FURminator® deLuxe Collection Takes At-Home Grooming To A New Level 

Well mai pals this is the secret that I have been keeping, the guys at Furminator have been busy developing a brand new tool and it looks great. They do not hit the stores until 1st December but you can be in with a chance of winning one of the FIVE they have donated for the PawPawty and SantaPawsDrive events.

"The new deLuxe Collection tools includes tools designed for small, medium and large long and short-haired dogs, as well as long and short-haired cats. The new tools now have a FURejector button, making it easier to clean and remove loose 
hair from the tool. In addition, the new sleek, ergonomic handle on the deLuxe Collection deShedding tool makes it easier and more comfortable to grip."

Just make sure you are watching out for tweets from me and @petiethecat, and the guys at @furminator_inc. The first chance to win will be revealed very soon so keep your eyes open!

We are so so excited that the guys at @furminator_inc asked us to be part of this great giveaway, they have supported our #PawPawty events for a long time so not only do they help us all look so sleek and well groomed, they help us help the anipal charities we support.

Keep your Eyes Open & Your Paws Ready
Frugal Dougal and Petiethecat

Hey mai pals we have some exciting news which is a secret, we can't tell you until Monday, but it involves my pals at @furminator_inc who have been supporting the #PawPawty events since we started earlier this year.

And thanks to them we have a very special giveaway coming up soon. Just make sure you are watching out for @furminator_inc and my good pal @petiethecat who helped arranging this, cause we will be bringing you the news.

You might want to have a guess at what the secret is.... go on tell us and you never know you might be right....

Keep Watching 
Frugal Dougal

Well mai pals it is almost time for another PawPawty, this month on the 21st and 22nd November we will be supporting Sunny Harbour Cat and Kitten Rescue from Scotland. If you want to see how I picked the charity earlier today then have a look at the YouTube Video.

We also have a very special event at the Pawty, the wedding of @Poppy_Dog and @Hanseebundee, wedding preparations are well underway and we are all so excited to be having what I think is the first twitter anipal wedding at one of our PawPawty events.

You can find out more about the PawPawty site, together with details of this month's charity. As we are having a wedding it is only right that we all dress up in our best outfits I for one am getting my Tuxedo ready, ( with my pink bow tie!). I also have the honour of giving @poppy_dogs's Paw in marriage. I know this is going to be a great event and we all hope that as well as a great day for Poppy and Hans we can raise some funds for a very worthy rescue.

If you want to offer a prize for the PawPawty please contact me, and of you want to be a DJ, Barktender or help with Sekurity then please check the relevant pages on the PawPawty site.

So come on guys get your wedding outfits sorted out, and get ready for another fantastic PawPawty event.  

More Soon
Frugal Dougal

I recently posted a message on twitter asking mai pals what special prizes from London they would like to have a chance of winning. I got such great responses that I thought I just had to share with you guys.

@buttons_kitty  - How about some treats from London? Every-fur loves noms

@petcarebev - Interesting post cards! 

@hamishthecat - ohhhh!!! Let me think on that one, though mummy immediately says "gentleman's relish." blech. I don't like that stuff

@ellabellakitty - ummmm, like kinds of prizies would I like from London? Umm... Oes, I noes - TUNA! or @medusa 's oceanpie! Tuna aways AOK

@WTBeckham - crown jewel chew toys from buckingham palace - PAWPLEASE!

@princessgwenie -  Fish & Chips & shopping at Harrods for food in the food court!!!Drooling****

@kittehboi -  rattus rattus from the London Dungeon. MOL!

@perrythebirman - frugal mai dougal in a royal box!

@georgetheduck - McVitie's Jaffa Cakes QOL Typist says they're the bomb

@winecountrydog - some ale & mince pie fur mum, i think mum'd be easier to handle on walkies. BOL

@theotigsy - Us too! We want a Dougal-box too!! -T&T

What a great list of pwizes, I will do my best to get pwizes like this sorted out for some #PawPawty events although I think that Dougal in a Box might be a bit difficult to organise.

Thanks for all the ideas mai pals  & remember it is not long until the next #PawPawty on the 21st November. 

