What a busy week I have had, so many new anipals to say hello to and new donations for the #pawty this weekend.

Fantastic Pwizes
Just take a look at these special cinco de mayo pwizes being donated by @rockumsockum they are fantastic little Puppy Pinata we have 4 of these up for grabs.

Some other great pwizes on offer 

@petiethecat  2 anipal specific pwizes
@morriscat 4 Plague Rats
@Laineyspawtique 5 pwizes in total, some kittey magnets and some cookies
@mozartdane 2 sets of magnets 1 doggie set and 1 kitty set
@theotigsy - a toy or treat from @just4pets
@emmythecat - pwizes for paws wall competitions
@pandafur is also donating 2 pwizes for paws walls competitions

Some other pals who are donating, details will be confirmed very soon 

We have a totally fantastic pwize which is has been organised by @cosmohavanese who saw these really nifty Memory Clocks – featuring anipal friends – at an agility trial he attended recently. He thought all his twitter anipals would really like these too, so he arranged to have one donated for a special prize at the Cinco De Mayo #pawpawty. Thanks to @2pugmom, the talented artist behind these clocks you can see more details here at her website.


We also have some extra special pwizes from @henryandfriends who will be sharing some exciting news and some competitions about Margaret Green Animal Rescue the charity we are dedicating the #pawpawty to. More news coming soon.

Without you guys donating pwizes we would not be able to have such a fab pawty, so a big High Paws to you all.

Remember to Follow
Now one thing to remember is that you need to be following the anipals above as they may be asking the competition questions for the pwizes and as you need to DM the answers please follow them now so that they can follow you back before the pawty you all know how fast things happen at the pawty so you don't want to miss out!

Young Uns
Remember we have lots of cool stuff set up in the Safe Play Barn 
* Play Ball Pool
* Pedal cars/vehicles/burros
* Bouncy castillo
* Velcro wall
* Mexican themed Teddy Bears Picnic
* Non alcoholic drinks
* Siesta zone

So bring your young friends and family. The more the merrier

Charity Donations
Thank you all so much for your donations to the #pawpawty charity so far remember every little helps it really does so please if you can donate here If you have not got a credit card you can mail a cheque direct to the charity the address is Margaret Green Animal Rescue, Church Knowle, Wareham, Dorset,BH20 5NQ, UK.

More Soon 
Frugal Dougal 

You voted and here it is... the next #pawpawty is going to be held on the 2nd and 3rd of May yep that is this weekend. We will start at 19:00DST UK, 11:00PDT, 14:00EDT, 06:00NZST, and yes it will be for 24 hours.

You can check the start times on the World Clock

Despite the terrible news about swine flu we will still have a cinco de mayo mexican celebration theme to show our support for all of our pals in Mexico who will not be able to join in the celebrations, and for all the other countries who have since been troubled by this horrible virus.

Dress Code
Which means we will all need sombreros, feathers ,flowers and all girlies please remember all dresses must be frilly. The gorgeous @emmythecat will be doing another paws wall and some competitions so make sure you have your pawty outfits on have updated your twitter profile picture and have responded to the twtvite invitation so emmy can get your pretty picture.

We have managed to book an exclusive new virtual location for our fiesta, its a Critter Ranch where all anipals are welcome. There is a huge outdoor arena with space for a little Mexican Rodeo fun. The hot tubs are outside as well next to the swimming pool so you can take a well earned break from dancing. Speaking of dancing we will be having a salsa dancing competition which will be held in the big red barn. Inside there are three bars two of them will have great sounds playing from some of our well known DJ's, I think there will be some cat scratch poles in one of the bars. The third bar is a relaxing chill out room with huge sofas to lounge on and tasty nibbles to tickle your taste buds.

Oh yes and there will be a 24 hour banquet in the Green Barn serving all of your favourite pawty treats, tuna tacos, beef burritos, honey tortillas, carrot chimichangas, cheerio enchiladas and lots of hot hot hot sauce if that is what you. If you want to bring a party platter along to share with your anipals just drop it on the banqueting tables in the Green Barn.

Tequila, kahlua Corona and Sol Beer will be the order of the day, as well as all of the usual niptinis and barkeritas.  

