Mai Pals I felt that I had to let you all know that the 'trap' we have set for the mousie that got in to the housie is a humane trap that does not harm the mousie. As you can see when the mousie goes in site to get the treat that is at the end of the trap, the little door closes so the mousie is caught and we can set him free outside.

I did not want any of you to be worried about the mousie, and just wanted to assure you that despite having Zack and Millie in my house as well as me the mouse will come to no harm.

This is Zack my brofur he is usually the one who brings the mousies in to the housie as pwesents, generally he is very gentle with them and simply does a little meow to let us all know that he has brought a new pal in to the house!

Below you can see my sisfur cat Millie, she looks a bit fierce in this picture but that is because she has just spotted Zack having some of her Nip!

I will be keeping an eye on the mousie trap and we will let you know as soon as we manage to get the little guy back outside where he belongs!

More Soon
Frugal Dougal
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