Mai pals I am so sorry that I forgot to announce the winner of the Bissell Spot Bot Pet competition that we ran on the blog a few weeks ago as part of the Be The Change Blogpawty.

So without further ado.... Drum Roll....

The winner is @busybuttons who wrote this wonderful poem as her competition entry.

I have doggie allergies
And thus a lot of snot.
I wipe it on the carpet,
And Mom gets all distraught!

I also love my squeakies...
Toys get slobbery, you know.
So there's slime on the carpet
And even more with each throw!

And let's not forget my habit
Of dumping over the trash.
The floor gets even more messy
With each garbage crash!

So the SpotBot could help Mom
as she tries to keep up with me.
I'm a very busy Buttons,
As Mom will sure agree!

Thanks to everyone else for playing along, you can read all of the entries here keep your eyes peeled for some more great competitions coming very soon.

And of course a special thanks to the guys at Bissell for donating this great pwize!

Frugal Dougal
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