Well mai pals another month has almost passed since the last PawPawty. I hope you are all having a lovely summer time. We have had some really hot weather but cause it is England of course it always has to rain and as I help da staff get ready for da pawpawty it is pouring wif rain outside.  I say never mind cause whatever da weather you can come along to the Pawpawty next weekend where the theme is 60's Beach Pawty. I am sure there will be lots of fun and games as usual and of course we will be helping another great charity.

This month we will be helping a great new charity in the UK who are doing some fantastic work with dogs and people! Medical Detection Dogs are helping people who have life threatening health conditions by training dogs who can sense changes in their conditions using their amazing sense of smell. They also have some special doggies who can smell when a person is suffering from cancer and these doggies are helping to provide an early warning so poorly people can be treated faster. You can follow them on twitter too, they are @cancerdogs

I know how special we all are to our hoomans so I am very happy that we are helping a charity that helps train these special animals.

This Month's Nominations

As always I wish we could help every charity or shelter who gets nominated, this month we had the following nominations.

Humane Society of Polk County  nominated by @Unchat

Greater Miami Shelter  nominated by @maebellepup

Australian Cattle Dog Rescue nominated by Rob

Medical Detection Dogs nominated by @wildpaw and @goldenceaser

Terrier Rescue nominated by @marleyterrier and @TerenceT

D'Arcy's Arc nominated by @petiethecat

National Canine Cancer Foundation nominated by @midgethemutt

Perhaps you can have a look at their websites, you never know one of them might be right around the corner from you and maybe you could go help them out by volunteering or donating some old pet items or a few tins of pet food. Every little thing really does help save lives mai pals.

I hope to see you all at the PawPawty next weekend, have a fun week and make sure you have your costumes ready for the beach! I'm off to dust off my umberella so me and Ozzy can go for a wet walk!

More Soon
Well mai pals it is almost time for the Royal wedding PawPawty and we have been very busy getting all of the prizes and schedule organised.

We have a lot of lovely Royal Wedding commemorative gifts to win as well as some special pieces from the wedding of Charles and Diana, the last really big Royal Event.

But do not fear if you cannot attend the PawPawty this weekend then you can still win some Royal Wedding Goodies.

Take a look at this little lot a right old Royal Bundle which you could be in with a chance of winning.

Kate and Wills Spoon Rest

OK Magazine Royal Wedding Edition 
Wedgwood blue jasperware 4" dish commemorating the July 1981 Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana

Kate and Wills Caricature Tea Towel 

All you have to do is tell post a comment on this blog telling us what name you would give to a Royal Dog or Royal Cat. ( we have no idea if they will be having royal pets but we can pretend!)

We will pick a winner at random and you can enter right up until the day after the Royal Wedding. So get your thinking caps on.

See you all Soon
Frugal Dougal

Thanks to @daneray for donating the lovely Wedgewood Dish!
Mai Pals so sorry it has taken us so long to get details of this month's PawPawty published I blame the staff! However as some of you may know we are moving house so I guess they have had a few things to organise.

They tell me the new house has some fields of our very own with a river, I have not been there yet but little Ozzy McDougal has visited and he says it is fab. We will be all moved in the next few weeks so I hope to have lots of new pictures and stories to share with you all.

Anyhow enough about me! On to the Royal Wedding PawPawty!

This month the shelter selected to have a PawPawty in their honour is the  Animal House Shelter in Huntley Illinois USA.

Animal House Shelter, Inc rescues abused and neglected dogs and cats and rehabilitates them mentally & physically in order to place them with the best new family.They rescue 98% of our dogs from high ‘kill’ shelters, pounds and various animal control facilities in which they are usually listed as strays, and almost always scheduled to be euthanized.

The best possible veterinary care is always given to those at Animal House Shelter.They never decline treatment, whatever it may entail, if it means that the animal has a chance at a new and healthy life.

They strive to go above and beyond when caring for and socializing our animals. They understand the importance of getting to know each and every animal available for adoption in an effort to place them in the most perfect home possible. All dogs are walked 4-5 times a day and socialized with each other and volunteers. The cats are housed in a large ‘free roam’ cat room so they can socialize all day with each other, staff, volunteers and potential adopter.

We hope that we can raise some funds for this great organisation as well as having some fun in the run up to the Royal Wedding of Kate and Wills!  We have some great Royal Wedding prizes for your humans ! as well as lots of prizes for mai anipals!


