St Pawtrick's PawPawty
What another great PawPawty mai pals, thank you all so much for making this Pawty an extra special one, we celebrated PawPawty being ONE whole year old and raised $1450 for Potcake Pups. None of this would be possible without the dedication of the PawPawty organisers and participants. I never imagined a year ago that we would have a full team of DJ's, Barktenders, Chefs, Sekurity, QuizMasters who dedicate time and effort to making the events a success time after time.

A special thank you goes out to all of the generous people who donate gifts to be used a prizes at the PawPawty, did you know that we have given away over 700 pwizes in the past year, you guys amaze me!

Onwards and Upwards
We have some great new events and activities planned for the year ahead to make the 2nd year of PawPawty even more exciting, fun and to hopefully benefit even more shelters so keep your eyes open and your paws ready to join in the fun. The first of these starts this week with our brand new Sponsor Saturday!

Want to Help?
Of course you all know that if you want to join in and help at the PawPawty there are lots of things you can do the ever popular DJing and Barktending are great fun and many of you do both at the same event!  If you want find out more about being a DJ then please contact @Fergusthedog. If mixing a mean cocktail is more your thing then get in touch with @Georgetheduck.

We are currently recruiting for new members of the PawPawty Security Team, if you are interested in being part of the team that Pawtect and Serve the PawPawty then please contact Captain Snickers (you get a cool uniform to wear while you are on duty!)

Fancy yourself as a Quiz Master? We need help with some of the Quizzing on a regular basis so if you fancy asking the questions then please get in touch with me @frugaldougal, your questions are supplied so all you have to do is ask the questions and let me know who has won it really is that simple.

Finally if making up quizzes is your thing then please get in touch I can always use some help sniffing out some good questions to ask!

Wishing you all a great week

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Frugal Dougal

Well mai pals we have held the draw for the recipient of the February #PawPawty and I am pleased to announce it is Potcake Place which was nominated by @buzzlucas

About the Charity
"Potcake Place was first set up in a home on Providenciales, Turks and Caicos, which has fostered puppies for many years. They are a Non-Profit organisation made up of a group of volunteers who want to help these rescued potcakes. They take pups to the vet, and give them all vaccinations, wormers and other treatments appropriate for their age.

There is no animal shelter in The Turks and Caicos. They look after these Potcakes in their own homes until a permanent home can be found. Their policy is to house the pets for as long as it takes to find the best home. This is the only alternative they can see to them starving in the bush, being run over, intentionally poisoned, dying of Heartworm/Ehrlichia/Parvo or being euthanized.

They socialise the pups with beach trips, and organise dog training where necessary. They meet potential adoptive families for a play session with the pups. If an adoption goes ahead, we take the pup to the vet to arrange a health certificate, book the pup on to the plane, and meet the families at the airport. They also spend time finding volunteers to transport the pup if the family are not visiting the island.

Their aim is to increase the chances of finding a place for every Potcake. They hope Potcake Place can grow to involve more foster homes and to continue an adoption programme."

Again this month we have not been able to do the televised draw as we still do not have a video camera available. So the staff used an on line service called Random to pick out the winner.

All of the following shelters/charities/organisations were nominated so a big thanks to all of you who nominated them.
C.A.R.E. Cat Adoption and Rescue Efforts of Richmond, VA nominated by @georgetheduck
Pasado's Safe Haven  nominated by @mattiethedog
A Call 4 Paws in Jersey City, NJ nominated by @cathykeisha
Pinups For Pitbulls of Philadelphia, nominated by @luckydog
Search Dog Foundation of Ojai, CA nominated by @airbeardie
Wildlife Waystation in the Los Angeles hills nominated by @cokiethecat
The Blue Cross nominated by @jazzydacat
North County Humane Society nominated by @flicka47
Laney's Animals in Crisis in Philadelphia, PA nominated by @kittehboi
Four Paws Pet Adoptions Inc. in Rexburg, ID nominated by gin2772
Kaninchenrettung e.V.  nominated by @zackrabbit
Animal Friends nominated by @bunnyjeancook
Friends of Stark Pound nominated by @bztat
Durham region Humane Society nominated by @bailey
Castle Cat Rescue of Alexandria VA nominated by @Ellabellakitty, @JassieKitty, @KeAloha_Kitty
Hounslow Animal Welfare Society, aka HAWS nominated by @emmythecat

Why not take a look at all of these great shelters and organisations, you never know one of them might be close to you and you could go help out or maybe donate some unwanted pet items to help them.

