I am not sure if you guys remember when mum 1st met the Save This Pup guys, it was way back at the 1st Blogpaws. The guys have come up with a great idea to let people (who can't actually give a home to a shelter pet) sponsor a pet who is in a shelter until they find their forever home.

We think it is a great idea for people who cannot give a home to a shelter animal because of where they live, or maybe just because they already have lots of pets. When they met last time the staff did a very funny video to try to help the guys get on the Ellen Show, I think maybe they had one or two barkeritas before the video was shot.

This time they had a fun tweetup and met some great new pals! Oh and they promised to show up somewhere special wearing the Save this Pup T shirt.

Any idea where the are yet? Looks like they are looking for something?

 what is that thing behind her, is it smoke? is it steam? have to say that is one Hot T-Shirt

Now then that is one Hot Geyser - Old Faithful at YellowStone National Park 

Lots of people at Yellowstone saw the staff wearing the shirt so we hope that they have done another little bit to spread the news about Save this Pup and their mission. By the way they have a great competition at the moment, you can be in with a chance of winning a full years exposure for your blog just by making a $10 donation all the details are on their site so check it out!

More T-Shirt Wearing soon!
When the staff were at Blogpaws they met so many great people who care about animals, it really was an inspirational event in so many many ways. Pals old and new got to meet in the flesh or fur.

The staff made a promise that if they got a T-Shirt from anyone at the event that mum would wear it on part of the extended visit to the USA. The first guys to give her a T-shirt with possibly the brightest shirt where the guys behind the new and exciting Help Joey initiative. These guys presented a bright orange shirt and explained that their mission is to quite bluntly stop anipals having sex! This is a new take on the please spay and neuter your pet message that we have all been hearing about for years and years so it is kinda cool to see some guys saying it like it really is and we wish them great success with this fun and slightly tongue in cheek approach to the age old problem of reducing the unwanted pet population.

So without further ado here is mum as promised wearing the great bright orange shirt!! whilst fly fishing at Big Sky Montana!

They all had great fun wading through the Gallatin River in Montana and even caught a few small rainbow trout!

Great news is that if you want a chance of winning a Help Joey T Shirt the guys gave the staff a whole bunch that we will be giving away at the next PawPawty events. Who knows the guys may even show up at the next event.

Watch out for more T-Shirt wearing antics soon.
Mai pals thank you all so much for the special Happy Birthday wishes you have all sent me today, it is actually my birthday in June but I think mum mixed up the dates on the facebook thing!! You know how rubbish she is on facebook but I will let her off because she is generally very good on technical things!

Then again maybe I am a bit like the Queen of England who has two birthdays. One is her official birthday and the other one is a special holiday celebration day, typically in summer when the weather is better so the whole country can celebrate.

What ever the reason I am very lucky to have more than one birthday and would you believe that today was even more special because mum came home with a package which was at the post office waiting for us.

When she opened it she had to go and get a tissue for her leaky eyes, at first I thought it was something bad, but she read me the words that some of mai pals had written and I understood why she went all leaky in the eye department.

Inside the package was the most beautiful painting of me by the talented @zaziart as you can see I am wearing my favourite red bandanna!

So I say a huge big thank you to mai pals @pepismartdog @jazzydacat @zaziart @smokey8 @holliecatrocks @mouseholecat @mattiedog @mariodacat @maggietkat @danapixie and @henryandfriends for this beautiful portrait and your lovely words.

Mai pals called me the Pawty King so I think it is kind of fitting that we had my 'extra birthday' today when this lovely gift arrived. You guys are the best pals in the world and your continued love and support is an inspiration to me. I am richer than any king could ever be just for knowing you all.

We will treasure it forever, and it is a pleasure to know all of you and to call you Mai Pals!

More Soon
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