Ok Mai Pals we are almost ready for the pawpawty tomorrow and I am so so excited. Look at the beach it really is beautiful here at @babypatches island , I heard there are some exotic animals in the rain forest in the middle of the island. Maybe we will see some of those angry gators, elephants, giraffes, or even some of the big cats at the #PawPawty. I arrived last night on the jet powered by @mugsydog 's ears, he sure has a great set of propellers.

So mai pals I have some final preparations to do I need to confirm the final pwize schedule and I also need to let you know about another option I have just set up so you can make donations.

As the charity is in Canada the charity donations page has been set up in canadian dollars, just be mindful of this when you are donating, the latest exchange rates (google) are
1 Canadian dollar = 0.858443 U.S. dollars
1 Canadian dollar = 0.530492523 British pounds
(The actual rates at the time of donation may differ)

If you want to see how much we have raised via the Charity Page please

Non Credit Card Donations
I was alerted to the fact that the charity does not accept payments by paypal,
which makes it hard to donate if you do not have a credit card. So I have set up
a button on my facebook page which allows payments to my personal
paypal account.

If you are making a donation in this way please be sure to click the PERSONAL
tab choose GIFT when making a donation, this should mean that fees are
not deducted from your donation.

I will post details of the donations made in this way throughout the pawpawty
and at the end of the pawpawty I will make a donation to the charity for the
total amount of donations received in this way. If there are any fees payable I
will pay the fees as part of my donation to the charity so that the charity will get
all of the benefit of your donations.

Remember to put the word Clarins in on all of your donations if you want to be
included in the raffle for the great pwize donated by @manxington, you got to
check out what you could be in with a chance of winning.

This time tomorrow the pawpawty will be in full swing!!!

See you all there

Frugal Dougal
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