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Well mai pals what a great week this has been.... this time last Thursday staff No1 (mum) was on an aeroplane somewhere close to Atlanta USA. She was just about to find out that she had actually messed up the booking for her onward trip to Blogpaws in Columbus Ohio.... and had actually booked herself to go to Columbus Georgia.

Much panic and some charging up and down the many terminals at Atlanta airport ensued. You actually have to get in to a train to travel between the different terminals at Atlanta  and they have possibly the most unfriendly signage in the world.. if you have been you will know what we mean!

So after some frantic phone calls and parting of some additional cash about two hours later the staff  No1 was on her way to the correct Columbus, minus her bag as this had already been loaded on the wrong plane.
Finally arriving at Columbus at about midnight, she expected to go straight to bed, but was over the moon to discover that one of her twitter pals, of Shorty Award Fame @bztat was still awake doing some last minute prep for the next day. A few beers later they had put the world to right and were both more relaxed and ready for a kip ( sleep to all my US pals!)

Next day the bag had still not arrived and there was no sign of if ever getting there so obviously some essential purchases where required! Namely knickers (panties to my US pals). Now what she got, I have to say are definitely more Bridget Jones than Victoria's Secret, I could happily make a three dog tent from one pair.

So my Be the Change Part 1 is to always make sure that you have a spare pair of knickers ( or panties) and if you are fortunate enough to be carrying a spare pair at all times... consider donating even $6.99 (cheap knicker cost from CVS...3 pairs)  to a charity and shelter.

It was not the end of the world that the staff did not have her bags, but a $6.99 (or less) donation to a charity or shelter could help change the world for one animal.

Seriously folks it is not all about money, sometimes it is your time, your creativity, your voice, your technical skills, that can and will help make a difference.

I though it before and now I know it, together we can make the world a better place...and it all starts with one little step.

Tune in soon to find out
When did the bag turn up?
What happened to the Bridget Jones Knickers?

How you can have some fun at the special #blogpawty on the 21st April and continue to help us be the change.

More Soon
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