As you can see I am not looking best pleased in this photo. The staff have been having to go to London without me for 'work' and look what they bought without me there to approve the purchase.

He is a dog who sits in the corner and just stares at me. Now I know they say he is not real but it freaks me out how he just looks at me, and his eyes seem to follow me around the room.....

It is worse when it gets dark because then he glows, I think maybe he is some kind of alien dog form. I have barked at him a lot but he does not bark back, he just stares and stares and stares. It gets kind of hypnotic and I can't take my eyes off him especially when he is glowing in the dark.

Anyhow I think he maybe will stop staring if I give him a name but I needs some help, I really can't think of a name so can you help please??

I will give a special pwize to best suggested name, just post a comment with your suggested name for the staring dog.

More Soon 

Frugal Dougal 

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