Welcome to the very 1st Sponsor Sunday update, We decided to start these regular updates so that you could meet and find out a bit more about the fabulous people and companies who sponsor prizes for the Pawpawty Events. We have had such great support for a long long time from our generous sponsors so it is great to find out a bit more about them and their life away from the PawPawty!

So here goes with our very 1st guest Lucky Dog Treat Company who make delicious narural treats for doggies (drool) and kittehs ( double drool). They are based in Willow Grove Pennsylvania and are you can find them at the Glenside Farmers Market most weekends. And just look at all the lovely anipals they have can you believe they have five!!

So on with the questions!!!

How long have you been supporting the PawPawty events as a sponsor?
Well, I believe it has been about a year now.  It's hard to keep track with so many of them!

Why do you like to support the PawPawty events?
That is easy! Animal rescue work is really at the heart of why I opened my business. It allows me to reward others for the wonderful work they do to make a difference in the lives of so many needy animals. I also really enjoy how much fun the events are to participate in and meeting all of the fun anipals in the process is just icing on the dog treat!

What is your favorite PawPawty memory?
Well, there are so many! I think I will just say (*to protect the guilty, and I'm talking about YOU niptini drinkers!) I really enjoy looking back at the sekurity report. It's a great snapshot of a fun time and sometimes too much fun had by all!

What animals do you have?
Right now I am the proud slave, er, owner of 5 wonderful pets. First there is Dixie, aka "Biggie Fats" our oldest cat. She is very selective with her affection. And no, you wouldn't want to meet her in a dark alley! Second, is my sweet kitty Sadie. She is my little love bug! Soft as a bunny and so very kind to me. Third came our youngest cat, Mimi, a real trouble maker! She has single pawedly chewed every pull cord from every window treatment we have in the house! Next is our Pitbull/German Shorthair mix Maggie. That girl is always tuned up and ready to go! So much energy, she is always keeping us on our toes. Lastly is our Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Krozby. Such a gentle soul. At the least sign of confrontation from another dog, he will turn around and waddle away as quickly as he can. He is a lover not a fighter! We are so proud that all of our pets are rescues and couldn't love them more.

A bit about what we sell
Lucky Dog Treat Company make and sells all natural, mostly organic dog and cat treats. Something for everyone! We also make select natural grooming products. Rubba dub dub! We started our business because of the growing concern over tainted pet foods and ingredient safety. Plus we wanted to be sure that whenever we can, we include ingredients that not only taste good, but are good the pet.

What do you love the most about twitter?
It's fast! and easy, to get your point across! And obviously it is a wonderful platform for pawpawty's!

What do you hate most about twitter?
Sometime I run short a few words in a tweet and with that tweets could be just a little bit longer.

What is your favorite animal charity and why?
I adore Pinups For Pitbulls! They are a fabulous group of ladies in the Philadelphia area that raise money for pitbulls/bully breeds for medicine, transport and other necessities as well as for pitbull breed awareness and education. Their main fundraiser is an yearly calendar, each picture featuring a tastefully dressed "pin up girl" and a pitbull! They have done much to change the face of the Pitbull as a breed and to teach people not to be afraid of them or discriminate against them simply because of their breed.

My ideal pawpawty theme?
Hmmm, we have already done so many good ones! Maybe a Beatles theme!

What a great 1st Sponsor Sunday, thanks so much to Lucky Dog Treat Company for taking part and a special big thanks for donating your pwizes each and every month. It is because of people and companies like yours that we are able to carry on with the PawPawty events and keep on helping more anipals all over the world.

Woof Woof
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