Anipals, I am  Zack, (also known as Zack the Hack). I normally don't get to address you pawsonally, but I have decided that I need to rally the  troops to help mai pal Dougal get some more votes in this Shorty Award thing that he has been nominated for.

Now our Dougal is a very hard working doggie as any of you who have been to a #PawPawty will know, he keeps us awake on a regular basis tapping away on the computer thing. So we decided to ask him why he does all of this stuff and what it is all about. Here's what he said...Oh and he had to answer in 140 characters or less just to make it a bit more fun!

Zack: What is all this  #Pawpawty nonsense?
Dougal: Its a monthly 24hr virtual party to have fun, win pwizes, meet new people and to raise funds for animal charities all over the world

Zack: Sounds a bit crazy to me who comes along to such things?
Dougal: Well we have lots of animals, kittys, woofers, furries, as well as ppl who care about animals, we even had @GodzillaofJapan turn up at  one

Zack: Sounds interesting so how much moula you raised then?
Dougal So far in less than a year we have raised over $23000, for over 20 different shelters all over the world , thats a lot of bowls of cat food

Zack: So how does it all work?
Dougal  Anipals nominate charities, donate prizes , donate funds, win prizes and generally have fun at the same time, we love to pawty on down

Zack: So what's a DJ, CJ, or FJ?
Dougal Every pawty needs music so we have Dog Jockeys, Cat Jockeys, Furry or Feathered Jockeys, we have Bunnies as well but don't call them BJ's!

Zack: How do they play music?
Dougal Simple when you know how they use to create a playlist and then tweet the tunes, sorry am I getting to teckinal fur ya mai pal?

Zack: I heard that you have drinkies and noms as well?
Dougal: Of Course we have a great team who create tasty morsels to tempt our taste buds, as well as gallons of drinkies to make the pawty rock

Zack: Why do you you all dress up? I have seen some weird outfits
Dougal: We love having fun and dressing up is part of that, we have some great pals who know how to use pawtoshop who help us pick our outfits

Zack: Does it not get a bit mad at times?
Dougal: It is hard to keep up but we use apps like tweetdeck and tweetgrid to make sure that everyone can join in and see who is at the #PawPawty

Zack: Ever get any gatecrashers?
Dougal: Well we have a great sekutiry team who report all those nougty ppl who turn up half dressed or worse and pretend to be B R I T N E Y

Zack: So why do you want to win this Shorty Awards thing?
Dougal: Simple mai pal if more people join in it means more creative ideas, more amazing connections , more donations, and more animals saved

Zack: What will you do if you do not win?
Dougal: I will carry on my mission of saving and helping more animals one paw at a time, after I have dunked my head in a bucket of bacon beer BOL

Zack: is it true that being a finalist means you got an invite to New York
Yep , but I will be sending the staff to New York, as I really hate airplane food and I've heard it's kinda hard to go wee wee mid atlantic

Zack: Ok so what do we need to ask everyone to do?
Dougal: We need new votes from pals who have not voted before so pls ask everyone you know to vote, if they care about animals we need their vote

Ok Dougal thanks so much for that Shorty Guide to the #Pawpawty, just so everyone knows the timeline for the final vote here are the details from the Shorty Awards Site

Congratulations to all the Second Annual Shorty Awards Finalists!
From Monday, February 1 at noon EST until Friday, February 5 at noon EST, you'll be able to vote among finalists. You can also keep voting in any of the community categories.
All nominations will count as votes for the final round. If you've already voted for a finalist, there's no need to vote again unless you want to update your reason.
The Real-Time Academy of Short Form Arts & Sciences will use a combination of criteria to select the winners, including the number of votes, the reasons given in nominations, answers to the Shorty Interview (which you can still take here) and the content of the finalists' tweets.
If you are a finalist, please fill out this form so we can get in touch with you.
Get your tickets now for the ceremony on March 3 in NYC.

So mai pals thanks for reading this little interview I did with the CDO of #PawPawty Mr Frugal Dougal himself. Round here he is just a little dog, but now we know he has a big heart. So why not take a few minutes to vote for him, Oh and we hear he has a few pals who are also in the running so go on while you are there please show BZTAT , ZackRabbit and VAstateparks some support as well.

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