Buzz and Woody are  famous you know look how well they take direction on a recent photo shoot 
I think they like to share everything 
So on my twitter travels I have met some more lovely pups that are right on my door step well if I get on a train and go south of London to Surrey which is a lovely place. As you can see they are both Schnauzers Woody is a standard boy and Buzz is a giant girl

Buzz (lady) and Woody (gentledog) are very good friends of mine, and I usually get to hear about what they are up to from their furmum @pixies_mum who tells me all the exciting stuff they do. They go to doggie day care where they get to play with lots of lovely doggie pals.

Buzz and Woody's favourite place 
Beach or Woods 

Buzz and Woody Love
Buzz loves squirrels, rabbits, bucks and her favourite is cheese
Woody loves chicken, sausage and squirrels
Both love being pampered and baths  

Buzz and Woody Hate 
Buzz hates wimps, squirrels and army guys hiding in the woods
Woody hates water(even puddles!) 

Buzz and Woody's Favourite Film

Buzz and Woody's favourite Song 
You've got a friend in me from Toy Story 

If Buzz was a celebrity she would be Angelina Jolie aka Laura Croft a fearless adventurer who is stylish and good with children..lots of them
If Woody was a celebrity he would be Tom Cruise, short but kinda stylish with a great looking wife who is getting to be more famous than him.

If you want to find out more about what they get up to and to be pals with a lovely lady then you should follow @pixies_mum 

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