Well mai pals the staff have just about recovered from #blogpaws it really was a wonderful event and we can't wait to hear when the next one is. The staff are missing all of the staff that they met, it was truly inspirational to meet with friends that they had only previously tweeted with, and of course to meet a whole new bunch of pals.

Now that they have got through all of the unpacking and stuff they realised that there was a package for me!! I was so so excited to see what was inside as I knew it was from mai pal @puppyaguineapig who makes lovely charms.

Puppy's staff made me a  special collar charm with Petalite, Appatite and Turquoise to provide some healing for me and hopefully keep me healthy for a good while longer. As you can see it is really beautiful and you can bet I will be wearing it every day.

With the gift there was a beautiful card with some lovely words on it, the staff read it to me and I think the words sum up some of what we were trying to explain to people at the Blogpaws #bethechange session so I wanted to share them with you.

" I am much more than I think I am,
I can be much more even than that,
I can influence my environment,
The people,
I can influence the future,
I am responsible for all those things,
I and the surround are not separate,
They're part of one,
I am connected to it all,
I am not alone."
                                                     ....William Tiller  

I will keep these words in my heart  and try to remember them when I am maybe having a bad day, or things feel difficult, and I would ask that you do the same when you are thinking of what you can do to #bethechange.

Thanks Puppy for such a wonderful gift and your inspirational words.

More Soon
Frugal Dougal
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