While we are having fun at the Ranch we will also be raising funds for a great animal shelter in the UK. Please donate what you can to help us reach our goal, you can donate here 
We already have a quite a few pwizes on offer including some great things from @laineyspawtique,

and more donations are coming in every day, if you want to donate a pwize please contact @frugaldougal.

Cool Tunes
We are having a DJ schedule arranged by the wonderful @fergusthedog and @cosmohavanese so contact those guys if you wanna play some songs for your pals at the #pawpawty.

We also need bar tenders so if you want to shake a few cocktails then please contact @frugaldougal.

If you want to host part of the pawty and run some of the competitions just let me know, you all know how much of a pawty anipal I am but even I need some naps!

I will be updating the blog over the next few days as we get clear about the schedule so please keep watching for updates.

More Soon

Frugal Dougal
Buzz and Woody are  famous you know look how well they take direction on a recent photo shoot 
I think they like to share everything 
So on my twitter travels I have met some more lovely pups that are right on my door step well if I get on a train and go south of London to Surrey which is a lovely place. As you can see they are both Schnauzers Woody is a standard boy and Buzz is a giant girl

Buzz (lady) and Woody (gentledog) are very good friends of mine, and I usually get to hear about what they are up to from their furmum @pixies_mum who tells me all the exciting stuff they do. They go to doggie day care where they get to play with lots of lovely doggie pals.

Buzz and Woody's favourite place 
Beach or Woods 

Buzz and Woody Love
Buzz loves squirrels, rabbits, bucks and her favourite is cheese
Woody loves chicken, sausage and squirrels
Both love being pampered and baths  

Buzz and Woody Hate 
Buzz hates wimps, squirrels and army guys hiding in the woods
Woody hates water(even puddles!) 

Buzz and Woody's Favourite Film

Buzz and Woody's favourite Song 
You've got a friend in me from Toy Story 

If Buzz was a celebrity she would be Angelina Jolie aka Laura Croft a fearless adventurer who is stylish and good with children..lots of them
If Woody was a celebrity he would be Tom Cruise, short but kinda stylish with a great looking wife who is getting to be more famous than him.

If you want to find out more about what they get up to and to be pals with a lovely lady then you should follow @pixies_mum 

On the twitbox thing I have made so many friends, from all around the world, but on my first feature of my twitter pals I would like to introduce you to one of my pals from right here in the UK.

Say hello to @Poppy_dog she is the lovely lady on the right, Poppy is a black and silver minature schnauzer she lives with her folks in Nottinghamshire in England. She has lots of doggie friends to play with.

Poppy Loves
Laying on the sofa with her mum

Poppy Hates
Being Groomed

Favourite Films

Favourite Place

If Poppy_Dog was a celebrity she would be Grace Kelly, because she is elegant, charming and very very pretty.

I will be sharing some more of my friends with you soon.

Frugal Dougal
Zack enjoys his crunchy food
Millie wants some too
hey that is my food Millie
 cat fight 

I know that some of you already know that I live with two kittehs called Zack and Millie, well I thought that it was time to tell you a bit more about them. Zack arrived with us about 5 years ago as a little rescue kitten. He had been abandoned with his three little sisters and was very protective of them. Some other people had already said that they would take his sisters so he was left all alone. When he came home he was a very scared boy and would not allow anyone to pick him up. Even as a little kitten he would scratch, spit and bite. He did not like any humans and always just ran away and hid somewhere if anyone went near him. It was touch and go for a while and my mommie tried ever so hard to show him that no one was going to hurt him. Then one day my mommie decided that maybe Zack would be better as a farm kitten so she went back to the rescue centre, the ladies there said that they would take him back, but would my mommie try another cat with him to see how he would react. So my mommie picked out Millie, who had just been in because someone dumped her and her 4 little kittens, all the kittens had homes but Millie was still there. So mommie took her home and after a few weeks of running away, Zack came back and decided that he quite liked Millie, she taught him that most people are kind to animals and that it was safe and that he did not have to run away.

When we moved to a bigger house Zack was scared again but he soon got used to it and now loves his Millie and his big new garden where he is king of the castle. He still gets scared sometimes if there are loud noises and he does not really like children because they can make noises that scare him, but most of the time he is fine. I am happy because I did not want him to have to go to a farm, he is safe with us now.

