Now then I must say sorry for taking so so long to get the news to you about all the winners at the latest and greatest fantastic #pawpawty. But it was such a great event that it has taken me this long to get all the winners sorted out and all of the sponsors are now in action getting all your prizes ready for you. 

The event was a fantastic success we even topped the twitter trends for quite a few hours and we had lots of people wondering what a #pawpawty was and how they could join in. Yes there were a few people who did not approve of what we were doing but once they realised that it was all for a good cause most of them were OK, the rest well the dogs barked and the cats hissed at them and they left us alone.

So because I know that you all like to see who the lucky winners are here goes 

@Morriscat @Oafy @Cheriswan @Oscar_Le_Chat @Timmy_Dog @Tootiethepoopie 
@Raina_roo @Perrythebirman@Moxiepaws @Crazycatladie @rathacat @LouPeb
@Monkeycat @Lilypup @Morganthedog @Pepeblackcat @Emmythecat @Terrorkitduff
@furryfriends @Emilythecat @Petiethecat @CosmoHavanese @Hisnameissaturn 
@pilhardcat @KaitoKamui @Babypatches @figarorascal

And some of the anipals won more than one prize in total we gave away more than 50 prizes during the 24 hour pawty.

We would not have been able to do this without the support of the kind people and companies who donated prizes and posted them out to the winners so a big bark, meeeow, and squeak to the people who helped make this a great pawty.

@emmythecat @frugaldougal @brewskiebutt @ecopup @robynharton @pandafur
@tiny_the_dog @boriskitty @mozartdane @petcarebev @dogstories @dogtoys
@cattoys @just4pets

And we were kept on the dance floor all through the 24hrs by all of these DJ's and CJ's how they manage it with their paws I will never know, but they do and we dance

@TotallyLamont @Loupeb @VSCook @CarMonsterOdin @CosmoHavanese
@Dogstories @Fergusthedog @Theotigsy @InigoFlufflebum @Morriscat @Rustythecat @Perrythebirman

And finally none of this would have been possible without the pawpawty central team of 
@emmythecat @brewskiebutt @romeothecat @Oscarthecat @DukeRichardII

We did it in just over 24 hours we raised over $1000 for animal charities, and that after all is the whole point in what we do so the final thanks has to go to all of the kind anipals and people who donated, anipals of the world thank you.

A full run down of #pawpawty goings on will be reported soon although it has to be said that you need to be there to fully experience the power of the event, keep watching because another #pawpawty could be coming your way soon.
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