Foundation nominated by @Javathecat

PawPawty Information
The Official PawPawty is on the 20th and 21st Feb, however we may start fund raising early this month to help spread awareness about the Shorty Awards that @FrugalDougal is a finalist in so watch out on twitter for updates.

More Soon
Frugal Dougal

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