We had a lot of nominations this month from all over the world and I really wish that we could help each and every one of the organisations nominated.  Thank you so much to all of you who have taken the time to nominate a shelter. We select the shelter to benefit at random as there really is no other way to make such a hard choice. You can nominate your shelter or organisation on the PawPawty site.

Please take a minute to have a look at the nominations. Who knows they may be in your local area and maybe there is something you could do to help them. Perhaps donating some of your time or maybe some unwanted pet items. Shelters all over the world need our help.

Cat Shelter Zenka in Serbia, Belgrade nominated by Ljubica

Fairfield County Cares in Ohio USA nominated by @care2hope

INKAS Ivins No Kill Animal Supporters in USA nominated by  @INKAS4pets

Dogs in Brazil  in Brazil nominated @emmydib

Craig Street Cats in Winnipeg Canada nominated by Linda

Tiger World in Rockwell NC USA nominated by @tigerworld

North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue in Charlotte USA nominated by @citygirl9817

Mayo Cat Rescue in Ireland nominated by @MayoCatRescue

Old Dog Haven in Lake Stevens WA, USA nominated by @selkie319

Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary in St Paul NC, USA nominated by @selkie319

Papillion Rescue in Marietta GA, USA nominated by @strongirl41

Redlands Animal Shelter in Redlands CA, USA nominated by @cassar11

Romanian League in Defence of Animals in Romania nominated by ammahew

Irving House Animal Sanctuary in New York, USA nominated by @irvinghouse

Rainbow Animal Rescue in Norfolk Virginia, USA nominated by Ester

Bone Cancer Dogs in New Jersey, USA nominated by @rottnred

Heaven Can Wait Animal Society in Las Vegas, USA nominated by @grizzlythepup

ARF foundation in Walnut Creek California, USA nominated by Powellregina

Animal House Shelter in Huntley IL, USA nominated by @HuntleyAHS, @klyon68

Animal Protection Society Albox in Spain nominated by dgcundy

DreamRescue in Atlanta, USA nominated by @srdoxiesmom, @barkelina, @vikkilong

Almost Home Foundation in Elk Grove Village IL, USA nominated by @TrixieLilySammy

Kindness Ranch in Hartville WY, USA nominated by @gin2772

911RUFFORG in Walton Beach, Florida nominated by @sadlovelyheart

SPCA Cantebury  in Christchurch New Zealand nominated by @emmythecat

Second Chance Pet Adoption in Illinois, USA nominated by Second Chance

Woodlands Animal Sanctuary in Lancashire UK nominated by @ladygreydina

Small Paw Rescue in Oklahoma, USA nominated by @PetCareBev & @FlatTyler

A Call for Paws in New Jersey, USA nominated by @CathyKeisha

PDSA in UK, nominated by @MrPie

CandyFloss Animal Sanctuary in Ireland nominated by @henryandfriends

Guardian Angel Basset Rescue in Dwight, IL USA nominated by @GABR_Bassets

MADAT in Tenerife nominated by @tenerifedogs

Concerned Citizens For Animals in Spartanburg, SC USA nominated by @JennyMariePhoto

Green Pets America in Georgia, USA nominated by @javathecat

Thanks again for all your support for the PawPawty Events.

See you all soon mai pals
Frugal Dougal

Can you imagine if someone came to your house and said that they were going to take your dog away because of how he or she looked? How about if they kept your family pet in a concrete pen for 11 months and did not allow you or your family to visit him? You had no idea of how he was being treated, apart from a photograph in which your dog is sitting in sawdust with no visible signs of toys or even a bed to sleep on.

And then what if a judge ruled that after all of this time your dog was to be destroyed.

It is hard to imagine how you might feel, heartbroken, angry, frustrated and utterly sick to your stomach, well this is exactly the situation that a family from Northern Ireland find themselves in today. On Tuesday this week all of twitter held it's breath for the update from @savelennox who had been in court to receive the sickening news that their boy Lennox who is a cross between an American Bull Dog a Pedigree Staffordshire Bull Terrier and a Labrador has been sentenced to death.

All of this is because he was declared a "Pit Bull Type" by the Belfast City Council dog wardens. This is as a direct result of the flawed Breed Specific Legislation.

In the mainland Great Britain, four breeds are currently subject to BSL under the Dangerous Dogs Act (DDA):

The Japanese Tosa
The Pit Bull Terrier
The Dogo Argentino
Fila Braziliero

However, also be aware that 'types' of these dogs are also affected. This means that your dog doesn't have to be a Pit Bull or Tosa to be subject to the DDA: it simply has display physical and behavioural characteristics similar to those displayed in breeds covered by the act.