More Soon
Frugal Dougal

All the leaves have fallen off the trees and I had a lot of fun running through them this morning on my walk. We had lots of fireworks last night & I think there will be lots more tonight so make sure you all stay safe on this firework friday.
Frugal Dougal

Had a look for the Heron that usually fishes in this stream which comes from Rutland Water and is just at the bottom of Smelly Field. The Heron was no where to be seen this morning. He obviously knew that he need to take shelter before the storm and torrential rain arrived. 
Hope you have a great non stormy day.
Frugal Dougal

On my walk this morning I found one of my tasty sticks I had left in Smelly Field on a previous visit. As you can see I was allowed to have another little chew of my stick. I left the rest for later....that is if one of the other doggies that visit the field don't get it. Hope you all have a Chewtastic Thursday.
Frugal Dougal

This is the great view I saw on my walk this morning from the top of the hill, and it was such a warm day for October, what a lovely blue sky.
Wishing you all a sunny day
Frugal Dougal

Yep thats right mai pals, it is time to get nominating for the recipient of the November PawPawty funds.

I did receive some Nominations but due to some technical problems with a few of our Mac's we do not have access to any nominations that were made in the last month( we lost them all!!). So if you want your favourite shelter or charity to be in with a chance of being selected then here is what you need to do.

All you have to do is leave a comment against this post giving the name and if possible a link to the charity or shelter that you want to nominate, if you have time why not tell us all why you think they should be the PawPawty recipient.

We will then arrange for a televised (now that the staff have worked out how to do You Tube) draw to take place where the recipient will be selected by yours truly. We thought this was a better way of selecting the charity as we do not want anyone to get repetitive paw injury from having to vote ( like we did in September).

You have until the 6th of November to nominate, and the draw will take place over the weekend of the 7th- 8th November. 

Please remember that we like to support smaller charities who do not have a massive advertising/marketing  budgets or hundreds of thousands of people already supporting them.

So what are you waiting for get busy with the paws.

More Soon
Frugal Dougal 

Well we changed most of the clocks at home because it is now officially Autumn, and outside the leaves tell the same tale. Spotted these leaves this morning some of them still green and clinging to the branches, my bet is they won't be there for long!!
Have a great Monday
Frugal Dougal

A freshly ploughed field, all ready for some barley to be planted. We cannot believe that it is this time of year again. Makes us glad to have seasons so we can appreciate the changes throughout the year. It is also easier for me to spot the rabbits in fields like this even if I cannot catch them. Hope you all have a thoughtful Thursday and appreciate what you have today.
More Soon

We went for a lovely walk at the Farm this weekend, we love going to visit my Brofur and all the other Farm Anipals. But I was not so sure about these two cows, they looked very mean with their horns and staring eyes so we walked quickly through that field

Me and Scooby liked these cows a lot more, can you see how they were coming over to have a look at us. We had the good fortune to be on the other side of a little river so that kept those inquisitive cows on the other side on the river bank. 

We got to the canal at the bottom of the farm and my Brofur Scooby decided to do some swimming, that's Pip the old lady farm dog next to him. Pip rounds up the cows, and I think she would like to round up me and Scooby as well but we keep her on her paws, chasing two Cairn Terrors round the fields!

Look at Scooby he got the stick, he loves swimming, I had a little swim myself boy was that water cold!

We had a lovely weekend at the Farm it is a beautiful place to visit and we loves to go and see our Anipal friends and of course our Human friends. We all had a lovely weekend, playing in the sun and enjoying time with out special friends.

