As you know I am not in the habit of making pawsonal appeals. However when a friend told me about a challenge that her doggie Bandit took part in I could not resist asking my anipals for a little help.

Bandit is a gorgeous Polish Lowland Sheepdog with a wilful personality. She is a bossy little dog and is very cheeky. Her favourite habit of the moment is plucking cherry tomatoes, strawberries and raspberries direct from the garden. Yes she is food obsessed. I have to say she sounds like my kind of gal.

A few years ago Bandit was savaged by some dogs and this resulted in her having a severed spinal cord as you can imagine this was a very serious injury and for a while it was not at all clear if Bandit would pull through. But the great news is thanks to the care and love from her folks and a great medical treatment she did. Part of her continued recovery is to go for doggie swimming sessions at the Greyfriars Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Referral Centre.

This is a great place where doggies who are injured or sick can get valuable treatment to help them get better or to enable them to cope better with longterm problems.

Bandit loves swimming and she took part in a sponsored swim yesterday the 6th September to raise funds for the Barney Fund which was set up by Greyfriars Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Referral Centre, to provide funding for dogs from all kinds of backgrounds needing rehabilitation so they can lead fit, happy and healthy lives.

If you have any spare pawket money please consider making a donation however small to help Bandit reach her goal. We will hopefully have some photos of Bandit taking part in the sponsored swim which I will share with you over the next few days.

Thanks Pals
Frugal Dougal

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