Zack enjoys his crunchy food
Millie wants some too
hey that is my food Millie
 cat fight 

I know that some of you already know that I live with two kittehs called Zack and Millie, well I thought that it was time to tell you a bit more about them. Zack arrived with us about 5 years ago as a little rescue kitten. He had been abandoned with his three little sisters and was very protective of them. Some other people had already said that they would take his sisters so he was left all alone. When he came home he was a very scared boy and would not allow anyone to pick him up. Even as a little kitten he would scratch, spit and bite. He did not like any humans and always just ran away and hid somewhere if anyone went near him. It was touch and go for a while and my mommie tried ever so hard to show him that no one was going to hurt him. Then one day my mommie decided that maybe Zack would be better as a farm kitten so she went back to the rescue centre, the ladies there said that they would take him back, but would my mommie try another cat with him to see how he would react. So my mommie picked out Millie, who had just been in because someone dumped her and her 4 little kittens, all the kittens had homes but Millie was still there. So mommie took her home and after a few weeks of running away, Zack came back and decided that he quite liked Millie, she taught him that most people are kind to animals and that it was safe and that he did not have to run away.

When we moved to a bigger house Zack was scared again but he soon got used to it and now loves his Millie and his big new garden where he is king of the castle. He still gets scared sometimes if there are loud noises and he does not really like children because they can make noises that scare him, but most of the time he is fine. I am happy because I did not want him to have to go to a farm, he is safe with us now.

He and Millie sometimes fight, but I think it is just play fighting like they are in the pictures above.

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