Hope you like the Photos

More Soon
Rose Hips, the seed pods of roses, they look like very autumnal, it was raining today so only a short walk maybe I will have a longer walk later, if the sun comes out to play.
More Soon
A beautiful tree with leaves just starting to change into autumn colours, if you look close you can see me in the picture as well. It is a lovely sunny day here so I hope you all have a sunny sunday.
More Soon
Autumn leaves, look at the great colours, we gather these soon to dress up our sitting room for halloween they look so great next to the pumpkins! I can't wait.
See you all soon at the Halloween PawPawty
More Soon
Some cows in the field next to my favourite smelly field. At least I think they were cows? I hope it's not any of you guys still wearing your Down on the Farm #PawPawty outfits! This one was very curious and looked like he was leader of the pack.
Hope you all have a great Farm Friday
More Soon
A man on a roof of a lovely thatched cottage, he was putting new thatch on to the roof to make it all warm and cosy for winter. We have lots of cottages like this in the place where we live.
Happy Thatch Thursday to you all.
More Soon
Frugal Dougal
Blueberries and it made me think how much I like blueberry pie, muffins, jam, cobbler, in fact anything with blueberries at all. They are almost past their best, I saw them on the way to smelly field, I call it smelly field because there is a boggy bit in it which is all squishy under my paws, it is my favourite field.
Blueberry Dreams to you all mai pals.
Hope you all have a great day.
More Soon

A silly Pheasant who did not want to run away, but I chased him off, didn't catch him though.
Hope you all have a great day
More Soon
Frugal Dougal
Well mai pals another successful pawpawty has come and gone, we are just about recovered here at pawpawty central. I have to say I did wonder at first about the farm theme, but it seems that you guys loved it, lots of cow, sheep, chicken and duck outfits sometimes it was difficult to recognise you all in your fancy farm wear.

Pwize Donors
As always I want to say a huge thanks to all of the prize donors who help make the events possible with their generous donations, so a big woofy bark out to

@babypatches @emmythecat @smokey8 @mizzbassie @henryandfriends @mtlcritters @shawneeshep @sherrydole @ladybonessa @flicka47 @babyharoldk @georgetheduck @theotigsy @health4uandpets @pandafur @petiethecat @furminator_inc @Jasmine_woo_woo @neotigress @cheshirek @bakinboyz @neotigress @bestcatlitter @sanjeethecat @scoutthedog @henryandfriends brewskiebutt & @romeothecat

Some of these guys donate every month so a special thanks goes out to them for their continued support of the PawPawty events.


What wonderful songs you guys played for us while we were down on the farm, and even blip.fm failure did not stop us having fun, you really are a creative and clever bunch of anipals, now we have an alternative music source in the event of things going wrong with the usual site. So a big play it again sam howl to

@Mattiedog @Flothecat @Kittehboi @HanseeBundee @Bunnyjeancook @Georgetheduck @BuddyBentley @Fergusthedog @Chevy_Boo @Theotigsy @Loupeb @Apollo_frenchie @flicka47 @dobie_evgeni @Morriscat @cosmohavanese @CathyKeisha @Rustythecat @Sanjeethecat

Special thanks to @fergusthedog for arranging the DJ schedule so well.


Lots of tasty food and drink was in a never ending supply thanks to the clever @MizzBassie and @Javathecat in the Jaba Jazz Bar and e-cafe, with all of the great barktenders who served drinks and collected lots of tips for the pawpawty charity. A big PawPawty toast to

@JinJinDoggy @Mulder_Cat @bdgrlaw @BadAndy_KityKat @Georgetheduck @katieboocat @Sydpie @PollyPuss11@Meow_Girls @smokeythedog @Oatiedog @Herbie_Cat @sanjeethecat @MizzBassie @JavaTheCat @DreamerDiary @SirFrancisduck @Scully_Cat @BuzzLucas @Pierrethepoodle @HenrytheCat2002 @LadyBonessa

Special thanks to @georgetheduck and @javathecat for arranging the Barktenders schedule so well.


I had lots of help asking the quiz questions from a great team of helpers so thanks to

@cosmohavanese @sylviedog @romeothecat @jinjindoggy @yibberj2 @mishakidd @emmythecat @brewskiebutt @mizzbassie

Soi Dog

And Finally a huge thanks to everyone who donated to Soi Dogs Phuket, the total raised as of today is $1383 which will make a huge difference to all the animals that Soi Dogs Phuket look after.

Well mai pals you have voted for a down on the farm theme for this month's Pawpawty, as you can see I have got the tractor out and will make sure it is all working so we can have some tractor rides at the weekend.

