Mai Pals I felt that I had to let you all know that the 'trap' we have set for the mousie that got in to the housie is a humane trap that does not harm the mousie. As you can see when the mousie goes in site to get the treat that is at the end of the trap, the little door closes so the mousie is caught and we can set him free outside.

I did not want any of you to be worried about the mousie, and just wanted to assure you that despite having Zack and Millie in my house as well as me the mouse will come to no harm.

This is Zack my brofur he is usually the one who brings the mousies in to the housie as pwesents, generally he is very gentle with them and simply does a little meow to let us all know that he has brought a new pal in to the house!

Below you can see my sisfur cat Millie, she looks a bit fierce in this picture but that is because she has just spotted Zack having some of her Nip!

I will be keeping an eye on the mousie trap and we will let you know as soon as we manage to get the little guy back outside where he belongs!

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Frugal Dougal

Today is the day we are having an extra mini pawpawty for the charity which was selected at the BlogPaws Be the Change Session which the staff were at just over a week ago. The session was all about how everyone can do their little bit to help anipals and that is why some of us have been wearing some #Bethechange twibbons.(it is not a political thing more like a PAWlitical thing!!).

At the session the staff from @petfinder did tell the story of how Petfinder was set up by an ordinary couple who made a commitment to helping anipals.

Someone who is well known to the anipal community @yourdailycute staff explained how she came up with the idea of sharing all of the cute pictures and videos and how she was the mastermind behind SantapawsDrive which helped 6 shelters all over the world at christmas time. 

Dr V the staff of @Pawcurious explained how she did a blogathon to help a shelter and she did a blogpost once every hour for 24 hours, she even ate dog food to help raise funds!

At the session we did asked all of the people with blogs to help raise money for Pets Without Parents by joining in and posting the widget on their bloggy, and by making a post about how they were going to help #bethechange. The great result is that so far $1249 has been raised.

The staff did try to explain what a PawPawty was and what we do and she told all the people some of the funny things that we get up to. 
So we decided that it would be a good idea to invite all of the new ppl and their anipals to attend a special Blogpawty so they could see what it is all about.

Now I am expecting all of you pawty anipals to be on your best behaviour, and to help any new pals that you meet later today. But most of all I want you all to have some fun and celebrate what this community has achieved not just this week, but over the past year.
Hopefully we will all meet some new pals who will come and join us on the PawPawty adventure every month.

Vital Information
BlogPawty Starts at 7pm EDT and lasts for 6 Hours
We have full DJ and Full Barktending Schedule (details will be posted later today), thanks to @fergusthedog and @georgetheduck
We have over 25 Pwizes so we will have a quiz every 15 minutes, so get your paws ready for some fast and furious action.

The Theme is come as you are, so you can wear your #carniepawty outfit if you still have it on ( it might be a bit smelly though), or you #chickfest outfit if you are getting ready early for the main #pawpawty which is this weekend, or you can just come as you are, there is no pressure to dress up.

Just get ready to have some fun!

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Frugal Dougal

Hey gang, got some great news for all you Blogpaws, and PawPawty Animals

As part of our special event #bethechange on twitter and animal blogs this week, to help Pets Without Parents in Columbus Ohio, we have a great giveaway donated by the guys at Bissell.

The Bissell guys are at America's Family Pet Expo in California this weekend and they will be giving away some fantastic items at the event, including a SpotBot Pet, and the great news is that you all can have a chance to get your paws on right here on line!

All you have to do is make a comment on this blog post telling us why you need to win....... you can be as creative and funny as you like with your answers.  You have a few days to get your thinking caps on as the competition is open until Thursday 21st April at 1am EST.

Remember to leave us some contact details, your blog name, your twitter name, or your facebookID so that we can contact you if you are the lucky winner.

The winner will be announced on Friday 23rd April.

We can only ship the pwize to the USA or Canada, but if you are in another country you could still enter the competition and if you win you could donate the SpotBot Pet to one of your USA or Canadian pals.

If you have never been to a virtual pawty on line well we are having a special #blogpawty on April 21st starting at 7pm EDT, why not come along. You will meet lots of new pals, get the chance to win lots of great pwizes, and be a part of the most amazing on line community, the anipals!! 

So come on what are you waiting fur....get those paws busy!! 

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Frugal Dougal
                                                        Photo Brad Smith Photography

Well mai pals what a great week this has been.... this time last Thursday staff No1 (mum) was on an aeroplane somewhere close to Atlanta USA. She was just about to find out that she had actually messed up the booking for her onward trip to Blogpaws in Columbus Ohio.... and had actually booked herself to go to Columbus Georgia.

