Mai pals thank you all so much for your support of the special Westminster Dog's Show PawPawty last night. It was a 1st for us doing a Tweet-A-Long so we were all so pleased so many of you managed to make it.

Special thanks to the Shibbering Cheetos for kicking off in style and getting us all in the mood to watch the show. I think we have a reporter in the making with Cosmohavanese who managed to get some exclusive photos and he was a great commentator telling all of us who could not watch exactly what was happening!

We had a few little competitions throughout the event so thanks to prize sponsors @i_am_fuzzy, @mizzbassie, @barkworldexpo, @maggieTkat and @pedigreeUS.

We had some fun with some of our own competitions for Best of Pictures and in case you missed it here were the winners.

Best Dog in the Bath or Shower  Winner  Airbeardie 

Best Dog at Dinner Winner BusyButtons

Best Cute Puppy
Joint Winners Flicka47 

Best Cute Puppy
Joint Winners WrigleySchnauzer

Best Agility Dog Winner TildaToo

Best Bossy Cat Winner Gabby

Best Cat in a Hat @PandaFur

Best Dog in Snow Winner @acavaliersvoice

Best Cat Climber WInner @cathykeisha

Best Sleeping Cat Winner @pumpkinpuddy

Thanks to all who took part in the fun competitions we have a few caps left over so we will use them as pwizes at the next PawPawty

Finally mai pals we are waiting for the totals from @pedigreeUS so we can tell you how many dollars they will be able to send off to @saveapetil so keep your eyes peeled for the announcement sometime soon.

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