Mai pals I just wanted to say a huge thanks to you all for organising the Mega Dudefest coming up on Sat and sun this week in my honour. It all started a few months ago when I found out that I was not very well and had a tumour in my bladder, at that time a few of mai dear pals said that they wanted to have a special event for me. I was incredibly touched and honoured to get so many messages wishing me well.

When I found out that I was poorly I did not want people to be sad because I have been lucky to have such a happy life full of love and good pals to share the ups and downs with. So it was fantastic when mai pals suggested that we have a pawty to celebrate, little old me. Of course you know I could not have a pawty without helping out some other anipals so at this weekend's Mega Dudefest we we will be helping two shelters.

The 1st one is a shelter that my great pal @emmythecat introduced me to, some of you may know that Emmy and her hoomans foster little kittens from this shelter and look after them until they are big and strong enough to go to a new furever home. Emmy was one of my very first pals on twitter, and she also inspired me to set up the pawpawty events after I saw the competitions she was having on twitter to help raise funds for Red Nose Day which is a big charity event in the UK. So this is my little way of saying thank you to mai pal @emmythecat for all her kindness on twitter and also for her good work looking after the foster kittys.

The 2nd one is a lovely rabbit shelter in Germany, which my pal @RettetKaninchen introduced me to. These guys provide a safe haven to abandoned, abused, and neglected domestic rabbits with the aim of placing them in a new furever home. As you all know I like to try to chase rabbits in the smelly field where I go for my daily walks ( don't worry I am too slow and a little blind now so I never ever get even close to catching one!) , so I thought I would be a good doggie and help the great people at this shelter help my little furry bunny pals. I hear that they are needing to fix a very leaky roof at the shelter so perhaps we can raise some funds to help with this.

So mai pals I am gonna have a great time at the dudefest this weekend I hope to see lots of you there. As for my health well things are doing ok at the moment, I have medication that I take every day to keep the pain away, and to help my liver cope with the medication that I have to take. I sleep a lot of the time, when I am not keeping an eye on the staff, because you know I have to keep them on their toes! All I know is that each and every day is a blessing and I hope to be around for a while yet to help save more less fortunate anipals.

One paw at a time mai pals

More Soon
Frugal Dougal 

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