Thanks for waiting for the 2nd Sponsor Sunday update, I am blaming that new puppy Ozzy for taking up so much of the staff's time this weekend he is a big handful for such a little pup! Anyhow more of that little baby terrier soon, he has been taking up so much time already so lets get on with telling you all about Montreal Critters or @mtlcritters as they are known to many of you on twitter.

Montreal Critters are the on line store for all things small and fluffy based in Montreal Canada they are caring pet owners and have years of experience with small exotic pets.

How long have you been supporting the PawPawty Events as a Sponsor For?

Montreal Critters has been sponsoring PawPawty events for over a year. We initially discovered St Patricks' Day PawPawty and we were moved when looking at the Green Wall entitled "Bark if you're Irish!". It was such an amazing idea, with such a great potential (or should I say paw-tential :-). We participated in the following event and from then on we became a happy regular sponsor.

Why do you like to support the PawPawty Events? 

In times where every company is jumping into the social-media wagon, we are trying to be authentic. We created from the ground up with the intention of supporting animal shelters and rescue organizations — that's one of our core values, not an afterthought. PawPawty events are a perfect match for companies and individuals looking to have a direct impact in the lives of many animals in need, both around the corner and all over the world. Plus, you get to have fun and meet the most diverse and interesting anipals in the Twitterverse. It's great!

What is your favourite PawPawty Memory?

There are so many good memories... I tend to get emotional when I look at the PawPawty walls and when a PawPawty finishes with @FrugalDougal's Champagne Chicken © . That's when you know that, as a group, we've made a significant difference. I also remember getting super excited when a local animal shelter that we nominated was accepted as a recipient for one of the events. It felt great!

Anipals are so creative — there are many inspiring moments at every event. I often catch myself laughing out loud while looking at the avatars or at the event menus. And a few days after the events, when we receive our PawPawty mugs, memories come back and we laugh some more.

What animals do you have?

We currently have 3 cats, 5 guinea pigs and a fish — all of them adopted. On top of that, we regularly foster small animals while we find a permanent home for them. We usually end up keeping the ones that have been seriously neglected or need time to be re-adapted, so our home is constantly being modified to host new fluffy critters.

Note from Dougal - Check these beauties out !!


Dumbo & Jaguar


Sweet Pea 
Mr Poof


Tell us a bit about what your store? 
Montreal Critters is an online store specialized in products for small pets, serving pet guardians all over Canada. We started with the intention of helping animal rescues while offering a nice selection of healthy, specialized products for small pets. We help rescues in many ways: we regularly donate food, toys and treats to many shelters in Canada. We also to increase public awareness and subtlety promote animal adoption through our monthly newsletter, Twitter and Facebook. And of course, we participate in every PawPawty event!

What do you love most about twitter?
Twitter's best feature is without a doubt its 140 characters limitation. Such a constraint forces us to be very creative. PawPawty events would not have the same rhythm and interactivity on other social networks, I believe. Another great example of what can be done within such a constrained framework is @ZackRabbit's cooking show – isn't it inspiring?

What do you hate most about twitter?
Having to rely on many different tools to participate in an event is sometimes annoying. But the new Twitter seems to provide a much better experience. We'll give it a try at the coming PawPawty event.

What is your favourite animal charity and why?
We don't have a single favorite animal charity. We've worked closely with a few local no-kill shelters such as Montreal's Jiggley Piggley Farm  and Ottawa's Ferret Rescue . We've also collaborated with Quebec's Rabbit Rescue. Montreal's Eleven Eleven Rescue is also worth mentioning — we admire their energy and dedication.
We keep on discovering new great groups at every animal adoption event we participate in. Our hope is to be able to help them, so we'll be nominating groups for upcoming PawPawty events!

What is your ideal PawPawty theme?
There have been so many incredible themes already.  Our favorites were the Halloween, Sci-Fi, and 80's PawPawtys. Future themes? Maybe there should be a Back to the Caves PawPawty! Whatever theme ends up being selected, you can count on us being there. :-)

A big thank you from me and the staff goes out to Montreal Critters for all of their continued support of the PawPawty events and for taking the time to share their story with us, and for showing us all of their lovely furries!

Woof Woof

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