Now all you need to do is to reply to the Twtvite (on the sidebar on my blog) to let us know if you are coming to the PawPawty, and of course get your outfits ready for the weekend!

PawPawty Costumes
Mai great pal @georgetheduck gave me this great information about where you can go to get some cool bling for for the PawPawty, and also some helpful instructions on how to change your avatar on Twitter


You can get bling for your costumes free at different places like these

Sometimes other anipals can help out too. You can always ask :)

To change your Twitter avatar:
  1. Make sure you have a copy of your original avatar (download it if you need to and give it original name)
  2. Have your costum avatar picture ready. Twitter restrictions: Maximum size of 700k. File type JPG, GIF, or PNG.
  3. In Twitter, click "Settings"
  4. Click "Picture"
  5. Click "Browse" and find the costume avatar picture.
  6. Click on file of costume avatar picture
  7. Click "Save" then Twitter will upload and when it is done, it will say "That's a nice picture" and you can now see it.

We are busy getting everything ready for the weekend so keep your eyes peeled for more information coming very soon.

Frugal Dougal

Well mai pals the voting has ended and I would like to say congratulations to SoiDog who had an amazing 150270 votes. I have been blown away by the amount of votes that have been cast, I am sending out healing licks to all your paws I think there might be some new cases of RPI, repetitive paw injury!

I really wish that all of the shelters and charities could have won, they are all very worthy causes. We are investigating ways that we can help more shelters with bigger events in the meantime you can help us by tweeting about the PawPawty, telling your pals on Facebook and other sites, generally help us spread the word. More supporters means we can help more anipals around the world one paw at a time!

Special Donation
In honour of all of you who took the time to vote I will be donating the following to all of the charities who took place in this mammoth vote.

$75 Winging Cat Rescue
$50 Sunny Harbour
$25 Bideawee
$25 Friends of The Pound
$25 Best Friends Animal Society
$25 Diana Brimblecoombe
$25 Mid Hudson Animal
$25 SPAC
$25 Lonely Miaow

September Theme
Now all we have to do is sort out a theme for this event. So you know that we will need another short vote for your favourite theme, the voting ends on the 20th September. (You can only vote once per IP address with this vote so use your vote wisely).

New Site
We are working on a new PawPawty site for this month's event, it will be packed with information, all the usual schedules as well as some helpful hints about how to have fun at the PawPawty. Details of how you can donate to Soi Dog will be available on the new site very soon.

More Soon
Frugal Dougal

My Pals the Poll for the September #PawPawty charity will close on the 17th September at 1am UK time, and the recipient will be announced on the 18th. I have been amazed by the number of votes that have been received so I want to say a big thank you to all of you who have taken the time to vote, some of you must have very sore paws!!

As soon as this voting is completed I will open the voting for the PawPawty Theme, so far we have the following suggestions
  • Down on the Farm
  • Pirate Party
  • Wild West
  • Beatles Music Party
If you want to suggest a theme please get in touch soon so I can include it in the voting.

The Theme Vote will run until the 21st September so that you can all have enough time to get to your stylists to get your outfits organised.

More Soon
Frugal Dougal
Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!
Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!
Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!
Thanks so much to mai pals who donated some pawket money to Bandit my pal who did a sponsored swim on Sunday. As you can see Bandit had lots of fun in the pool! Well done my little swimming pal.

Get Ready

Hey Gimme that Ball

Hee Hee Got It

Thanks again mai pals, as a special treat Bandit will be helping his staff make some yummy doggie treats for us to give away as prizes at the September #pawpawty.

You can still donate any spare pawket money to Bandit's appeal.

Thanks Bandit & Thanks Mai Anipals
Frugal Dougal

As you know I am not in the habit of making pawsonal appeals. However when a friend told me about a challenge that her doggie Bandit took part in I could not resist asking my anipals for a little help.

Bandit is a gorgeous Polish Lowland Sheepdog with a wilful personality. She is a bossy little dog and is very cheeky. Her favourite habit of the moment is plucking cherry tomatoes, strawberries and raspberries direct from the garden. Yes she is food obsessed. I have to say she sounds like my kind of gal.

