We went for a lovely walk at the Farm this weekend, we love going to visit my Brofur and all the other Farm Anipals. But I was not so sure about these two cows, they looked very mean with their horns and staring eyes so we walked quickly through that field

Me and Scooby liked these cows a lot more, can you see how they were coming over to have a look at us. We had the good fortune to be on the other side of a little river so that kept those inquisitive cows on the other side on the river bank. 

We got to the canal at the bottom of the farm and my Brofur Scooby decided to do some swimming, that's Pip the old lady farm dog next to him. Pip rounds up the cows, and I think she would like to round up me and Scooby as well but we keep her on her paws, chasing two Cairn Terrors round the fields!

Look at Scooby he got the stick, he loves swimming, I had a little swim myself boy was that water cold!

We had a lovely weekend at the Farm it is a beautiful place to visit and we loves to go and see our Anipal friends and of course our Human friends. We all had a lovely weekend, playing in the sun and enjoying time with out special friends.

Hope you like the Photos

More Soon
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