Mai pals I just wanted to say a huge thanks to you all for organising the Mega Dudefest coming up on Sat and sun this week in my honour. It all started a few months ago when I found out that I was not very well and had a tumour in my bladder, at that time a few of mai dear pals said that they wanted to have a special event for me. I was incredibly touched and honoured to get so many messages wishing me well.

When I found out that I was poorly I did not want people to be sad because I have been lucky to have such a happy life full of love and good pals to share the ups and downs with. So it was fantastic when mai pals suggested that we have a pawty to celebrate, little old me. Of course you know I could not have a pawty without helping out some other anipals so at this weekend's Mega Dudefest we we will be helping two shelters.

The 1st one is a shelter that my great pal @emmythecat introduced me to, some of you may know that Emmy and her hoomans foster little kittens from this shelter and look after them until they are big and strong enough to go to a new furever home. Emmy was one of my very first pals on twitter, and she also inspired me to set up the pawpawty events after I saw the competitions she was having on twitter to help raise funds for Red Nose Day which is a big charity event in the UK. So this is my little way of saying thank you to mai pal @emmythecat for all her kindness on twitter and also for her good work looking after the foster kittys.

The 2nd one is a lovely rabbit shelter in Germany, which my pal @RettetKaninchen introduced me to. These guys provide a safe haven to abandoned, abused, and neglected domestic rabbits with the aim of placing them in a new furever home. As you all know I like to try to chase rabbits in the smelly field where I go for my daily walks ( don't worry I am too slow and a little blind now so I never ever get even close to catching one!) , so I thought I would be a good doggie and help the great people at this shelter help my little furry bunny pals. I hear that they are needing to fix a very leaky roof at the shelter so perhaps we can raise some funds to help with this.

So mai pals I am gonna have a great time at the dudefest this weekend I hope to see lots of you there. As for my health well things are doing ok at the moment, I have medication that I take every day to keep the pain away, and to help my liver cope with the medication that I have to take. I sleep a lot of the time, when I am not keeping an eye on the staff, because you know I have to keep them on their toes! All I know is that each and every day is a blessing and I hope to be around for a while yet to help save more less fortunate anipals.

One paw at a time mai pals

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Frugal Dougal 

Thank you all so much for the great competition entries, we had lots of fun reading all of the names and reasons you guys came up with for naming the little proize pooch.

So without further ado..... the winner is drum roll....


Who said that the name for the pup should be Treasure.

Thanks again for all the entries to the competition and a special thanks for all your donations for A Chance for Bliss we raised a total of $765 for the shelter who do so much good looking after all manner of animals who without them would not have any hope.

Thanks to all of you

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Frugal Dougal

Mai pals as you all know we are having a special Pyjama Pawty on the 14th /15th May but as it is a mini pawty most of da anipals in the Uk and Europe will be asleep when it is happening. So we are having a special competition that everyone can join in before or during the Pawty.

The pwize is a very cute handmade doggie, he has a brown and cream tweed pattern body with a cream face and a black nose, he even has a little black tip on his tail! You can see him in the picture above with a couple of his pals, he would make a lovely pal to snuggle up with while you are in your PJ's.

All you have to do to enter the competition is to leave a comment on this blog with your suggested name for the little chap, remember to tell us why you have picked the name you decide on. We will then select a winner on the 15th after the #bwPJpawty. So go on what are you waiting for.

If you want to find out more about the Shelter we are supporting at the #bwPJpawty you can visit the Chance for Bliss website. They really do look after all the golden oldies just like me! And for those of you wanting to find out more about Bark World you will find lots of information on their site.

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Frugal Dougal
Well mai pals it is time to reveal who the three lucky shelters are this month.

As you all know we had three chances for your nominated shelter or charity to be a recipient of some extra funds. So we did a random selection and here are the results.

1st drawn as the recipient of the monthly PawPawty to be held on the 22nd and 23rd May is
English Springer Rescue who were nominated by  @MrKiplingwoof.

2nd drawn as the recipient of the mini PawPawty to be held on the 14th-15th May is A Chance for Bliss which was nominated by @petiethecat and @danapixie.

3rd drawn as the recipient of a special $100 donation from mai pal @mattiedog is Hope Animal Shelter which was nominated by @PuppyaGuineaPig.

Thank you to everyone who nominated shelters this month. I only wish we could help all of them, they are all very deserving.

