Well I never, I thought it was just me who got packages in the post, what a shock it was when Zack and Millie got a package as well. The staff explained that they wanted to get the cats to test out the Plague Ratsies that all the other kittkehs have been meowing about on twitter, cause we have some as pwizes at the next #pawpawty.
It sounded fair to me, at least the cats are actually doing something to help at last, usually they just sit around all day watching the cat TV, (bird table) or sneak into one of MY beds.
I did not expect them to go completely loop-la when they got inside the package, have a look at these photos and you will see what I mean.

Yes that is Millie's head inside the bag BOL 
                                  Two out and she is trying for another one   

       I think she likes this one best

Oh no is that Zack she hears

   What is this I see a new ratsie for me?

We will be taking the ratsies outside Mwaah

You see what I mean my anipals they have been playing with them all day since they got them, I don't get it myself, probably because I am a doggie, but my anipals Zack and Millie they love how they smell.

Good news is when they took the Plague Ratsies outside I managed to save the rest of them so we have lots of Plague Ratsies as pwizes for our #pawpawties.

You lucky Kittehs

More Soon 
Frugal Dougal

                                                           (map from Google Maps)
Memorial weekend in the US and May Bank Holiday in UK marked the weekend out for another crazy #pawpawty. This time we decided to Go Global with a #weekendroadtrip.

We visited Brazil, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Santa Barbara, Madison, Chicago, London, Canton, Devon, Cornwall, Florida, Australia including the Great Barrier Reef, a New Zealand Sheep Farm, Costa Rica and Rome amongst others.

How did we do this? well we had an anipal guide for each location and they shared information and pawtographs about their location with everyone else who was at the pawty.

Anyone could come along, all they had to do was follow the pawty by using the hashtag #wekendroadtrip. 

It was all going so well
We were having fun in Rome when disaster struck and twitter lost its search functionality. This would have stopped mere mortals but not the twitter anipals. We carried on with the trip although it was a little more difficult without being able to see everyone's comments via tweetdeck, tweetgrid or just through normal search on twitter.

It was about eight hours before twitter fixed the problem so undaunted we extended the pawty to make sure we could see all of the places still on the tour schedule.

So this pawty has become the official longest pawpawty ever so far on twitter.

As usual there were lots of fun and games, with wonderful songs from our great DJ's who even managed to match the songs with the locations, sheer genius in fluffy form I say. There was also the chance to win some great prizes donated to help us in our fund raising activities, which is after all one of the reasons why we have regular #pawpawty events on twitter.

We were raising funds for a great organisation VetDogs which is a program from the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc. they provide  guide dogs and specialized service dogs to help veterans and wounded soldiers maintain mobility and independence

Our very own @GD_kenworth a guide dog himself and his pal @flicka47
set everything up and I helped out with the organising and scheduling. My head still hurts from working out all the different time zones!!

The event was a great success and I am sure we may have another roadtrip again sometime, as it was great fun and very informative to find out about places some of us anipals have only ever dreamed about.

Remember you can still donate to this great cause, even a small amount of money can make a huge difference.

Finally a big High Paw to all the tour guides, DJ's Bartenders, pwize donors and to all the anipals and people who joined in ,having fun and helping us raise funds.

Be sure to put the dates for the next #pawpawty in your diary 13th and 14th June, it is gonna be a good one 1980's theme so get your outfit organised.

More Soon

So it is nearly time for another #pawpawty, just to get you all in the mood I thought I would share a selection of photographs you have created showing the pwizes you have won at previous pawties. What lucky anipals you all are. 

@petiethecat's pwizes from @henryandfriends 
@henryandfriends- here are the wonderful pwizes that I gots f... on Twitpic
@pandafur sniffing out her plague ratsie from @morriscat
Look what came in the mail today, something from @morriscat on Twitpic
@loupeb with two of his pwizes from @rockumsockumdude
I got Puppy pinata today! from @rockumsockum :o) I won twice ... on Twitpic
@cosmohavanese with his pwize from @petiethecat a toy he got from @babypatches mom
@petiethecat I LOVE my pawpawty prize! And thx to @babypatche... on Twitpic
@victortabbycat with his pwize from @peanieweenie
Fank you so much @PeanieWeenie fur my #pawpawty pwize! Dis Ko... on Twitpic
@rumblepurr with  the nip pillow from @babypatches mom's store 
Here is me, swooping in for kill!! on Twitpic
              @health4uandpets with pwizes from @luckydogtreatco 
Nummy! Thanks @luckydogtreatco from the #pawpawty Pawty on Pups! on Twitpic
@buddythepuggy with his pwizes from @RockumSockum @Pandafur @Laineyspawtique @Just4Pets @morriscat
TANK U @RockumSockum @Pandafur @Laineyspawtique @Just4Pets @m... on Twitpic
@dixie_belle's pal Max with his pwize from @rockumsockumdude
Thanks to @RockumSockum, old Max man has been smiling all day... on Twitpic
@orangegene with his pwize from @laineyspawtique
This is true! Cats DO leave paw prints on the heart! Thank yo... on Twitpic
@morriscat's pwizes from @emmythecat 
Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

So don't forget to come along to the next #pawpawty which is a #weekendroadtrip it is on the 23rd and 24th May on Twitter. You never know you might be lucky and win some great pwizes, and remember the #pawpawties are all for charity so we can have fun, make some new anipals and help anipals who are not as fortunate as we all are.

