Well well well mai pals PawPawty is almost one year old, yep on the 17th of March last year we held our very first 24 hour pawpawty. This is the paws wall created by the lovely @emmythecat for the event. There are some pals on there who are now over the rainbow bridge so to you mai pals I say Sláinte, you are in our thoughts often.

Back then in 2009 we only had about 15 pwizes to give away, now we have over 50 each month thanks  to all you kind pals for donating great stuff.

We also did not have so many great DJ's we had not even thought of having a fancy menu or barktenders to serve drinks and noms, and we had to bark and hiss at the spammers and norty peeps ourselves cause the Sekurity team had not even been invented! Now thanks to pals like @fergusthedog,  @javethacat , @georgetheduck , @snick_the_dog we have whole teams of anipals who help out each and every month.

I want to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you who have helped make all of this possible, your passion and creativity continues to burn bright. Every week I hear of great new ideas and events that are helping animal charities all over the world. Together we really can help animals one paw at a time.

What a year, what a lot of fun and games we have had and of course what a lot of money we have raised, in total we raised almost $25,000!

So it seems only fitting that we get out the green outfits again and have another St Paws celebration, I know the PawPawty is a few days after St Patrick's day but the Irish ( my staff is Irish so I can say this) usually party for days anyhow.

So with the luck of the Irish we will have another great PawPawty and heres to another great year of helping animals one paw at a time.

More Soon

PS remember you still have until the 15th March to nominate your charity or shelter to be the recipient of this month's PawPawty, just post a comment on Nomination blog post .
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