Please take a minute to have a look at all of the great shelters who were nominated this month. @amazoncares @flicka47 @Kailey2004 @Derrik_v_T @maggietkat @marthasmith @mattiedog @luckydogtreatco @MrKiplingwoof @IrietheJRChi @danapixie @GiorgioMaltese @CathyKeisha Brenda Barton Gatofan2891 @felineranch tabbyplace  @felissahadas @JennyRosePetal @emmythecat @LaurenEgier @KeAloha_Kitty @SedgefieldVet @badandy Becky Mollenkamp @Petiethecat PuppyaGuineaPig Jodi Tuckett Kim Clune @grrrkitty @midgethemutt

Remember if your shelter is a registered charity in the USA that looks after kittys then you can also nominate them over on @romeothecat 's site to be in with a a chance of being his monthly furpower recipient.

Look out for more news about the PawPawty events on the site.

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Frugal Dougal

Look at all that glorious pinkness chickness chickfestness a huge thanks to mai pals @trailerparkdogs for creating yet another great pawswall, you guys all rawk!

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Frugal Dougal

Well mai pals it is time to make sure you have your nominations in for this month's pawpawty!

You have until the 7th May to get paws busy nominating your charity or shelter! You can nominate on the main PawPawty site nomination page. (If you are having any pawblems with this page please leave a comment on this blog post, or DM me on twitter)

The even more exciting news this month is that we have an extra mini pawpawty on the 14th May which is you chance to find out more about the BarkWorldExpo Event , as well as all the usual fun and games! The staff are hopping over the pond again to be a part of this event, they seem to spend more time in the USA than home with me at the moment. Grrrrr I don't mind really because it means that I get more supwizes! You can follow @BarkWorldExpo for all of the latest updates.

One of the shelters nominated for the May pawpawty will be the recipient of the funds raised at the Mini PawPawty which has a Pyjama Pawty Theme, so get your best jammies ready! You can reply to the Twtvite to let us know you are gonna be there.

Another shelter nominated for the main May PawPawty will be the recipient of the funds raised at the 24 hour pawpawty, we have not decided on the theme for the main pawpawty so get your thinking caps on! You can reply to the Twtvite to let us know you are gonna be there.

As if that was not enough good news, I am so pleased to tell you that mai pal @mattiedog who was voted Best of Twitter in March has persuaded his staff to make a donation of $100 for the next 5 months to one of the shelters nominated for a PawPawty. This is Mattie's way of saying thank you for showing your support for him and all of the anipal community, thanks so much Mattie. I think Mattie musta been  selling all the panties that the shibberingcheetos have thrown at them every time they play!

So there you go 3 chances for your shelter to get some more funds this month!

1. Main Pawpawty we expect to raise around $1200
2. Mini PawPawty we expect to raise around $500
3. Donation to one other nominated shelter of $100 from @Mattiedog

What you waiting fur? Get those Paws busy nominating!

We will announce the recipients of all of the funds on Monday 10th May.

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Frugal Dougal
Mai pals I am so sorry that I forgot to announce the winner of the Bissell Spot Bot Pet competition that we ran on the blog a few weeks ago as part of the Be The Change Blogpawty.

So without further ado.... Drum Roll....

The winner is @busybuttons who wrote this wonderful poem as her competition entry.

I have doggie allergies
And thus a lot of snot.
I wipe it on the carpet,
And Mom gets all distraught!

I also love my squeakies...
Toys get slobbery, you know.
So there's slime on the carpet
And even more with each throw!

And let's not forget my habit
Of dumping over the trash.
The floor gets even more messy
With each garbage crash!

So the SpotBot could help Mom
as she tries to keep up with me.
I'm a very busy Buttons,
As Mom will sure agree!

Thanks to everyone else for playing along, you can read all of the entries here keep your eyes peeled for some more great competitions coming very soon.

And of course a special thanks to the guys at Bissell for donating this great pwize!

Frugal Dougal

Mai pals it is with great sadness that  I listened as the staff read an article that was in the Daily Mail today about how in the UK we have got really really good at not having lots of stray dogs running around the country. At first I thought this was a good thing and then the staff did explain that it is because all of the unwanted doggies ( and kittehs and other anipals) are being rounded up, kept for a maximum of a week and then "put to sleep".

I have been involved over the past year with lots of charities all over the world and often thought how good it was to have "no kill" shelters and charities which will not put any anipal to sleep under any circumstances. All the while I was thinking that was how most of the shelters and charities operated in the UK , after all we are meant to be a nation of animal lovers.

Then I find out that all we have got good at doing is making the pawblem go away by rounding up all the unwanted animals and basically KILLING  them, thus making us
a KILL when the pawblem gets too hard to handle nation.

I am ashamed.

I am not gonna take this lying down.

I am gonna do something about this.

I am gonna save more anipals.

What are you going to do to help me?

Much Much More Soon
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