See you all there 
Frugal Dougal

As you can see I am not looking best pleased in this photo. The staff have been having to go to London without me for 'work' and look what they bought without me there to approve the purchase.

He is a dog who sits in the corner and just stares at me. Now I know they say he is not real but it freaks me out how he just looks at me, and his eyes seem to follow me around the room.....

It is worse when it gets dark because then he glows, I think maybe he is some kind of alien dog form. I have barked at him a lot but he does not bark back, he just stares and stares and stares. It gets kind of hypnotic and I can't take my eyes off him especially when he is glowing in the dark.

Anyhow I think he maybe will stop staring if I give him a name but I needs some help, I really can't think of a name so can you help please??

I will give a special pwize to best suggested name, just post a comment with your suggested name for the staring dog.

More Soon 

Frugal Dougal 

Once again we had the most wonderful time at the #pawpawty. It seemed to me that there were a lot of new anipals at this pawty which as you know is very good news for us anipals who love to make new pals and have fun.

There was a fantastic amount of dancing and everyone really seemed like they could not keep their paws from tapping. There are some films posted which we will leave on for a week or so just so you can relive your favourite moment.

Pwize Donations
The response from pwize donators was unbelievable and in total we had over 60 pwizes which meant that there was always a competition on the go and the anipals had lots of fun finding answers to questions, as well as finding out more about the charity we were supporting. And even better news is that we have already had some offers of new donations for the next pawty.

Margaret Green Animal Rescue
As you know we were supporting a UK charity Margaret Green Animal Rescue Centre at this pawpawty and at the time of writing this we have exceeded the target of £750, so a huge thank you to all who supported by donating.

Pawty Planners
The pawpawty is becoming more organised every time we do it and thanks to @fergusthedog and @cosmohavanese we now have a full range of fantastic DJ's who just love playing tunes to keep the pawty anipals dancing. Thanks to all of the DJ's who I will do a feature on later this week.

We also had some great quiz masters organising competitions so a big thanks goes out to @babypatches , @emmythecat, @sylviedog and @cosmohavanese. And thanks to @petiethecat for getting the word out about the #pawpawty on his blog.

We will be busy over the next few days making sure that all your pwizes are in the post so make sure you are watching out for the post man, and remember to take a picture and post it on line so we can see what you won.

Official #pawpawty website
If you want to keep up with all of the official pawpawty news please make sure you have a look at pawpawty.com which was created by the wonderful @sylviedog and @mugsydog. 

Trying to cash in on our success
The only twitter accounts that are in any way affiliated with any of the individuals who help organise and participate in the charity events on twitter, are our own individual accounts of course, and @realpawpawty

If you are in anyway concerned about any accounts on twitter who are posting inappropriate content or spam about, or to, any #pawpawty events. Please try not to engage in a conversation with them, as this only gives them more publicity. My policy will be to give them the cold shoulder and to DM @spam detailing the issue or concern. 

More Soon
Frugal Dougal
Look at all of the great pwizes @henryandfriends got for the #pawpawty when he went on a visit to the Margaret Green Animal Rescue Centre, the anipal shelter we are supporting during the #pawpawty.

@henryandfriends also took some pictures and we will have some of them on my blog soon.

Please remember to help the anipals at the shelter who have not found their furever homes, if you can spare even £1 or $1 you could make a difference to a little anipal's life.

So off now to get ready for the #pawpawty.

See you all very very soon.

Frugal Dougal

  Photo courtesy of Sawyer Photography
Hello anipals, what a busy busy time I have had arranging exciting things for the #pawpawty.

The schedules for the DJ's and the Competitions are now on listed above. Please make sure you are following the quiz masters so you can DM answers to them when they ask the questions during the party.

As you know we said we have a special pwize donated by the lovely lady who owns Not Forgotten Arts, we are having a special drawing for this prize which will have any picture you like on your very own personalised clock. To be in with a chance of winning it all you need to do is to go to the facebook page for Not Forgotten Arts and leave a comment as to why you should win the clock.

Then after the #pawpawty has finished we will make a special draw and announce the winner.

You can leave your comments any time from now until the end of the #pawpawty.

It is a wonderful pwize and I would like to thank @cosmohavanese for arranging this and of course to  @2pugmom for donating it.

Please keep watching the blog as I will be updating it throughout the day with news of more exciting prizes.

More Soon
Frugal Dougal

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