I am not sure if you guys remember when mum 1st met the Save This Pup guys, it was way back at the 1st Blogpaws. The guys have come up with a great idea to let people (who can't actually give a home to a shelter pet) sponsor a pet who is in a shelter until they find their forever home.

We think it is a great idea for people who cannot give a home to a shelter animal because of where they live, or maybe just because they already have lots of pets. When they met last time the staff did a very funny video to try to help the guys get on the Ellen Show, I think maybe they had one or two barkeritas before the video was shot.

This time they had a fun tweetup and met some great new pals! Oh and they promised to show up somewhere special wearing the Save this Pup T shirt.

Any idea where the are yet? Looks like they are looking for something?

 what is that thing behind her, is it smoke? is it steam? have to say that is one Hot T-Shirt

Now then that is one Hot Geyser - Old Faithful at YellowStone National Park 

Lots of people at Yellowstone saw the staff wearing the shirt so we hope that they have done another little bit to spread the news about Save this Pup and their mission. By the way they have a great competition at the moment, you can be in with a chance of winning a full years exposure for your blog just by making a $10 donation all the details are on their site so check it out!

More T-Shirt Wearing soon!
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