Hello mai pals we have been away for the weekend so been missing all of our twitter pals. We had a bit of an unexpected trip to the seaside in Norfolk as it was my birthday and the staff decided that they would take me too my favourite place the beach!!

We set off on friday evening and got to the lovely hotel called Titchwell Manor  where they had a lovely doggie bed, bowl and some treats waiting for me! We settled in and then went to have some dinner and we were all very pleased that doggies were allowed in one of the restaurants so I was able to stay with the staff all of the time!!

On Saturday we went for a long walk to the beach and when we got there the tide was in and the sea was very very rough and it was so windy that it almost blew the staff over!

We also went to a village called Burnham Market and I stayed with dad in the pub while mum had a look around the shops! Then we went for a little walk around the village and we saw lots of houses like this made from Norfolk flint, they look very cute don't you think?

We had a lovely meal again on saturday night and then on sunday one final run and dig on the beach for me before we headed home!

We had a lovely time filled with more great memories and a lovely birthday treat for all of us! Thank you all so much for all of the lovely birthday barkouts mai pals we can't wait to see you all at the June High Fashion Model Pawty, this weekend.....I am gonna have to try to slim down this week to make sure I look my best when I strike a pose!

More Soon

Frugal Dougal
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