A few years ago Bandit was savaged by some dogs and this resulted in her having a severed spinal cord as you can imagine this was a very serious injury and for a while it was not at all clear if Bandit would pull through. But the great news is thanks to the care and love from her folks and a great medical treatment she did. Part of her continued recovery is to go for doggie swimming sessions at the Greyfriars Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Referral Centre.

This is a great place where doggies who are injured or sick can get valuable treatment to help them get better or to enable them to cope better with longterm problems.

Bandit loves swimming and she took part in a sponsored swim yesterday the 6th September to raise funds for the Barney Fund which was set up by Greyfriars Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Referral Centre, to provide funding for dogs from all kinds of backgrounds needing rehabilitation so they can lead fit, happy and healthy lives.

If you have any spare pawket money please consider making a donation however small to help Bandit reach her goal. We will hopefully have some photos of Bandit taking part in the sponsored swim which I will share with you over the next few days.

Thanks Pals
Frugal Dougal

Well my anipals we are just getting over the fantastic woodstock #PawPawty and already preparations are well underway for the September #Pawpawty. But I need your help!!!

As you know we always like to support charities from around the world, usually the charity is picked from random from the submissions I receive from all my anipals. This month I want to try a different approach and for this I need your help. I have had quite a few nominations this month and what you need to do is vote for the charity that you want to be the recipient of the funds that we raise at the #Pawpawty.

If you want to find out more about the charities nominated by your anipals then have a look at the information below.

Nominated by @morriscat
Charity Name SunnyHarbour

Cat & Kitten Rescue. Our goal is to ease the suffering of the abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens in and around Edinburgh and Fife. We are a small, family run cat rescue who dedicate our efforts to promoting good welfare practices for cats and to helping those cats and kittens in our care back to health, so that we may find them a new loving forever home.

Nominated by @snick_the_dog
Charity Name Bideawee
Bideawee's mission is to promote safe, loving, long-term relationships between people and companion animals by providing a continuum of services and programs that are innovative, personalized, and high-quality

Nominated by @brewskiebutt
Charity Name Friends of The Pound Stark

The compassionate mission of Friends of the Pound is to work diligently toward seeing every homeless puppy and dog being held in the Stark County Pound, adopted into a loving forever home.

Nominated by @bunnyjeancook
Charity Name Best Friends Animal Society

The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary at Angel Canyon, at the heart of the Golden Circle of national parks in southern Utah, is home on any given day to about 2,000 dogs, cats, and other animals, who come from shelters and rescue groups around the country for special care they can only receive at Best Friends.

Nominated by @kat5rescue
Charity Name Winging Cat Rescue

Winging Cat Rescue's mission is to save cats & kittens from death row, place them in foster care & ultimately find forever homes for as many as possible. They also sponsor low-cost spay/neuter clinics. WCR relies solely on private donations.

Nominated by @emmythecat
Charity Name Soi Dog Foundation

Soi Dog Foundation is a not-for-profit, legally registered charitable organization, based in Phuket, Thailand, with the aim to reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats and to better the lives and living conditions of the street and stray dogs and feral cats in Thailand, currently focused on the island of Phuket.

Nominated by @laddiethemutt

This is where our pal laddie was rescued from. DBARC is a fantastic facility for the care of animals. We also know we have tremendous potential to continue to grow, and the need for animal welfare and rescue is most certainly growing, so your ongoing support is vital.

Nominated by @midhudsonanimal
Charity Name MidHudsonAnimal

Mid Hudson Animal Aid was established to provide an organization and facility that aids in animal rescue and provides medical care, nourishment, and a safe haven for abandoned, abused, and disabled animals. We also assist with area-wide low-cost spay/ neuter and vaccination programs

Nominated by @mishakidd
Charity Name SPCA Auckland

Providing a shelter for animals requiring care and attention with facilities that will cater for their complete needs and ensuring the promotion of successful long term adoptions for suitable animals.

Nominated by @mishakidd
Charity Name lonelymiaow

The Lonely Miaow Association is an incorporated non profit organization dedicated to the rescue and care of stray and abandoned cats and kittens in the greater Auckland area.

