Mai pals thank you all so much for your support of the special Westminster Dog's Show PawPawty last night. It was a 1st for us doing a Tweet-A-Long so we were all so pleased so many of you managed to make it.

Special thanks to the Shibbering Cheetos for kicking off in style and getting us all in the mood to watch the show. I think we have a reporter in the making with Cosmohavanese who managed to get some exclusive photos and he was a great commentator telling all of us who could not watch exactly what was happening!

We had a few little competitions throughout the event so thanks to prize sponsors @i_am_fuzzy, @mizzbassie, @barkworldexpo, @maggieTkat and @pedigreeUS.

We had some fun with some of our own competitions for Best of Pictures and in case you missed it here were the winners.

Best Dog in the Bath or Shower  Winner  Airbeardie 

Best Dog at Dinner Winner BusyButtons

Best Cute Puppy
Joint Winners Flicka47 

Best Cute Puppy
Joint Winners WrigleySchnauzer

Best Agility Dog Winner TildaToo

Best Bossy Cat Winner Gabby

Best Cat in a Hat @PandaFur

Best Dog in Snow Winner @acavaliersvoice

Best Cat Climber WInner @cathykeisha

Best Sleeping Cat Winner @pumpkinpuddy

Thanks to all who took part in the fun competitions we have a few caps left over so we will use them as pwizes at the next PawPawty

Finally mai pals we are waiting for the totals from @pedigreeUS so we can tell you how many dollars they will be able to send off to @saveapetil so keep your eyes peeled for the announcement sometime soon.

Mai Pals I do hope you can join us tomorrow night between 7pm and Midnight EasternTime when we will be having a Tweet-A-Long viewing pawty for the Westminster Dog Show.  We have lots of fun and games and prizes to be won as we will be having out very own best of competitions.

We know that lots of you will be watching the show live today and tomorrow and we are very excited to be having our Tweet-A-Long during the The Sporting, Working, Terrier, and Best In Show competition which will be televised live Tuesday on USA Network from 8-11 PM ET.

Thanks to PedigreeUS we will also be raising funds at this event for Save a Pet Illinois and for every one we see tweet with the hashtag #WKCpawpawty Pedigree will donate 1$ to Save A Pet, so at this event we don't need you to donate anything more than a tweet! So while we are watching all of those lovely pure breed pooches we will also be helping some of the less fortunate anipals who are in a shelter still waiting to find their forever homes.

We will kick off the event an hour before the televised show starts so that we can all be sitting comfortably waiting for the event and finish an hour after so that we can have some fun tweeting the about the show.

The famous Shibbering Cheetos twitter band will be entertaining us for the 1st hour so be sure to pop in and have a dance before we settle down for the viewing pawty!

We will be running a few competitions at the event and the Quiz Schedule will be published on the PawPawty site later today. You can also be in with a chance of winning a great Pedigree Dog's Rule pwize by entering a picture of your furry friends in one of our categories below so get your pictures ready and be sure to tweet a link to your pic when we when we ask for the pictures!

We are also having a potluck TV dinner so be sure to post pics of what you and your pooch or kitteh are munching as you Watch-A-Long, there might even be a pwize for the best Nom Nom Nom Nom's!!

The Spot Pwize Pic Categories

Best Dog in the Bath/ Shower
Best Dog at Dinner
Best Cute Puppy
Best Agility Dog
Best Sleeping Cat
Best Dogs at Play
Best Dogs with Pals ( dogs with any other anipal)
Best Cat in Hat
Best Dog on a Beach
Best Dog in the Snow
Best Bossy Cat
Best Nommed Dog Toy
Best Cat Climber

Keep your eyes open for more updates tomorrow and we hope to see you all there!

More Soon
Well mai pals it is so close to Valentines day that we thought we simply must have a love theme for this month's event. So mai pal @javathecat suggested Love is in the Air, which is a great theme for a very special event.

I know that a lot of you have been very concerned about how the animals in Australia have been coping with the awful flooding and cyclone and now bush fires so I wanted us to be able to find a way that we could help one of the shelters over in Australia. So I had a chat with mai pal @pepismartdog and he told me that the Animal Welfare League in Queensland would be a great organisation for us to support as they have been working so hard over the past few weeks to try to help all of the animals caught up in the floods.You can read more about how they have been helping anipals over the past few weeks here.

So at the Love is in the Air #pawpawty we will be raising funds for @AWLQ, but that is only half the story because thanks to our pals @pedigreeUS we are able to help out TWO shelters this month!!

This month's shelter drawn at random is Save A Pet  GraySlake, Illinois, a great organisation who are currently responsible for the over 500 animals who may have been the subject of abuse, neglect, loss or relinquishment.  On a daily basis, Save-A-Pet faces two basic challenges rescue and education. The rescue cycle includes the process and costs of intake, vaccinations, surgeries (i.e., spay/neuter), prescription food, preventative medications, chronic illness medications (i.e., for FIV, heart murmurs, allergies, IBD, arthritis, etc.), and the emotional healing of the residents. The educational cycle includes the process and costs of rehabilitating the residents before and after adoption, as well as the costs for training adopters in preventative care and solving behavioral problems. You can read more about this great organisation on their site.

Thanks to the guys at @pedigreeUS every donation made to the Australian anipals at the #pawpawty will be matched by Pedigree who will donate the equivalent funds to Save A Pet.

Yep that's right for every $1 donated at the #pawpawty another $1 will be donated to  Save A Pet  GraySlake, Illinois.

Westminster Viewing Pawty
As if that is not enough  @pedigreeUS  will also donate an extra dollar to Save A Pet  for every anipal/person who attends an extra special event which will be held on the 15th Feb which is a special viewing / watch along party for those of you who will be tuning into the Westminster Dog Show. You can find out more about the Westminster Viewing Pawty here and we will post more details over the next few days!

So there really is a lot of Love in the Air this month, just imagine how much difference we can make to the anipals who need help in two countries.

Nominations Received for this Month's PawPawty Event
Thank you all so much for your nominations for a PawPawty Even remember you can nominate your shelter more than once and every nomination goes into the draw.

We do a random draw as there really is no other way to select the recipient, each of the shelters, charities or organisations listed below are all very deserving and I wish that we could help them all.

Guardian Angel Basset Rescue  Dwight Illinois, USA  nominated by @GABR_Bassets

MADAT  Tenerife nominated by @tenerifedogs

Concerned Citizens For Animals Spartanburg South Carolina, USA nominated by @JennyMariePhoto

ASPA Spain nominated by many non twitter friends of the shelter

Green Pets America  Woodstock, Georgia, USA nominated by @javathecat

North County Humane Society Atascadero,California, USA nominated by @flicka47

Castaway Critters  Blairsville Georgia USA nominated by @snowiewestie

Canine Cancer Foundation USA nominated by @midgethemutt

Avalon Guinea Pig Rescue Nottingham UK, nominated by @cassyandco

Helen Woodward Animal Center  Santa Fe, California , USA nominated by @perrythebirman

Thornberry Animal Sanctuary Sheffield ,UK nominated by @poppy_dog

NorCal GSP Rescue Menlo Park California, USA nominated by @norcalgsp

Bath Cats & Dogs Home, Bath UK, nominated by @marleyterrier 

Please also remember that if you shelter or charity is in the USA and helps cats or cats and dogs then you should also nominate them every month on @romeothecat 's website as he has a furpower challenge every month so it is another chance for your shelter to be in with a chance of receiving much needed funds.

Hope to see you all at the PawPawty this weekend.

More Soon
Frugal Dougal
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