Mai pals I really am such a lucky pup!! This week three parcels arrived for me from mai pals so I just had to share the pictures with all of you!

This package arrived from mai pals @RettetKaninchen and I could not wait for da staff to open it. Inside there was a lovely gift for mai staff ( a little model town which dey have not managed to put together yet!) We will make then take a picture when they get their paws around it.

For me this lovely pink wabbit which I love very much, as you all know pink is my favourite colour and I am always trying to catch wabbits in the smelly field but never catching one, so now I have one of my very own!

I also got some delicious treats which are made from pineapple and chicken I think I am gonna try one!

They are very chewy but I love chewy things and the staff say at least I have to chew them and not just swallow them whole, which is what I do with most of my treats. And the verdict is


Thanks so much to mai pals RettetKaninchen for sending me such lovely gifts! I will be watching the football this afternoon with my pink wabbit all da way from Germany!!

More Soon
Frugal Dougal
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