Well it is nearly time mai anipals for another fantastic #PawPawty, as you can see I already have my beach gear on and I will be packing the doggie bag that @buddythepuggy made just for me with all my beach essentials.

As most of you know @emmythecat has allowed her staff to go on holiday so we needed a volunteer to create a Paws Wall for us, and the lovely @cheriswan is gonna do a wall for us. To be on the wall you need to change your twitter avatar photo by 8am UK time on the 11th. You also need to respond to the pawpawty twtvite so we can see your photo on the invite and get your fantastic outfit on to the wall.

Pwize Schedule
The Pwize schedule is almost complete, there are a few changes that I need to make and a few extra pwizes I need to add in. But just have a look at all the great pwizes that all on the generous anipal and anipal lovers have donated. Thank you all so much for supporting the #PawPawty. Remember to be in with a chance of winning a pwize you need to be following the quiz master and watch out for the questions they ask.

We are trying a new idea at this pawpawty and the founder of the Duckie Club @Manxington has some fantastic Mama Pwizes that you could win in the Raffle.
You can purchase a chance for the Raffle Prize by donating $5.00 to the July Pawpawty charity D'Arcy's A.R.C. You can purchase multiple chances. For example: If you donate $20 dollars for the CLARINS Raffle Prize, you will be entered 4 times. Remember when you donate to add the word CLARINS on to your comment so that we know you want to be entered into the raffle.
You really need to check out the great options on offer for the winner of the raffle.
And you can enter right now up until the end of the #pawpawty.

DJ Schedule
A great big woof out to mai great anipal @Fergusthedog for arranging the DJ schedule, once again he has done a fantastic job. And I just can't wait to hear all the great songs that all you DJ's are gonna play for us. Thanks DJ's you guys rock.

PawPawty Sekurity
We will have our very own security team led by Captain @snick_the_dog, these guys keep any undesirables out by putting the bitey on any spammers who try to gate crash the event. They also help keep us anipals in line, you know how it is sometimes, one to many barkeritas or niptinis.
If you want to help out with sekurity then please contact the Captain, there are a few slots still available.

Please remember that while we are having fun the serious side of the PawPawty is about raising funds for charity and you can read all about D'Arcy's A.R.C., the great charity we are supporting this month. Remember every $ helps anipal charities so if you have some spare pawket money please consider making a donation.

Help and Support
Finally I just want to say a big thanks to everyone who helps out with the PawPawty, this month had been a little bit harder for me to sort out as me and my staff have been busy with pesky work tasks, so I really do appreciate all the help that I have had this month organising the PawPawty.

More Soon
Frugal Dougal

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