I cannot tell you how excited I am, my family told me that I am going on a trip to London with them this weekend. Now usually when they go to London they leave me behind with my lovely pet sitter lady Hilary, I love staying with Hilary but I can't wait to see the sights in London.

We are going on a train, I am not sure what a train is but I think it is like a big caterpillar on wheels I have been on one before, it goes very fast and gets all the way to London very quickly. We are staying near a park called Hyde Park in an apartment that allows doggies to stay so I hope it will be nice for me.

I have been looking at places to visit and so far on my list I have Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, and the London eye. We are also going to try to get on to an open top red london bus so I can see all the other sights.

I will be taking lots of photos to share with all my anipals, so if you have any special requests please let me know on twitter, and I will see if I can get the photo for you. I will be tweeting throughout my visit with the tag #londog so search for that if you want to see what I am up to.

I'm off to sort out some washing now as I want to be sure that I take my best doggie bandanas with me.

More Soon
Frugal Dougal

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