Once again we had the most wonderful time at the #pawpawty. It seemed to me that there were a lot of new anipals at this pawty which as you know is very good news for us anipals who love to make new pals and have fun.

There was a fantastic amount of dancing and everyone really seemed like they could not keep their paws from tapping. There are some films posted which we will leave on for a week or so just so you can relive your favourite moment.

Pwize Donations
The response from pwize donators was unbelievable and in total we had over 60 pwizes which meant that there was always a competition on the go and the anipals had lots of fun finding answers to questions, as well as finding out more about the charity we were supporting. And even better news is that we have already had some offers of new donations for the next pawty.

Margaret Green Animal Rescue
As you know we were supporting a UK charity Margaret Green Animal Rescue Centre at this pawpawty and at the time of writing this we have exceeded the target of £750, so a huge thank you to all who supported by donating.

Pawty Planners
The pawpawty is becoming more organised every time we do it and thanks to @fergusthedog and @cosmohavanese we now have a full range of fantastic DJ's who just love playing tunes to keep the pawty anipals dancing. Thanks to all of the DJ's who I will do a feature on later this week.

We also had some great quiz masters organising competitions so a big thanks goes out to @babypatches , @emmythecat, @sylviedog and @cosmohavanese. And thanks to @petiethecat for getting the word out about the #pawpawty on his blog.

We will be busy over the next few days making sure that all your pwizes are in the post so make sure you are watching out for the post man, and remember to take a picture and post it on line so we can see what you won.

Official #pawpawty website
If you want to keep up with all of the official pawpawty news please make sure you have a look at pawpawty.com which was created by the wonderful @sylviedog and @mugsydog. 

Trying to cash in on our success
The only twitter accounts that are in any way affiliated with any of the individuals who help organise and participate in the charity events on twitter, are our own individual accounts of course, and @realpawpawty

If you are in anyway concerned about any accounts on twitter who are posting inappropriate content or spam about, or to, any #pawpawty events. Please try not to engage in a conversation with them, as this only gives them more publicity. My policy will be to give them the cold shoulder and to DM @spam detailing the issue or concern. 

More Soon
Frugal Dougal
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