The current legislation does nothing to protect an honest dog owner who takes all of the steps necessary to comply with exemption conditions ( which do not apply in Northern Ireland).

Lennox is Micro chipped, Neutered, DNA Registered, Pet Safe Registered, Insured and Licensed every year with the Council. Lennox's owners have taken all of these steps and yet their boy was taken.

Lennox has never harmed anyone, he is looked after by a responsible loving family, he could be your dog or mine. He has been away from his family for almost a year. 

He should not be destroyed because this is all wrong.

Of course the council will want to show that they have been acting within the law and that all they are doing is simply 'following orders' but what ever happened to common sense? Why spend thousands of pounds creating a case against a dog who is so clearly loved by his family and now his case is supported and being watched all over the world. Why deliver a death sentence on a dog who has NEVER harmed anyone.

Imagine if you were a happy dog enjoying life with your family and then one day some people you did not know came to your house, appeared friendly and then took you away from everything and everyone you had ever known. I can not begin to imagine what Lennox must be going through.

The family are trying to get even more support and media attention to highlight their case and are gaining a huge following on twitter and facebook. An On line petition has over 25,000 signatures , you can show your support here. Time may be running out for Lennox so please take action today.

As a further show of support I would like to invite any bloggers to join this Blog Hop to show their support for Lennox.

All you have to do is write a blogpost showing your support for Lennox and link it to this blog. If you already have a blog post about Lennox then simply link it as well. Show the world the massive support that Lennox and his family have.

The animal community across the world is very powerful and has a voice , we have helped thousands of less fortunate animals with out fundraising efforts.

Now is the time to raise a paw in support of one lonely dog who needs to be reunited with his family, not sentenced to death.


Mai pals 

Imagine if these were your dogs 
Imagine if this was what your street looked like
Imagine if you were no longer around to look after your pets

This video shows two dogs, in amongst the rubble, one is injured and the other refuses to leave his side, when a film crew happened to find them.

It is hard for us to imagine waking up one morning and within 24 hours have our whole life change. The extent of the destruction and devastation in Japan is still emerging and each day brings sad stories to our screens across the world. But we also see stories of hope like the one with the dogs above who were rescued and are now safe and being looked after.

Imagine if you where this dog owner who happens to live near the quake-damaged Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant having to have yourself and your dog scanned for possible radiation.

A Japanese girl, isolated due to radiation, greets her dog through a window.

Or this girl who is being isolated to try to to stop the spread of radioactive material being greeted by her dog.

Imagine if we lived in a world where no one cared

For the past two years the anipal community have come together on twitter to help anipals less fortunate then themselves. We have helped animal rescue across the world and made sure that animals in disaster areas are not forgotten. 

Today of the 2nd anniversary of the PawPawty I urge you spare what you can to help World Vets who are an organisation from the USA who are already in Japan. They are working with local rescues centres and organisations to coordinate resources. You can make a donation using the widget on the right or directly here

I am proud to be part of a worldwide community who do care and who have, time and time again responded to a plea for help from their fellow man.  

So I raise a glass of Bacon Beer to you all to say thanks to each and everyone of you. 

Without your constant help and support the world would be a place that I would not want to imagine.

Mai pals I know that lots of you have been watching the terrible events in Japan unfold over the past few days and feeling like me that you want to help in some way. This is a shocking video which shows the extent of the devastation in the region.

I had a little word with the staff and also the guys at Blogpaws  Be The Change For Pets who came up with a great organisation World Vets who we can all help support who will ensure that aid goes to animal relief that will be so desperately needed over the coming days, weeks and months.

You can get lots more info on the Paws for Japan events here and see exactly what World Vets are doing here.

So this year instead of celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the PawPawty on St Patrick's day 17th March with a pawty we will be supporting a day long  Paws for Japan event which will take the form of blogging, tweeting and facebooking to raise awareness of the work carried out by World Vets.

So wear your St Pawtrick's day outfit with pride but also please consider donating to this worthy event which will help the anipals in Japan. We all know that animals play a large part in the healing process after any kind of stressful event so right now the anipals and the people of Japan need all of the help they can get.

How you can Help

1. Grab the badge(s).you can find the code you need here

Paws for Japan

2. On March 17th, post, tweet, or share on Facebook about the World Vets effort for animal relief in Japan. Be as creative as you wish in promoting the cause!

3. We will create a blog hop using Linky Tools. Please add your blog link.

4. You can also add the World Vets Chip in Widget to your blog or website the info you need is here.

We really hope that the anipal community will come together once again on the 17th to show the world the extent of PawPower!

