Today is the day we are having an extra mini pawpawty for the charity which was selected at the BlogPaws Be the Change Session which the staff were at just over a week ago. The session was all about how everyone can do their little bit to help anipals and that is why some of us have been wearing some #Bethechange twibbons.(it is not a political thing more like a PAWlitical thing!!).

At the session the staff from @petfinder did tell the story of how Petfinder was set up by an ordinary couple who made a commitment to helping anipals.

Someone who is well known to the anipal community @yourdailycute staff explained how she came up with the idea of sharing all of the cute pictures and videos and how she was the mastermind behind SantapawsDrive which helped 6 shelters all over the world at christmas time. 

Dr V the staff of @Pawcurious explained how she did a blogathon to help a shelter and she did a blogpost once every hour for 24 hours, she even ate dog food to help raise funds!

At the session we did asked all of the people with blogs to help raise money for Pets Without Parents by joining in and posting the widget on their bloggy, and by making a post about how they were going to help #bethechange. The great result is that so far $1249 has been raised.

The staff did try to explain what a PawPawty was and what we do and she told all the people some of the funny things that we get up to. 
So we decided that it would be a good idea to invite all of the new ppl and their anipals to attend a special Blogpawty so they could see what it is all about.

Now I am expecting all of you pawty anipals to be on your best behaviour, and to help any new pals that you meet later today. But most of all I want you all to have some fun and celebrate what this community has achieved not just this week, but over the past year.
Hopefully we will all meet some new pals who will come and join us on the PawPawty adventure every month.

Vital Information
BlogPawty Starts at 7pm EDT and lasts for 6 Hours
We have full DJ and Full Barktending Schedule (details will be posted later today), thanks to @fergusthedog and @georgetheduck
We have over 25 Pwizes so we will have a quiz every 15 minutes, so get your paws ready for some fast and furious action.

The Theme is come as you are, so you can wear your #carniepawty outfit if you still have it on ( it might be a bit smelly though), or you #chickfest outfit if you are getting ready early for the main #pawpawty which is this weekend, or you can just come as you are, there is no pressure to dress up.

Just get ready to have some fun!

More Soon
Frugal Dougal

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