Well mai pals the voting has ended and I would like to say congratulations to SoiDog who had an amazing 150270 votes. I have been blown away by the amount of votes that have been cast, I am sending out healing licks to all your paws I think there might be some new cases of RPI, repetitive paw injury!

I really wish that all of the shelters and charities could have won, they are all very worthy causes. We are investigating ways that we can help more shelters with bigger events in the meantime you can help us by tweeting about the PawPawty, telling your pals on Facebook and other sites, generally help us spread the word. More supporters means we can help more anipals around the world one paw at a time!

Special Donation
In honour of all of you who took the time to vote I will be donating the following to all of the charities who took place in this mammoth vote.

$75 Winging Cat Rescue
$50 Sunny Harbour
$25 Bideawee
$25 Friends of The Pound
$25 Best Friends Animal Society
$25 Diana Brimblecoombe
$25 Mid Hudson Animal
$25 SPAC
$25 Lonely Miaow

September Theme
Now all we have to do is sort out a theme for this event. So you know that we will need another short vote for your favourite theme, the voting ends on the 20th September. (You can only vote once per IP address with this vote so use your vote wisely).

New Site
We are working on a new PawPawty site for this month's event, it will be packed with information, all the usual schedules as well as some helpful hints about how to have fun at the PawPawty. Details of how you can donate to Soi Dog will be available on the new site very soon.

More Soon
Frugal Dougal
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