So it is nearly time for another #pawpawty, just to get you all in the mood I thought I would share a selection of photographs you have created showing the pwizes you have won at previous pawties. What lucky anipals you all are. 

@petiethecat's pwizes from @henryandfriends 
@henryandfriends- here are the wonderful pwizes that I gots f... on Twitpic
@pandafur sniffing out her plague ratsie from @morriscat
Look what came in the mail today, something from @morriscat on Twitpic
@loupeb with two of his pwizes from @rockumsockumdude
I got Puppy pinata today! from @rockumsockum :o) I won twice ... on Twitpic
@cosmohavanese with his pwize from @petiethecat a toy he got from @babypatches mom
@petiethecat I LOVE my pawpawty prize! And thx to @babypatche... on Twitpic
@victortabbycat with his pwize from @peanieweenie
Fank you so much @PeanieWeenie fur my #pawpawty pwize! Dis Ko... on Twitpic
@rumblepurr with  the nip pillow from @babypatches mom's store 
Here is me, swooping in for kill!! on Twitpic
              @health4uandpets with pwizes from @luckydogtreatco 
Nummy! Thanks @luckydogtreatco from the #pawpawty Pawty on Pups! on Twitpic
@buddythepuggy with his pwizes from @RockumSockum @Pandafur @Laineyspawtique @Just4Pets @morriscat
TANK U @RockumSockum @Pandafur @Laineyspawtique @Just4Pets @m... on Twitpic
@dixie_belle's pal Max with his pwize from @rockumsockumdude
Thanks to @RockumSockum, old Max man has been smiling all day... on Twitpic
@orangegene with his pwize from @laineyspawtique
This is true! Cats DO leave paw prints on the heart! Thank yo... on Twitpic
@morriscat's pwizes from @emmythecat 
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So don't forget to come along to the next #pawpawty which is a #weekendroadtrip it is on the 23rd and 24th May on Twitter. You never know you might be lucky and win some great pwizes, and remember the #pawpawties are all for charity so we can have fun, make some new anipals and help anipals who are not as fortunate as we all are.

See you all there 
Frugal Dougal

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