Mai pals it is with great sadness that  I listened as the staff read an article that was in the Daily Mail today about how in the UK we have got really really good at not having lots of stray dogs running around the country. At first I thought this was a good thing and then the staff did explain that it is because all of the unwanted doggies ( and kittehs and other anipals) are being rounded up, kept for a maximum of a week and then "put to sleep".

I have been involved over the past year with lots of charities all over the world and often thought how good it was to have "no kill" shelters and charities which will not put any anipal to sleep under any circumstances. All the while I was thinking that was how most of the shelters and charities operated in the UK , after all we are meant to be a nation of animal lovers.

Then I find out that all we have got good at doing is making the pawblem go away by rounding up all the unwanted animals and basically KILLING  them, thus making us
a KILL when the pawblem gets too hard to handle nation.

I am ashamed.

I am not gonna take this lying down.

I am gonna do something about this.

I am gonna save more anipals.

What are you going to do to help me?

Much Much More Soon
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