Mai pals thank you all so much for your support of the special Westminster Dog's Show PawPawty last night. It was a 1st for us doing a Tweet-A-Long so we were all so pleased so many of you managed to make it.

Special thanks to the Shibbering Cheetos for kicking off in style and getting us all in the mood to watch the show. I think we have a reporter in the making with Cosmohavanese who managed to get some exclusive photos and he was a great commentator telling all of us who could not watch exactly what was happening!

We had a few little competitions throughout the event so thanks to prize sponsors @i_am_fuzzy, @mizzbassie, @barkworldexpo, @maggieTkat and @pedigreeUS.

We had some fun with some of our own competitions for Best of Pictures and in case you missed it here were the winners.

Best Dog in the Bath or Shower  Winner  Airbeardie 

Best Dog at Dinner Winner BusyButtons

Best Cute Puppy
Joint Winners Flicka47 

Best Cute Puppy
Joint Winners WrigleySchnauzer

Best Agility Dog Winner TildaToo

Best Bossy Cat Winner Gabby

Best Cat in a Hat @PandaFur

Best Dog in Snow Winner @acavaliersvoice

Best Cat Climber WInner @cathykeisha

Best Sleeping Cat Winner @pumpkinpuddy

Thanks to all who took part in the fun competitions we have a few caps left over so we will use them as pwizes at the next PawPawty

Finally mai pals we are waiting for the totals from @pedigreeUS so we can tell you how many dollars they will be able to send off to @saveapetil so keep your eyes peeled for the announcement sometime soon.

Mai Pals I do hope you can join us tomorrow night between 7pm and Midnight EasternTime when we will be having a Tweet-A-Long viewing pawty for the Westminster Dog Show.  We have lots of fun and games and prizes to be won as we will be having out very own best of competitions.

We know that lots of you will be watching the show live today and tomorrow and we are very excited to be having our Tweet-A-Long during the The Sporting, Working, Terrier, and Best In Show competition which will be televised live Tuesday on USA Network from 8-11 PM ET.

Thanks to PedigreeUS we will also be raising funds at this event for Save a Pet Illinois and for every one we see tweet with the hashtag #WKCpawpawty Pedigree will donate 1$ to Save A Pet, so at this event we don't need you to donate anything more than a tweet! So while we are watching all of those lovely pure breed pooches we will also be helping some of the less fortunate anipals who are in a shelter still waiting to find their forever homes.

We will kick off the event an hour before the televised show starts so that we can all be sitting comfortably waiting for the event and finish an hour after so that we can have some fun tweeting the about the show.

The famous Shibbering Cheetos twitter band will be entertaining us for the 1st hour so be sure to pop in and have a dance before we settle down for the viewing pawty!

We will be running a few competitions at the event and the Quiz Schedule will be published on the PawPawty site later today. You can also be in with a chance of winning a great Pedigree Dog's Rule pwize by entering a picture of your furry friends in one of our categories below so get your pictures ready and be sure to tweet a link to your pic when we when we ask for the pictures!

We are also having a potluck TV dinner so be sure to post pics of what you and your pooch or kitteh are munching as you Watch-A-Long, there might even be a pwize for the best Nom Nom Nom Nom's!!

The Spot Pwize Pic Categories

Best Dog in the Bath/ Shower
Best Dog at Dinner
Best Cute Puppy
Best Agility Dog
Best Sleeping Cat
Best Dogs at Play
Best Dogs with Pals ( dogs with any other anipal)
Best Cat in Hat
Best Dog on a Beach
Best Dog in the Snow
Best Bossy Cat
Best Nommed Dog Toy
Best Cat Climber

Keep your eyes open for more updates tomorrow and we hope to see you all there!

More Soon
Well mai pals it is so close to Valentines day that we thought we simply must have a love theme for this month's event. So mai pal @javathecat suggested Love is in the Air, which is a great theme for a very special event.

I know that a lot of you have been very concerned about how the animals in Australia have been coping with the awful flooding and cyclone and now bush fires so I wanted us to be able to find a way that we could help one of the shelters over in Australia. So I had a chat with mai pal @pepismartdog and he told me that the Animal Welfare League in Queensland would be a great organisation for us to support as they have been working so hard over the past few weeks to try to help all of the animals caught up in the floods.You can read more about how they have been helping anipals over the past few weeks here.

So at the Love is in the Air #pawpawty we will be raising funds for @AWLQ, but that is only half the story because thanks to our pals @pedigreeUS we are able to help out TWO shelters this month!!

