FURminator® deLuxe Collection Takes At-Home Grooming To A New Level 

Well mai pals this is the secret that I have been keeping, the guys at Furminator have been busy developing a brand new tool and it looks great. They do not hit the stores until 1st December but you can be in with a chance of winning one of the FIVE they have donated for the PawPawty and SantaPawsDrive events.

"The new deLuxe Collection tools includes tools designed for small, medium and large long and short-haired dogs, as well as long and short-haired cats. The new tools now have a FURejector button, making it easier to clean and remove loose 
hair from the tool. In addition, the new sleek, ergonomic handle on the deLuxe Collection deShedding tool makes it easier and more comfortable to grip."

Just make sure you are watching out for tweets from me and @petiethecat, and the guys at @furminator_inc. The first chance to win will be revealed very soon so keep your eyes open!

We are so so excited that the guys at @furminator_inc asked us to be part of this great giveaway, they have supported our #PawPawty events for a long time so not only do they help us all look so sleek and well groomed, they help us help the anipal charities we support.

Keep your Eyes Open & Your Paws Ready
Frugal Dougal and Petiethecat

Hey mai pals we have some exciting news which is a secret, we can't tell you until Monday, but it involves my pals at @furminator_inc who have been supporting the #PawPawty events since we started earlier this year.

And thanks to them we have a very special giveaway coming up soon. Just make sure you are watching out for @furminator_inc and my good pal @petiethecat who helped arranging this, cause we will be bringing you the news.

You might want to have a guess at what the secret is.... go on tell us and you never know you might be right....

Keep Watching 
Frugal Dougal

Well mai pals it is almost time for another PawPawty, this month on the 21st and 22nd November we will be supporting Sunny Harbour Cat and Kitten Rescue from Scotland. If you want to see how I picked the charity earlier today then have a look at the YouTube Video.

We also have a very special event at the Pawty, the wedding of @Poppy_Dog and @Hanseebundee, wedding preparations are well underway and we are all so excited to be having what I think is the first twitter anipal wedding at one of our PawPawty events.

You can find out more about the PawPawty site, together with details of this month's charity. As we are having a wedding it is only right that we all dress up in our best outfits I for one am getting my Tuxedo ready, ( with my pink bow tie!). I also have the honour of giving @poppy_dogs's Paw in marriage. I know this is going to be a great event and we all hope that as well as a great day for Poppy and Hans we can raise some funds for a very worthy rescue.

If you want to offer a prize for the PawPawty please contact me, and of you want to be a DJ, Barktender or help with Sekurity then please check the relevant pages on the PawPawty site.

So come on guys get your wedding outfits sorted out, and get ready for another fantastic PawPawty event.  

More Soon
Frugal Dougal

I recently posted a message on twitter asking mai pals what special prizes from London they would like to have a chance of winning. I got such great responses that I thought I just had to share with you guys.

@buttons_kitty  - How about some treats from London? Every-fur loves noms

@petcarebev - Interesting post cards! 

@hamishthecat - ohhhh!!! Let me think on that one, though mummy immediately says "gentleman's relish." blech. I don't like that stuff

@ellabellakitty - ummmm, like kinds of prizies would I like from London? Umm... Oes, I noes - TUNA! or @medusa 's oceanpie! Tuna aways AOK

@WTBeckham - crown jewel chew toys from buckingham palace - PAWPLEASE!

@princessgwenie -  Fish & Chips & shopping at Harrods for food in the food court!!!Drooling****

@kittehboi -  rattus rattus from the London Dungeon. MOL!

@perrythebirman - frugal mai dougal in a royal box!

@georgetheduck - McVitie's Jaffa Cakes QOL Typist says they're the bomb

@winecountrydog - some ale & mince pie fur mum, i think mum'd be easier to handle on walkies. BOL

@theotigsy - Us too! We want a Dougal-box too!! -T&T

What a great list of pwizes, I will do my best to get pwizes like this sorted out for some #PawPawty events although I think that Dougal in a Box might be a bit difficult to organise.

Thanks for all the ideas mai pals  & remember it is not long until the next #PawPawty on the 21st November. 

More Soon
Frugal Dougal

All the leaves have fallen off the trees and I had a lot of fun running through them this morning on my walk. We had lots of fireworks last night & I think there will be lots more tonight so make sure you all stay safe on this firework friday.
Frugal Dougal

Had a look for the Heron that usually fishes in this stream which comes from Rutland Water and is just at the bottom of Smelly Field. The Heron was no where to be seen this morning. He obviously knew that he need to take shelter before the storm and torrential rain arrived. 
Hope you have a great non stormy day.
Frugal Dougal
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