He and Millie sometimes fight, but I think it is just play fighting like they are in the pictures above.

More Soon

Frugal Dougal

I cannot tell you how excited I am, my family told me that I am going on a trip to London with them this weekend. Now usually when they go to London they leave me behind with my lovely pet sitter lady Hilary, I love staying with Hilary but I can't wait to see the sights in London.

We are going on a train, I am not sure what a train is but I think it is like a big caterpillar on wheels I have been on one before, it goes very fast and gets all the way to London very quickly. We are staying near a park called Hyde Park in an apartment that allows doggies to stay so I hope it will be nice for me.

I have been looking at places to visit and so far on my list I have Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, and the London eye. We are also going to try to get on to an open top red london bus so I can see all the other sights.

I will be taking lots of photos to share with all my anipals, so if you have any special requests please let me know on twitter, and I will see if I can get the photo for you. I will be tweeting throughout my visit with the tag #londog so search for that if you want to see what I am up to.

I'm off to sort out some washing now as I want to be sure that I take my best doggie bandanas with me.

More Soon
Frugal Dougal

Here you all are

Now then I must say sorry for taking so so long to get the news to you about all the winners at the latest and greatest fantastic #pawpawty. But it was such a great event that it has taken me this long to get all the winners sorted out and all of the sponsors are now in action getting all your prizes ready for you. 

The event was a fantastic success we even topped the twitter trends for quite a few hours and we had lots of people wondering what a #pawpawty was and how they could join in. Yes there were a few people who did not approve of what we were doing but once they realised that it was all for a good cause most of them were OK, the rest well the dogs barked and the cats hissed at them and they left us alone.

So because I know that you all like to see who the lucky winners are here goes 

@Morriscat @Oafy @Cheriswan @Oscar_Le_Chat @Timmy_Dog @Tootiethepoopie 
@Raina_roo @Perrythebirman@Moxiepaws @Crazycatladie @rathacat @LouPeb
@Monkeycat @Lilypup @Morganthedog @Pepeblackcat @Emmythecat @Terrorkitduff
@furryfriends @Emilythecat @Petiethecat @CosmoHavanese @Hisnameissaturn 
@pilhardcat @KaitoKamui @Babypatches @figarorascal

And some of the anipals won more than one prize in total we gave away more than 50 prizes during the 24 hour pawty.

We would not have been able to do this without the support of the kind people and companies who donated prizes and posted them out to the winners so a big bark, meeeow, and squeak to the people who helped make this a great pawty.

@emmythecat @frugaldougal @brewskiebutt @ecopup @robynharton @pandafur
@tiny_the_dog @boriskitty @mozartdane @petcarebev @dogstories @dogtoys
@cattoys @just4pets

And we were kept on the dance floor all through the 24hrs by all of these DJ's and CJ's how they manage it with their paws I will never know, but they do and we dance

@TotallyLamont @Loupeb @VSCook @CarMonsterOdin @CosmoHavanese
@Dogstories @Fergusthedog @Theotigsy @InigoFlufflebum @Morriscat @Rustythecat @Perrythebirman

And finally none of this would have been possible without the pawpawty central team of 
@emmythecat @brewskiebutt @romeothecat @Oscarthecat @DukeRichardII

We did it in just over 24 hours we raised over $1000 for animal charities, and that after all is the whole point in what we do so the final thanks has to go to all of the kind anipals and people who donated, anipals of the world thank you.

A full run down of #pawpawty goings on will be reported soon although it has to be said that you need to be there to fully experience the power of the event, keep watching because another #pawpawty could be coming your way soon.
More Soon


If you want to win the lovely Jewellery pictured above for someone special maybe your furmom. Then here is what you need to do. First you have to get an Easter Bunny name, you can get one here (or you could just make one up) . Then you need to DM the name to @pawster who is a friend of mine who is helping out with this fantastic competition.

If you are having problems sending a DM to @pawster please DM me Frugal Dougal with your easter bunny name.

You can enter right up until 6th April at 09:00 PDT, 12:00 EDT, and 17:00 BST.
The sponsor and creator of the prize @robynharton will then draw a winner and we will announce it before the end of the pawpawty.