Much panic and some charging up and down the many terminals at Atlanta airport ensued. You actually have to get in to a train to travel between the different terminals at Atlanta  and they have possibly the most unfriendly signage in the world.. if you have been you will know what we mean!

So after some frantic phone calls and parting of some additional cash about two hours later the staff  No1 was on her way to the correct Columbus, minus her bag as this had already been loaded on the wrong plane.
Finally arriving at Columbus at about midnight, she expected to go straight to bed, but was over the moon to discover that one of her twitter pals, of Shorty Award Fame @bztat was still awake doing some last minute prep for the next day. A few beers later they had put the world to right and were both more relaxed and ready for a kip ( sleep to all my US pals!)

Next day the bag had still not arrived and there was no sign of if ever getting there so obviously some essential purchases where required! Namely knickers (panties to my US pals). Now what she got, I have to say are definitely more Bridget Jones than Victoria's Secret, I could happily make a three dog tent from one pair.

So my Be the Change Part 1 is to always make sure that you have a spare pair of knickers ( or panties) and if you are fortunate enough to be carrying a spare pair at all times... consider donating even $6.99 (cheap knicker cost from CVS...3 pairs)  to a charity and shelter.

It was not the end of the world that the staff did not have her bags, but a $6.99 (or less) donation to a charity or shelter could help change the world for one animal.

Seriously folks it is not all about money, sometimes it is your time, your creativity, your voice, your technical skills, that can and will help make a difference.

I though it before and now I know it, together we can make the world a better place...and it all starts with one little step.

Tune in soon to find out
When did the bag turn up?
What happened to the Bridget Jones Knickers?

How you can have some fun at the special #blogpawty on the 21st April and continue to help us be the change.

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Frugal Dougal

Well mai pals the staff have just about recovered from #blogpaws it really was a wonderful event and we can't wait to hear when the next one is. The staff are missing all of the staff that they met, it was truly inspirational to meet with friends that they had only previously tweeted with, and of course to meet a whole new bunch of pals.

Now that they have got through all of the unpacking and stuff they realised that there was a package for me!! I was so so excited to see what was inside as I knew it was from mai pal @puppyaguineapig who makes lovely charms.

Puppy's staff made me a  special collar charm with Petalite, Appatite and Turquoise to provide some healing for me and hopefully keep me healthy for a good while longer. As you can see it is really beautiful and you can bet I will be wearing it every day.

With the gift there was a beautiful card with some lovely words on it, the staff read it to me and I think the words sum up some of what we were trying to explain to people at the Blogpaws #bethechange session so I wanted to share them with you.

" I am much more than I think I am,
I can be much more even than that,
I can influence my environment,
The people,
I can influence the future,
I am responsible for all those things,
I and the surround are not separate,
They're part of one,
I am connected to it all,
I am not alone."
                                                     ....William Tiller  

I will keep these words in my heart  and try to remember them when I am maybe having a bad day, or things feel difficult, and I would ask that you do the same when you are thinking of what you can do to #bethechange.

Thanks Puppy for such a wonderful gift and your inspirational words.

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Frugal Dougal
Mai pals

What a great time the staff had at Blogpaws it was such an exciting event with lots of fantastic speakers and sessions, I can't wait to hear all the staff's new ideas for implementing better blogging, as you all know they have been pretty hit and miss with the whole blogging thing!

I am expecting a full debrief when they recover from the jet lag, but in the meantime I wanted to let you all know that as part of the panel that we did with @petfinder  @yourdailycute and @pawcurious we selected a shelter to have a special event for so we will be having a #blogpawty on the 21st April, running from 7pm EDT to 22nd April 1am EDT, you can check out the twtvite for more info!

Be sure to let us know if you can make it, we would love to see all our pals old and new at the event.

We want to give some of our new pals a chance to take part so if anyone wants to be a DJ then please get in touch with @fergusthedog, Barktender please get in touch with @georgetheduck, or quizmaster then please get in touch with me.

The shelter who will benefit from the funds raised at the event are the guys at  Pets without Parents they are a great organisation and we are excited to be able to help them raise much needed funds.

We already have a huge stash of pwizes for this event!!  One of our great pals who has been a supporter of the #PawPawty events right from the start @petcarebev, gave us so much swag that the staff were worried about excess baggage!

The talented @aboutvetmed lady donated some gorgeous bead charms and @amazoncares donated some trendy mouse mats, t-shirts, and calendars.

We also have a  DeLuxe de shedding tool from @furminator_inc to give away as well as an extra special soon to be revealed blog design pwize from @designcoyote.

All I can say is it is a good job that the staff's suitcase did turn up so we could fill it with all the goodies that our pals donated.

So be sure to keep watching for updates about the event and come along and join in the fun.

More Soon

Frugal Dougal
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