July #pawpawty
First I must say a big thank you for all of your support for the July #pawpawty, as you all know we like to help anipals across the world and this was the first #pawpawty we had for a Canadian shelter. The grand total as of today is $1356 canadian dollars which is great and will be put to good use by the guys at D'arcy's ARC.

Pawpawty Donors
Thanks so much to all of the great pals who donated pwizes, @mizzbassie, @henryandfriends, @babypatches, @petiethecat, @laddiethemutt, @boriskitty, @kritterkondo, @luckydogtreatco, @theotigsy, @sinkdrink, @doggedpursuit, @cattotscom, @pkthecat, @neotogress, @health4uandpets, @brewskiebutt, @shawneeshep, @manxington, @sidthecatahoula, @poppydog, @cheshireK, @dogtoyscom and me! We sure had some great competitions and pwizes.

All the lucky winners
You all loves to try to win the pwizes and here are all the lucky winners, @health4uandpets, @petiethecat, @gabby_da_tabby, @parrisreddog, @shawneeshep, @manxington, @Zoieness, @cosmohavanese, @badandy_kittykat, @mzjulie79, @spoiledminpin, @romeothecat, @katieboo, @mishakidd, @dingodadog, @sylviedog, @smokeythedog, @flicka47, @rockumsockum, @cokiethecat, @perrythebirman, @milolabradoodle, @zeddog, @pawstoupdate, @monkeysbrother, @sadlovelyheart, @jasmine_woo_woo, @pasta_the_cat, @fergusthedod, @buddythereddog, @misspoofy, @lilypup, @arazi, sidthecatcahoula, @pkthecat and @ladycat3. Remember to take a photo of your pwize when it arrives so you can show all your anipals

As usual we were looked after by captain @snick_the_dog and the rest of the #pawpawty sekurity team there were all of the usual goings on that you would expect from mostly the usual suspects ( @mugsydog passed out again!!) you can read the full report for more details. So a big woof and meow to all of the team.

@fergusthedog did a great job organising the DJ schedule and all of the DJ's provided some fantastic tunes for dancing, chasing and even some smooching!! Thanks to @flothecat, @dobie_evgenie, @totallylamont, @cosmohavanese, @bunnyjeancook, @chevy_boo, @hotMBC, @theotigsy, @flicka47, @morriscat, @dogstories, @morriscat, @hanseebundee.

So that I could get some napping time in I had help from the quizmasters team who made sure that all of the competitions ran while I was Zzzzzing, so big woofies to mai pals, @sylviedog, @Zoieness, @mishakidd, @cosmohavanese, @health4uandpets, and @fergusthedog.

Next #pawpawty
So on to the next #pawpawty, this was scheduled for the 1st August, but that might be a bit too soon and as August is a really busy month for holidays in the UK, I have an alternative date for this pawty. But I needs you guys to help decide when we should have it. So the choices are the 1st-2nd (Sat-Sun) or the 28th-29th (Fri-Sat). Please vote (on the poll on the right) for the date you would prefer so we can get things organised. The August #pawpawty will support the charity selected by @Romeothecat so if you want your charity to be in with a chance then please submit the details, and get you pals to vote for your charity.

More Soon
Frugal Dougal

Ok Mai Pals we are almost ready for the pawpawty tomorrow and I am so so excited. Look at the beach it really is beautiful here at @babypatches island , I heard there are some exotic animals in the rain forest in the middle of the island. Maybe we will see some of those angry gators, elephants, giraffes, or even some of the big cats at the #PawPawty. I arrived last night on the jet powered by @mugsydog 's ears, he sure has a great set of propellers.

So mai pals I have some final preparations to do I need to confirm the final pwize schedule and I also need to let you know about another option I have just set up so you can make donations.

As the charity is in Canada the charity donations page has been set up in canadian dollars, just be mindful of this when you are donating, the latest exchange rates (google) are
1 Canadian dollar = 0.858443 U.S. dollars
1 Canadian dollar = 0.530492523 British pounds
(The actual rates at the time of donation may differ)

If you want to see how much we have raised via the Charity Page please

Non Credit Card Donations
I was alerted to the fact that the charity does not accept payments by paypal,
which makes it hard to donate if you do not have a credit card. So I have set up
a button on my facebook page which allows payments to my personal
paypal account.

If you are making a donation in this way please be sure to click the PERSONAL
tab choose GIFT when making a donation, this should mean that fees are
not deducted from your donation.

