Well mai pals another month has almost passed since the last PawPawty. I hope you are all having a lovely summer time. We have had some really hot weather but cause it is England of course it always has to rain and as I help da staff get ready for da pawpawty it is pouring wif rain outside.  I say never mind cause whatever da weather you can come along to the Pawpawty next weekend where the theme is 60's Beach Pawty. I am sure there will be lots of fun and games as usual and of course we will be helping another great charity.

This month we will be helping a great new charity in the UK who are doing some fantastic work with dogs and people! Medical Detection Dogs are helping people who have life threatening health conditions by training dogs who can sense changes in their conditions using their amazing sense of smell. They also have some special doggies who can smell when a person is suffering from cancer and these doggies are helping to provide an early warning so poorly people can be treated faster. You can follow them on twitter too, they are @cancerdogs

I know how special we all are to our hoomans so I am very happy that we are helping a charity that helps train these special animals.

This Month's Nominations

As always I wish we could help every charity or shelter who gets nominated, this month we had the following nominations.

Humane Society of Polk County  nominated by @Unchat

Greater Miami Shelter  nominated by @maebellepup

Australian Cattle Dog Rescue nominated by Rob

Medical Detection Dogs nominated by @wildpaw and @goldenceaser

Terrier Rescue nominated by @marleyterrier and @TerenceT

D'Arcy's Arc nominated by @petiethecat

National Canine Cancer Foundation nominated by @midgethemutt

Perhaps you can have a look at their websites, you never know one of them might be right around the corner from you and maybe you could go help them out by volunteering or donating some old pet items or a few tins of pet food. Every little thing really does help save lives mai pals.

I hope to see you all at the PawPawty next weekend, have a fun week and make sure you have your costumes ready for the beach! I'm off to dust off my umberella so me and Ozzy can go for a wet walk!

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