Mai pals I am not sure if you know this but the staff are off to Atlanta later this year in August because they have become a little bit famous in the social media world due to all of the work that they help me with on the #PawPawty.

Pawsonally I think it is a bit unfair because I am the brains behind this operation but I guess that I cannot really travel that far, getting on in years I do not travel well and I really hate aeroplane food yuk!! So I have had to agree to let the mum go to see all mai pals staff in America.

They are going to be there for four days to be a part of BarkWorldExpo which ia a social media event for pet owners and businesses who use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube..... well I use all of dem so maybe da staff will pick up some tips !! It’s also for pet owners who are either on the fence about social media or just interested in networking with other pet lovers.

Believe me it is gonna be a great event, I am busy preparing da speech for da staff as believe it or not da mum is a keynote speaker along with lots of other great people. The staff have something extra special planned for dis event but they won't tell me what it is!

The best news is that if you register now and are amongst the lucky first 250 people to register  you will get a $30.00 Petco giftcard..... and if that was not enough, you will also get a copy of Dog on It - A Chet and Bernie Mystery written by the NY Times best selling author Spencer Quinn ( we know dat dis is a great read cause mai pal @yourdailycute did send us one for a pwesent )  the staff read it to me and I was on the edge of my dog basket with suspense!!

You can find out much much more info at the great BarkworldExpo site and have a look at all da great people who will be there.

Keynote Speakers
Friday 20th August
Saturday 21st August

Pssst Pssst ......guess what I have 5 special discount codes to give to mai pals who want to attend which means that you can save 15% on the registration fee for a 3 day pass which means you get full access for three days for just $109. If you want to get this discount please post a message on this blog post or contact me on twitter! You gotta a get in quick cause when it is gone it is gone!!

It will be a pawsome event with lots of new anipal products for your staff to check out as well as being at a great location with lots of shopping opportunities for da staff, and there is even an anipal fashion show on Sunday which will benefit local anipal charities.

The staff are very excited and honoured to be a part of this event and they are looking forward to meeting lots of pals old and new, personally I am looking forward to all of the special treats that I will be getting as a result of their trips to USA!

So go on what are you waiting fur?  get your best cute looks on your face cause you don't your staff to miss dis great event!

PS for those of you who travel better than me there are great deals available at local hotels who love to have anipals stay with them!!

Hope to see mai pals there!

More Soon

Frugal Dougal
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