So my lovely anipals I have decided to write some simple help and tips about the #pawpawty as so many of my new pals have asked me questions about what it is and what you need to do. So lets start with the basics.

What is a #pawpawty
Well it is just like a real party except it is a virtual party so there is a virtual place for the party to be held, and we have pretend food and drinks. The real bit is the conversations or tweets that we exchange, and the music that we play, and you can choose to listen to the music or not.
Make sure you keep watching @brewskiebutt 's tweets to find out more about the location of the #pawpawty

You just need to think about all of the parties you have been to and imagine that you are at one of them except it is all make believe, so you can get creative with your comments and have some fun with all the anipals.

Food and Drink
We have food and as it is make believe it can be any type of food you or the other anipals would enjoy, we all share in the fun and all usually bring some sort of food along to the party.

As far as drinks go well we have lots of cocktails and beer, we have to make sure that the pups and kittens do not have the hard stuff so we usually have some flavoured milk and beef or lamb juice for the youngsters.

For the older anipals we have a range of cocktails catmopolitans, pawjitos, niponthebeach, Pina Catladas, Harvey Dog Bangers, Barkaritas 

How do you take part 
The most important thing at a party is being included in the conversation and the way we do this is to add a hash tag to every tweet we want the other anipals to see. A hash tag is a phrase or word with the # character added at the beginning. The tag we use for the party is #pawpawty so if you include this entire tag to each tweet then all the anipals at the party can see it.

Ok how do you see everything that is going on?
If you have only ever used, then it can be quite difficult to keep up with the party conversations. What most of us anipals use is something called tweetgrid on this you can choose only to search for certain things, like #pawpawty and if you select a search of a 1X1 grid and input the phrase #pawpawty in the search box then you will see all of the messages that everyone else is posting with this tag. Ok keeping up so far??

What is also so great about tweetgrid is if you also input the phrase #pawpawty in the hashtag box, and you log in to it using your twitter name and password you can tweet direct from tweet grid. (if you add #pawpawty in the hashtag box this means that this will automatically be added to your tweets so you don't have to retype it every time)

If you hover on the right side of any post from the other anipals you will see options to reply, retweet, favourite etc etc, and as long as you are logged in you can use it just like

Here is the tweetgrid link for the #pawpawty

You can also see all the tweets by doing a search on twitter so on your home page if you search for the phrase #pawpawty you can see all the tweets of everyone you are following, the difference is that on tweetdeck you see all messages even if you are not following those anipals, on twitter search you only see the tweets of anipals you are following ( and you have to go back to normal mode in twitter to tweet anyone so it is easy to miss stuff) 

This is the Twitter Search link for the #pawpawty

There are other applications like twitterfall which are similar to tweetgrid it is really up to you which one you use. You do have to disclose your password to fully utilise some of them. I have never had any problems as a result of doing this but you need to decide for yourself if you are comfortable doing this.

This is the Twitterfall link for the #pawpawty

Instructions on how you can play music at the #pawpawty will be on the blog soon, we are just in the process of getting all of the DJ's sorted out, so when we have all the names of the anipals who will be playing some tunes we will include some info on how you can do this yourself.

If you get stuck on any of this just ask as there are lots of anipals who know lots more hints & tips to help you join in the fun.

We are in the final stages of planning for the #pawpawty tomorrow so expect the schedule of events to be on the blog soon. It is very exciting watching everyone get ready, it is gonna be the best #pawpawty ever.

Frugal Dougal
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