Stop by and have a look at her other cool pieces here 

And on the right you can see the Easter Bunny Names so far...

Go on you know your mom is worth it !!!

Frugal Dougal
So here we go it is all starting very soon.

The schedule above shows the wuff times we have for all of the competitions, together with links to the sponsors sites who have so kindly provided the prizes.  @brewskiebutt is going to start the #pawpawty off in about 90 minutes time.

The Brew will welcome all critters to the #pawpawty and we will start with a short tribute to @TopdogVienna who passed over the rainbow bridge last week.  He will then lead all of the critters through a virtual critter parade, and then will handover to @totallylamont the first of our music DJ's. 

Most of the competitions are scavenger hunts, where the quiz master will ask a question and the first anipal to DM the answer will win the prize.

Anipals make sure you are following  each of the quiz masters now as DM does not work if you are not following the quiz master. Quiz masters please make sure you are following any new additions to your followers list so you can see them as well.

We still have a few slots free for quiz masters ( in yellow on the chart above) so if any anipals want to volunteer to be the quiz master on in this slot then please contact @frugaldougal. We will supply the questions and instructions.

The schedule is still subject to change so please make sure you are following the events using the #pawpawty hash tag as we may have to change some things around as the event progresses.

Now make sure you are all ready and see you very very soon

Well well well what a clever lot of anipals you all are. First I want to bark a big thanks out to @fergusthedog and @cosmohavanese who have masterminded the barktastic, meowmagic, supersqueak DJ schedule you see above.

DJ schedule for the #pawpawty
The schedule has been created to make sure we have coverage for the entire 24hrs of the #pawpawty, it does not mean that you can't tweet songs if you are not on the list. Everyone is welcome to send out songs at any time.

You will be entertained by music blips throughout the #pawpawty. Many of the anipals have bliplists that can run continuously. You can access playlists from the DJ's blip.fm page by clicking on "playlists" in the Stats box and then "play" in the bottom left hand corner of the page when the playlist comes up

For anyone new to blip.fm
  1. Announce your blip list or playlist at the beginning
  2. Blip a new song every 10 minutes or so, depends what else is going on at the pawty, competitions and prize announcements etc
  3. Listen to the conversation for inspiration
  4. It's ok to reblip other anipals and ppls songs or add them to your play list its a compliment
  5. Above all have fun, its a #pawpawty, and if you get stuck just ask, your pals will help

To all the DJ's and CJ's
To all of you what can I say? You amaze me, thank you all so much for helping to make this probably the best #pawpawty ever. And remember to have some fun with your pals. See you all very very soon.
So my lovely anipals I have decided to write some simple help and tips about the #pawpawty as so many of my new pals have asked me questions about what it is and what you need to do. So lets start with the basics.

What is a #pawpawty
Well it is just like a real party except it is a virtual party so there is a virtual place for the party to be held, and we have pretend food and drinks. The real bit is the conversations or tweets that we exchange, and the music that we play, and you can choose to listen to the music or not.
Make sure you keep watching @brewskiebutt 's tweets to find out more about the location of the #pawpawty

You just need to think about all of the parties you have been to and imagine that you are at one of them except it is all make believe, so you can get creative with your comments and have some fun with all the anipals.

Food and Drink
We have food and as it is make believe it can be any type of food you or the other anipals would enjoy, we all share in the fun and all usually bring some sort of food along to the party.

As far as drinks go well we have lots of cocktails and beer, we have to make sure that the pups and kittens do not have the hard stuff so we usually have some flavoured milk and beef or lamb juice for the youngsters.

For the older anipals we have a range of cocktails catmopolitans, pawjitos, niponthebeach, Pina Catladas, Harvey Dog Bangers, Barkaritas 

How do you take part 
The most important thing at a party is being included in the conversation and the way we do this is to add a hash tag to every tweet we want the other anipals to see. A hash tag is a phrase or word with the # character added at the beginning. The tag we use for the party is #pawpawty so if you include this entire tag to each tweet then all the anipals at the party can see it.

