Mai pals it is with a very heavy heart that I have to give you the news that I will not be able to take part in this weekend's PawPawty. My mum got a phone call early this morning telling her that her mum has passed away overnight.

It has been a tough morning for us all because my mum's mum (grandma) lived over in Belfast so mum is having to sort out some flights and all of the usual things that need to be organised. It was a real shock for us all because mum was only just talking to Grandma yesterday afternoon when she was complaining about the tennis results ( Grandma so loved to watch tennis ).

From what we know she went to bed and just passed in her sleep so at least we can take some comfort in the thought that she went peacefully.

So Mum will probably have to get on a plane sometime in the next 24 hours to go over to help sort things out.

Now you know she is always running late with #pawpawty organising and she has not had time to sort out the quizzers and the quiz schedule so we thought maybe if we just asked everyone who wants to be in with the chance of winning a prize to leave a comment on a blog post that we will organise later today we could then pick the winners totally at random sometime after the pawpawty when mum has some more time to do things.

Mum will try to say hello at some point during the PawPawty this weekend but if she cannot make it please do not let that stop you from having some fun and raising some money for our shelter.  We will organise another blog post for the #pawpawty prizes later on today.

Grandma loved dogs and cats so we are sure that she will be surrounded by a whole crowd of loving anipals over the bridge.

Thanks for understanding mai pals.

Dougal and Lynn
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