I will post details of the donations made in this way throughout the pawpawty
and at the end of the pawpawty I will make a donation to the charity for the
total amount of donations received in this way. If there are any fees payable I
will pay the fees as part of my donation to the charity so that the charity will get
all of the benefit of your donations.

Remember to put the word Clarins in on all of your donations if you want to be
included in the raffle for the great pwize donated by @manxington, you got to
check out what you could be in with a chance of winning.

This time tomorrow the pawpawty will be in full swing!!!

See you all there

Frugal Dougal
Well it is nearly time mai anipals for another fantastic #PawPawty, as you can see I already have my beach gear on and I will be packing the doggie bag that @buddythepuggy made just for me with all my beach essentials.

As most of you know @emmythecat has allowed her staff to go on holiday so we needed a volunteer to create a Paws Wall for us, and the lovely @cheriswan is gonna do a wall for us. To be on the wall you need to change your twitter avatar photo by 8am UK time on the 11th. You also need to respond to the pawpawty twtvite so we can see your photo on the invite and get your fantastic outfit on to the wall.

Pwize Schedule
The Pwize schedule is almost complete, there are a few changes that I need to make and a few extra pwizes I need to add in. But just have a look at all the great pwizes that all on the generous anipal and anipal lovers have donated. Thank you all so much for supporting the #PawPawty. Remember to be in with a chance of winning a pwize you need to be following the quiz master and watch out for the questions they ask.

We are trying a new idea at this pawpawty and the founder of the Duckie Club @Manxington has some fantastic Mama Pwizes that you could win in the Raffle.
You can purchase a chance for the Raffle Prize by donating $5.00 to the July Pawpawty charity D'Arcy's A.R.C. You can purchase multiple chances. For example: If you donate $20 dollars for the CLARINS Raffle Prize, you will be entered 4 times. Remember when you donate to add the word CLARINS on to your comment so that we know you want to be entered into the raffle.
You really need to check out the great options on offer for the winner of the raffle.
And you can enter right now up until the end of the #pawpawty.

DJ Schedule
A great big woof out to mai great anipal @Fergusthedog for arranging the DJ schedule, once again he has done a fantastic job. And I just can't wait to hear all the great songs that all you DJ's are gonna play for us. Thanks DJ's you guys rock.

PawPawty Sekurity
We will have our very own security team led by Captain @snick_the_dog, these guys keep any undesirables out by putting the bitey on any spammers who try to gate crash the event. They also help keep us anipals in line, you know how it is sometimes, one to many barkeritas or niptinis.
If you want to help out with sekurity then please contact the Captain, there are a few slots still available.

Please remember that while we are having fun the serious side of the PawPawty is about raising funds for charity and you can read all about D'Arcy's A.R.C., the great charity we are supporting this month. Remember every $ helps anipal charities so if you have some spare pawket money please consider making a donation.

Help and Support
Finally I just want to say a big thanks to everyone who helps out with the PawPawty, this month had been a little bit harder for me to sort out as me and my staff have been busy with pesky work tasks, so I really do appreciate all the help that I have had this month organising the PawPawty.

More Soon
Frugal Dougal

Mai pals I am so pleased to announce that I did the draw with the staff this weekend for the July pawpawty charity and the shelter we will be supporting is the D'Arcy's A.R.C

Animals Rescue Centre which is a shelter that is dedicated to rescuing cats and dogs from situations of abandonment, homelessness, neglect and abuse. All animals are given the veterinary care they need and a safe and comfortable place to live until they are adopted for life.

This charity was nominated by @petiethecat so a big thanks to petie for nominating the shelter.

The shelter is a Canadian shelter so we really are helping anipals across the world, first it was America, then the UK, next is Canada, who knows where we will help next.

You can start donating now before the pawpawty starts by visiting the secure donation page. At the moment you will have to go to the donation page to see the amount raised.

With so many deserving causes it is really is very difficult to decide which shelter or charity to help and I really did just put all the names into a virtual hat to pick the lucky recipient. I am so very sorry that the other charities who were nominated this month could not also be the winners.

In future months I will implement a voting system which will mean that you have a greater say in which charity we support. I do not want this to turn into some sort of competition like tweeterwall, and I am not trying to get you all to come visit my blog, but I feel that some sort of voting system where the anipals who contribute to the charity events can have a voice on who we help is important.

I will be busy over the next few days getting all the pwize details entered onto the site, so keep your eyes peeled for new information.

In particular look out for the chance to win some fantastic Clarins products for your mama's or your mama's pals.

More Soon
Frugal Dougal

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