Now all you have to do is vote for which charity you want to benefit from the funds raised at the #Pawpawty on the 26th and 27th of September. You can vote as many times as you like on the voting links next to this post. Please make sure you tell your friends so they can vote too.

More Soon
Frugal Dougal

Well mai pals I have just about recovered from the Woodstock #pawpawty, what a great pawty with great pals and what a lot of money we raised for TEARS.

I would like to say a special thanks to all of the anipals who generously donated some fantastic pwizes for all of the quizes we had I really do appreciate your continued support of these events. So a big woofy bark out to.

As usual we had the sekurity team led by @snick_the_dog who made sure that we did not have any unwelcome guests gate crashing the pawty as well as keeping us all in order. This pawty had more than its fair share of exotic nip and other concoctions so we were grateful to the sekurity team for making sure we all stayed safe. So a paws salute to @shawneeshep, @treehuggingpets, @mizcleo, @brutusthedane ,@bloodhoundndots, @morriscat, @lexiloudog

If you want to read about all the goings on at the pawpawty please make sure you check out the official sekurity report.

A pawty is not a pawty without music and what great sounds all of the happening DJ and CJ team provided. My great pal @fergusthedog organised the whole schedule so a big dougal lick to fergus and all of the fantastic team @hotmbc,@flothecat,@perrythebirman,@georgetheduck,@bunnyjeancook

Due to popular demand we created a Barktenders team and a big meow goes out to @javathecat for all the hard work on getting a great team together. As if that was not enough we also had the services of the Jaba Jazz Bar & eCafé at this months pawpawty and they even created a special themed menu just for the woodstock event. So a big I'm never drinking again (or at least until the next pawpawty) cheers to all the gang.

We had 65 pwizes to give away at the pawpawty so that meant that we had to do organise a lot of questions and then run the quizzes. So a big meow to @Romeothecat for helping with the questions and for being a quizmaster and a a special dougal wooftastic barkout to all the quizmasters who did a great job with all of the quizzes. Fanks to @cosmohavanese, @sylviedog, @romeothecat, @mizzbassie, @brewskiebutt.

Well what fun you all had trying to get your paws on the great pwizes on offer, sorry you could not all be winners but here are the lucky gang who won.
@boriskitty,@chaoskater,@cookiethecat,@cosmohavanese,@crempuffi, @flicka47,
@petiethecat, @poppydog,@rascalbcool,@ri_guy,@rockumsockum,
@rosieandcheeto, @shawneeshep,@sidthecathola,@tiffbohn,@tobymillionaire,
@tobyrae, @treehuggingpets,@tullybones,@wienerbites

A hugs thanks to those of you who asked for your pwize to be donated to TEARS or a local shelter, or even in some cases to your anipals. Now that's what I call sharing the love man.

As you all know the reason why we do this every month is to help raise funds for shelters and animals who are less fortunate than we are so it was great news to hear that we blasted the target and the final total at the end of the pawty was $1281 which went to TEARS. Thank you all so much for your support

Next Event
The next #pawpawty is on the 26th & 27th September and voting will open tomorrow for the charity who will benefit from this pawpawty. The charities are nominated by you guys so if you want your to be in with a chance of getting some great funds from our fun pawty event in September then please vote, vote & vote again.

More Soon
Frugal Dougal

Well mai pals not long to go now until the Woodstock #PawPawty on the 28th&29th August. I hope you all approve of mai outfit, I think I had been sampling the Nip just before they took this photo.

If you have not been to a PawPawty before you can find lots of great information on the PawPawty Wiki, you can see all of the schedules and find out the best ways to join in the pawty and have some fun.

You need to make sure you have your outfit on and have replied to the Twtvite so that we can get you on to the pawswall that @emmythecat will be doing for us, thanks Emmy you are a real pal.

We have lots of competitions and you really will meet lots of new pals, so why not get your tie-dye, beads and flowers in your hair, go on you know you want to.

If you want any more info please email me at woof@frugaldougal.co.uk

More Soon
Frugal Dougal

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