I recently posted a message on twitter asking mai pals what special prizes from London they would like to have a chance of winning. I got such great responses that I thought I just had to share with you guys.

@buttons_kitty  - How about some treats from London? Every-fur loves noms

@petcarebev - Interesting post cards! 

@hamishthecat - ohhhh!!! Let me think on that one, though mummy immediately says "gentleman's relish." blech. I don't like that stuff

@ellabellakitty - ummmm, like kinds of prizies would I like from London? Umm... Oes, I noes - TUNA! or @medusa 's oceanpie! Tuna aways AOK

@WTBeckham - crown jewel chew toys from buckingham palace - PAWPLEASE!

@princessgwenie -  Fish & Chips & shopping at Harrods for food in the food court!!!Drooling****

@kittehboi -  rattus rattus from the London Dungeon. MOL!

@perrythebirman - frugal mai dougal in a royal box!

@georgetheduck - McVitie's Jaffa Cakes QOL Typist says they're the bomb

@winecountrydog - some ale & mince pie fur mum, i think mum'd be easier to handle on walkies. BOL

@theotigsy - Us too! We want a Dougal-box too!! -T&T

What a great list of pwizes, I will do my best to get pwizes like this sorted out for some #PawPawty events although I think that Dougal in a Box might be a bit difficult to organise.

Thanks for all the ideas mai pals  & remember it is not long until the next #PawPawty on the 21st November. 

More Soon
Frugal Dougal
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