Well mai pals this is possibly the hardest blog thingy that I will ever do.

Some of you will already know that I have has some recurrent problems over the past few months with some blood when I go for a wee/pee. Well the news we had from the vet a few weeks ago was not good news mai pals, the staff have been very very upset and they did ask me to wait a while before I told you all that I am not very well.

I have a big(ish) growth in my bladder, it is not in a bad place that stops me having a wee but it might be the thing that begins with C. Now I know that some doggies and kittehs can have treatments that helps them get better, but the thing is that my little kidneys and even my liver are a little poorly as well so they would probably not be able to stand the treatments.

Then again maybe I could have an operation that would take the growth in my bladder away, but the problem with that is cause i am nearly 14.5 years old everyone is worried that I might not make it through such a big  operation, and if it is the C words then it would not make any difference. I don't want the last thing I see to be a vets operating table ( no offence lovely Catriona vet lady but I when I go I want to go in my own house in my own bed) .

So for the past few weeks I have been trying out some pain medication and some tablets for infection that I will probably gets every now and again cause of the growth in my bladder. I have to say that I have had more than a little spring in my step since I have had the pain medication. ( the vet says that it is a bit like the pain a lady gets when she has something called cystitis so it is not real bad pain but it is not a nice thing to have).

With the medication and the check up's I am still enjoying my life, having lots of treats and still eating for England ( which is a good sign). I am looking forward to mai staff going to New York to maybe win an award for me and more importantly for all of da anipals. The week after they get back we are all going on a lovely beach holiday in England. The beach is my most favourite place mai pals and I know we will have lots of fun, I will be digging and stealing fish and chips the whole time.

While the staff are away in New York I am going to stay with my most favourite dog sitter Hilary who has bought me some doggie socks just in case  I get that paw pawblem again, and she does carry me on her back when we do walking with the big doggies and I get a bit tired.  Hilary also knows how to look after me with all my medications. So I am looking forward to all of the special New York treats and gifts that the staff will has to bring back for me!

The staff and the vet do not know how much longer I have but we are all determined to have the best time possible in whatever time we have left together. I hopes it will be for a long time but the truth is we just don't know.

I not want anyone to be sad sad about this I have been the most luckiest doggie in the world, I have been loved, spoiled, kept warm and fed well ( a little too well at times, but dat only because I have the most adorable begging little face!) . I have been on lots of holidays and hope to fit a few more in before it is my time to go.

The staff have been having a hard time thinking about all this recently, that probably why they keep getting sick and things, so I have been trying to make them see that is it ok and that although maybe they has to say goodbye to me, I will always be with them in their hearts and that someday we will be together again.

I fink that I has taught the staff a lawt, like how exactly I like my carrot and peppers chopping up, and how I will only chase the chicken that mai pal @cosmohavanese got for me when I am ready to chase it. They also know which stick I will fetch ( cause i can chew a bit off it ) and which I will turn my nose up at! They know how I like to sleep in the mama bed with my bottom in their face, or horizontal between them in the bed ( are there any other positions??)

I have also taught them that love is a strange thing that can change the world, if enough people share the same love and hope, and that they should never underestimate what a little dog can do.

Please mai pals not be sad, be happy dat we all got to meet each other and that we can still have some fun. As the saying goes....

There is life in the old dog yet!

More Soon
Frugal Dougal
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