Ok how do you see everything that is going on?
If you have only ever used twitter.com, then it can be quite difficult to keep up with the party conversations. What most of us anipals use is something called tweetgrid on this you can choose only to search for certain things, like #pawpawty and if you select a search of a 1X1 grid and input the phrase #pawpawty in the search box then you will see all of the messages that everyone else is posting with this tag. Ok keeping up so far??

What is also so great about tweetgrid is if you also input the phrase #pawpawty in the hashtag box, and you log in to it using your twitter name and password you can tweet direct from tweet grid. (if you add #pawpawty in the hashtag box this means that this will automatically be added to your tweets so you don't have to retype it every time)

If you hover on the right side of any post from the other anipals you will see options to reply, retweet, favourite etc etc, and as long as you are logged in you can use it just like twitter.com

Here is the tweetgrid link for the #pawpawty

You can also see all the tweets by doing a search on twitter so on your home page if you search for the phrase #pawpawty you can see all the tweets of everyone you are following, the difference is that on tweetdeck you see all messages even if you are not following those anipals, on twitter search you only see the tweets of anipals you are following ( and you have to go back to normal mode in twitter to tweet anyone so it is easy to miss stuff) 

This is the Twitter Search link for the #pawpawty

There are other applications like twitterfall which are similar to tweetgrid it is really up to you which one you use. You do have to disclose your password to fully utilise some of them. I have never had any problems as a result of doing this but you need to decide for yourself if you are comfortable doing this.

This is the Twitterfall link for the #pawpawty

Instructions on how you can play music at the #pawpawty will be on the blog soon, we are just in the process of getting all of the DJ's sorted out, so when we have all the names of the anipals who will be playing some tunes we will include some info on how you can do this yourself.

If you get stuck on any of this just ask as there are lots of anipals who know lots more hints & tips to help you join in the fun.

We are in the final stages of planning for the #pawpawty tomorrow so expect the schedule of events to be on the blog soon. It is very exciting watching everyone get ready, it is gonna be the best #pawpawty ever.

Frugal Dougal
                                                         I'm having a rest from all the #pawpawty planning
Busy Busy Busy
Well what a busy few days we have had here at pawty central, we have been very busy over the past 24 hours getting even more things sorted out for the #PawPawty. All of the prizes are almost organised thanks to the help from all our wonderful sponsors.

Remember to Donate
@romeothecat has revealed the charity that we are helping to raise funds for Kitten Rescue of Los Angeles who are devoted to helping out less fortunate anipals, yes they help doggies out too. And as well as having fun at the #pawpawty you can help by making a donation here, remember it only takes $1 to help change an anipals life.

Dressing Up Time
Ah how we love dressing up or is it our furparents that love to dress us up?? All we do know is that lots of you have been ringing your stylists, hitting the designer stores, raiding the dressing up boxes all in an effort to get yourself noticed. Remember there is a prize for the best dressed anipal sponsored by @DukeRichardII and to be in with a chance of winning an amazing $20 worth of prizes make sure you check out his blog here for details of how to enter.

And because you like to see each other as well remember to let @emmythecat know that you want to be included in the Easter Paws Wall, we will be using the walls for competitions during the #pawpawty so make sure you have got your smiling faces on there.

Some More Great Prizes
Thanks to @DogToyscom for donating 2 Flossy Flappy Dog toys, can check them out, they look real good fun.

Our friends at @CatToyscom have donated 2 Twice the Mice play N squeak kittie toys, I know all you kitties would love to get your paws on these.

An Extra Special Prize for your Furry Mommies
We have an wonderful prize up for grabs from the wonderful @robynharton who is the mommie of the @HotMBC 's .Just imagine how pretty your Mommie would look wearing this beautiful hand made jewellery you have to see it for yourself and show your Mommie. Robyn has created this as a special prize for BrewskieButt 's Birthday #pawpawty.

Not just Cats and Dogs
Just in case you thought that this was just a cats and dogs pawty fear not we have a selection of prizes for all out other critter pals so don't for a minute think we have forgotten about you, we want you to join in the fun as well.

All the details of what you need to do to be in with a chance of winning the prizes listed yesterday and today will be available soon, we are just putting the finishing touches on all of the games we have planned.

So keep watching your twitter pals for more information.

More Soon

Fugal Dougal 
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