Well well well what a clever lot of anipals you all are. First I want to bark a big thanks out to @fergusthedog and @cosmohavanese who have masterminded the barktastic, meowmagic, supersqueak DJ schedule you see above.

DJ schedule for the #pawpawty
The schedule has been created to make sure we have coverage for the entire 24hrs of the #pawpawty, it does not mean that you can't tweet songs if you are not on the list. Everyone is welcome to send out songs at any time.

You will be entertained by music blips throughout the #pawpawty. Many of the anipals have bliplists that can run continuously. You can access playlists from the DJ's blip.fm page by clicking on "playlists" in the Stats box and then "play" in the bottom left hand corner of the page when the playlist comes up

For anyone new to blip.fm
  1. Announce your blip list or playlist at the beginning
  2. Blip a new song every 10 minutes or so, depends what else is going on at the pawty, competitions and prize announcements etc
  3. Listen to the conversation for inspiration
  4. It's ok to reblip other anipals and ppls songs or add them to your play list its a compliment
  5. Above all have fun, its a #pawpawty, and if you get stuck just ask, your pals will help

To all the DJ's and CJ's
To all of you what can I say? You amaze me, thank you all so much for helping to make this probably the best #pawpawty ever. And remember to have some fun with your pals. See you all very very soon.
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