Well mai pals as some of you may know the staff have had some eye pawblems over the past few days so I guess I have to let them off for furgetting to announce the winner of the lovely print from mai pal @bordercollies it was impossible to pick a winner so we just had to put all of the names into a hat!

The lucky winner  is .......drum roll.....

KindredSpiritBC  with the answer...

Catagorically speaking, it would truly be the cat's meow to walk the catwalk, despite any potential caterwauling, as "Meowmi Campbell" because even though she's not purrfect she pawsibly possesses the most admirable stealth of any celebrity in admitting to her near-cataclysmic fauxpaws!!!

Well done mai pal can you please get in touch with me so we can arrange to have your pwize sent out to you.

Thanks to everyone else for entering the competition we had lots of fun reading the entries!

More Soon

Frugal Dougal
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