Well I never, I thought it was just me who got packages in the post, what a shock it was when Zack and Millie got a package as well. The staff explained that they wanted to get the cats to test out the Plague Ratsies that all the other kittkehs have been meowing about on twitter, cause we have some as pwizes at the next #pawpawty.
It sounded fair to me, at least the cats are actually doing something to help at last, usually they just sit around all day watching the cat TV, (bird table) or sneak into one of MY beds.
I did not expect them to go completely loop-la when they got inside the package, have a look at these photos and you will see what I mean.

Yes that is Millie's head inside the bag BOL 
                                  Two out and she is trying for another one   

       I think she likes this one best

Oh no is that Zack she hears

   What is this I see a new ratsie for me?

We will be taking the ratsies outside Mwaah

You see what I mean my anipals they have been playing with them all day since they got them, I don't get it myself, probably because I am a doggie, but my anipals Zack and Millie they love how they smell.

Good news is when they took the Plague Ratsies outside I managed to save the rest of them so we have lots of Plague Ratsies as pwizes for our #pawpawties.

You lucky Kittehs

More Soon 
Frugal Dougal

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