Please remember to nominate again for the May #PawPawty because you have to be in it to win in!  Remember Kitteh based US shelters can also enter for @romeothecat 's furpower challenge in April.

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Frugal Dougal

Well well well mai pals PawPawty is almost one year old, yep on the 17th of March last year we held our very first 24 hour pawpawty. This is the paws wall created by the lovely @emmythecat for the event. There are some pals on there who are now over the rainbow bridge so to you mai pals I say Sláinte, you are in our thoughts often.

Back then in 2009 we only had about 15 pwizes to give away, now we have over 50 each month thanks  to all you kind pals for donating great stuff.

We also did not have so many great DJ's we had not even thought of having a fancy menu or barktenders to serve drinks and noms, and we had to bark and hiss at the spammers and norty peeps ourselves cause the Sekurity team had not even been invented! Now thanks to pals like @fergusthedog,  @javethacat , @georgetheduck , @snick_the_dog we have whole teams of anipals who help out each and every month.

I want to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you who have helped make all of this possible, your passion and creativity continues to burn bright. Every week I hear of great new ideas and events that are helping animal charities all over the world. Together we really can help animals one paw at a time.

What a year, what a lot of fun and games we have had and of course what a lot of money we have raised, in total we raised almost $25,000!

So it seems only fitting that we get out the green outfits again and have another St Paws celebration, I know the PawPawty is a few days after St Patrick's day but the Irish ( my staff is Irish so I can say this) usually party for days anyhow.

So with the luck of the Irish we will have another great PawPawty and heres to another great year of helping animals one paw at a time.

More Soon

PS remember you still have until the 15th March to nominate your charity or shelter to be the recipient of this month's PawPawty, just post a comment on Nomination blog post .
Well mai pals as the staff jet back to to the UK it is time for you to get your nomination in for the March #Pawpawty recipient. It is real easy all you have to do is make a comment on this blog post telling everyone who you are nominating and why you are nominating them.

As an extra special incentive this month we will be giving the anipal who nominates the lucky shelter or charity one of the exclusive shorty award pins that we got at the event this weekend, so what you all waiting for get nominating.

Nominations close on the 15th March, winner announced on the 16th and the monthly #Pawpawty is on the 20th and 21st.

I am just gonna have a little sleep while the staffs fly over the pond, tweet you all tomorrow mai pals.

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Frugal Dougal

                                   shorty finalists @vaStateParks@bztat and @frugaldougal      

Well mai pals what a blast we had at the shorty awards, it was great fun to meet up with all of the other finalists. We thought that I might be the only furry anipals at da event but we saw a lot of Grover from @sesamestreet who did come joint first in the Brand section, he sure was a popular guy!

We also met Jason Sadler, from, we might have to get him to wear a #PawPawty shirt at some point this year, check out da photo.

Da staff realised wot a small world it is when they met @bernado, who is da dad of mai anipal @mr_pinkerton, he did let us hold an award he was collecting on behalf of FrankAdman, who did come first in the advertising category. We also found out that @mr_pinkerton knows an old pal of ours who makes great doggie treats @bakerdog so we asked him to say hello to Paul from us.

My mom said a big hello to carelpedre who did win a special award for all of the great work he is doing in Haiti, we did tell him about the special #pawpawty we did to help anipals in Haiti last month.

We were pleased to see that so many UK based people won awards, how could we ever live without Tweetdeck who did win an award for da Application category. The very funny MrsStephenFry did win joint first in the Humour category. We also met and had a great after awards celebration with twitchhiker who won the award in the travel section by travelling all over the world with the help of twitter pals to raise money for charity!

                                                     my staff talking to @twitchhiker  

There were lawts of other great people who we chatted with and shared our experiences of twitter. It was a great event and we hope to be keeping in touch with all out new pals.

                                            me with @iD3SIGNandCo design nominee

                                      staff with @LeiSecaRJ runner up in News category

                                             cool dude, after party pal & design nominee 

And how could I forget that my staff got to meet with some of your staffs ,@yoda_the_Dog @brewskieButt@tildatoo@bayChildcare while they were in NYC.

Thank you all so much for nominating and voting for me, I realised that I have da best pals in the world and thanks to the Shorty Awards I met some new ones!!

More Soon
Frugal Dougal
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