What a busy week I have had, so many new anipals to say hello to and new donations for the #pawty this weekend.

Fantastic Pwizes
Just take a look at these special cinco de mayo pwizes being donated by @rockumsockum they are fantastic little Puppy Pinata we have 4 of these up for grabs.

Some other great pwizes on offer 

@petiethecat  2 anipal specific pwizes
@morriscat 4 Plague Rats
@Laineyspawtique 5 pwizes in total, some kittey magnets and some cookies
@mozartdane 2 sets of magnets 1 doggie set and 1 kitty set
@theotigsy - a toy or treat from @just4pets
@emmythecat - pwizes for paws wall competitions
@pandafur is also donating 2 pwizes for paws walls competitions

Some other pals who are donating, details will be confirmed very soon 

We have a totally fantastic pwize which is has been organised by @cosmohavanese who saw these really nifty Memory Clocks – featuring anipal friends – at an agility trial he attended recently. He thought all his twitter anipals would really like these too, so he arranged to have one donated for a special prize at the Cinco De Mayo #pawpawty. Thanks to @2pugmom, the talented artist behind these clocks you can see more details here at her website.


We also have some extra special pwizes from @henryandfriends who will be sharing some exciting news and some competitions about Margaret Green Animal Rescue the charity we are dedicating the #pawpawty to. More news coming soon.

Without you guys donating pwizes we would not be able to have such a fab pawty, so a big High Paws to you all.

Remember to Follow
Now one thing to remember is that you need to be following the anipals above as they may be asking the competition questions for the pwizes and as you need to DM the answers please follow them now so that they can follow you back before the pawty you all know how fast things happen at the pawty so you don't want to miss out!

Young Uns
Remember we have lots of cool stuff set up in the Safe Play Barn 
* Play Ball Pool
* Pedal cars/vehicles/burros
* Bouncy castillo
* Velcro wall
* Mexican themed Teddy Bears Picnic
* Non alcoholic drinks
* Siesta zone

So bring your young friends and family. The more the merrier

Charity Donations
Thank you all so much for your donations to the #pawpawty charity so far remember every little helps it really does so please if you can donate here If you have not got a credit card you can mail a cheque direct to the charity the address is Margaret Green Animal Rescue, Church Knowle, Wareham, Dorset,BH20 5NQ, UK.

More Soon 
Frugal Dougal 
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