This month's shelter drawn at random is Save A Pet  GraySlake, Illinois, a great organisation who are currently responsible for the over 500 animals who may have been the subject of abuse, neglect, loss or relinquishment.  On a daily basis, Save-A-Pet faces two basic challenges rescue and education. The rescue cycle includes the process and costs of intake, vaccinations, surgeries (i.e., spay/neuter), prescription food, preventative medications, chronic illness medications (i.e., for FIV, heart murmurs, allergies, IBD, arthritis, etc.), and the emotional healing of the residents. The educational cycle includes the process and costs of rehabilitating the residents before and after adoption, as well as the costs for training adopters in preventative care and solving behavioral problems. You can read more about this great organisation on their site.

Thanks to the guys at @pedigreeUS every donation made to the Australian anipals at the #pawpawty will be matched by Pedigree who will donate the equivalent funds to Save A Pet.

Yep that's right for every $1 donated at the #pawpawty another $1 will be donated to  Save A Pet  GraySlake, Illinois.

Westminster Viewing Pawty
As if that is not enough  @pedigreeUS  will also donate an extra dollar to Save A Pet  for every anipal/person who attends an extra special event which will be held on the 15th Feb which is a special viewing / watch along party for those of you who will be tuning into the Westminster Dog Show. You can find out more about the Westminster Viewing Pawty here and we will post more details over the next few days!

So there really is a lot of Love in the Air this month, just imagine how much difference we can make to the anipals who need help in two countries.

Nominations Received for this Month's PawPawty Event
Thank you all so much for your nominations for a PawPawty Even remember you can nominate your shelter more than once and every nomination goes into the draw.

We do a random draw as there really is no other way to select the recipient, each of the shelters, charities or organisations listed below are all very deserving and I wish that we could help them all.

Guardian Angel Basset Rescue  Dwight Illinois, USA  nominated by @GABR_Bassets

MADAT  Tenerife nominated by @tenerifedogs

Concerned Citizens For Animals Spartanburg South Carolina, USA nominated by @JennyMariePhoto

ASPA Spain nominated by many non twitter friends of the shelter

Green Pets America  Woodstock, Georgia, USA nominated by @javathecat

North County Humane Society Atascadero,California, USA nominated by @flicka47

Castaway Critters  Blairsville Georgia USA nominated by @snowiewestie

Canine Cancer Foundation USA nominated by @midgethemutt

Avalon Guinea Pig Rescue Nottingham UK, nominated by @cassyandco

Helen Woodward Animal Center  Santa Fe, California , USA nominated by @perrythebirman

Thornberry Animal Sanctuary Sheffield ,UK nominated by @poppy_dog

NorCal GSP Rescue Menlo Park California, USA nominated by @norcalgsp

Bath Cats & Dogs Home, Bath UK, nominated by @marleyterrier 

Please also remember that if you shelter or charity is in the USA and helps cats or cats and dogs then you should also nominate them every month on @romeothecat 's website as he has a furpower challenge every month so it is another chance for your shelter to be in with a chance of receiving much needed funds.

Hope to see you all at the PawPawty this weekend.

More Soon
Frugal Dougal
Picture Painted by my dear pal @bztat

Mai pals a change from the usual twitter tributes just to be a little different  this month, so we are remembering our pals on the blog.

Tribute from @cjdoggirl PepiSmartDog - the dudiest dudedog of them all. A hero to anipals everywhere! We'll miss you forever Pepi!

Tribute from @smokeypoodle to @smokeythedog Today is 1 year since he went #OTRB. :-( always in our thoughts

Tribute from @smokeypoodle to @SwtGeorgiaBrwn almost a year since she went #OTRB, Loving wishes to her mom

Shoofly, sweet cousin of Honeybell @wildboutbirds fought a brave battle with cancer but passed over the bridge, sadly missed by all

Iniki the cat, @angelicinsights older kitty made the journey to the bridge, veru much surrounded by love always

Our pal @Mulder_Cat is at the Bridge after a brave and courageous fight with cancer,much love to @scully_cat and @staffpurrson

 @CuteKittyWillie has passed to the bridge. He was loved by everyone who knew him, and will be missed by all his family

Tribute to one of mai 1st twitter pals Woody @pixies_mum 's boy who went to the bridge and is sadly missed by all of his family

 @duchesscrabtree very much misses her pal @sydneyaquino who passed over the bridge, until we meet again mai pal

The biggest furry of them all @CaplinRous suddenly went to the bridge  a super star who will always shine bright #dudefest

Until we all meet again mai pals, you will be in our hearts always and furever.

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